Ortur Laser Master: DIY Lovers Can't Miss this Laser Machine.
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Ortur Laser Master: DIY Lovers Can't Miss this Laser Machine.

Review for DIY fans.

Laser is a pretty incredible technology when you think about the areas of its use. Ortur Laser Master 15W is for DIY enthusiasts. This is a machine that allows anyone to perform laser engraving on a wide range of materials.

Main Features of Ortur Laser Master

● 32-bit Motherboard with STM32 chip
● Active position protection
● Laser beam safety guard
● LaserGRBL carving software
● This laser engraver supports PWM mode
● Pre-assembled parts, just need 10-20 minutes to install the machine
● 160 x 150 mm engraving area
● Aluminum profile + acrylic materials machine body
● Laser power: 15 W (laser input: 12 V 1.85 A)
● Product weight: 1.7000 kg

What can I do on the Desktop Laser Engraver?

There are a lot of areas of application and things that are more appropriate to produce on Desktop Laser Engraver:

- crafts made of felt - from this dense material laser cut out applications, decor items for the holidays (hearts for Valentine's Day, Christmas decorations, etc.), toys for mobiles over cots, coasters for hot dishes and many other charming things. The laser beam neatly and in detail cuts out the smallest curls or sharp corners, so even complex-shaped products are of high quality;

- paper and cardboard crafts - this includes postcards, wedding invitations and other celebrations, business cards, New Year's and thematic decorations, stencils for further interior decor and a very large list. The power of the laser emitter in desktop devices is small, so even the thinnest tissue paper after laser cutting looks aesthetically pleasing, without charred edges;

- products made of fabric, leather and leather substitute - these can be either applications, or independent products or perforated decor (the laser burns holes in the material from which the pattern is formed).

- seals, stamps, cliches - the accuracy of positioning the laser beam, even if we are talking about desktop devices, is about 0.01 mm, so it reproduces all the images with perfect detail. This allows you to use the machine for the manufacture of any stamps;

- work with plywood - such an extensive segment of products that it will be difficult to list everything. Here are just a few options: prefabricated constructors, puzzles, coasters for decorations, plates, cutting boards, various figures and much more;

- acrylic crafts - a material transparent as a tear, perfect for various interior compositions, figures that look especially spectacular with lighting, storage boxes for jewelry, stands for cosmetics, etc.

- engraving - if before that it was mainly about laser cutting of materials, then this point implies the use of a laser tube at half the power, so that the surface is not cut through and covered with a pattern. Engraving can be applied to mirrors, glassware, stationery, wood and leather products.

Laser engraving perfectly conveys the contour and depth of images and is considered the most durable.

Appearance and specifications

With dimensions of 39 x 27 x 13 cm, Ortur Laser Master has an engraving area of 160 x150 mm, which allows you to work on fairly large surfaces. Everything is controlled by a 32-bit motherboard with an STM32 chip, capable of working on a laser with a power of S0-S1000 at a speed of about 3000 mm / min. Engraving is performed by default with an accuracy of 300 pixels per inch, approximately 0.81 microns, thus being able to obtain accurate details.

The design can be assembled in just 20 minutes and made of aluminum profile.

Interfacing between the machine and your Windows-based computer is the popular LaserGRBL software. This application enables you to import many popular image formats ready for engraving.

Designs can be drawn in a variety of applications including Photoshop, CAD and output into NC, DXF, BMP, JPG, PNG image formats.

The Ortur Laser Master has been designed to work with the Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating systems.

To ensure absolute safety, the machine features a G-Sensor for active position protection, so if the machine detects unexpected movement the laser beam will automatically stop. On the theme of safety, there's also a laser beam guard so any halt in the beam, motion or any other factor means that the machine will automatically cut out.

Engraving isn't the only thing that this small machine can do though, as it also has the ability to cut into cardboard, non-woven fabric, thin wood chips, and some thin plastics.


Ortur Laser Master 15W will enable you to engrave your designs into a huge selection of materials including cardboard, wood, plastic and many other materials.

Ortur Laser Master 15W Desktop Laser Engraver Cutter Laser Engraving Machine 32-bit Motherboard LaserGRBL Control Software Easy to Install



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