The New Generation of Watches KOSPET Prime SE
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The New Generation of Watches KOSPET Prime SE

We are on 2020 and The Android smartwatches are not the most popular device in the mobile market, as they have some disadvantages Like poor battery life and many problem .

Today, Kospet introduced a new model called Kospet Prime, which received a pretty good list of technical specications KOSPET is back again with a new 4G smartwatch called KOSPET Prime SE. comes with new design and features.

In this Review I will analyze each function, consider the appearance and build quality and nd out the main advantages .


A small black box met me, where only the name of the company was written on the front. On the back of the box are the main technical specications.


Inside the box the watch itself lay in protective cellophane and polystyrene. My Experience with Powerful SmartWatch , instructions, additional bolts, a protective lm, and two separate boxes. In the rst 

 there was a small black cable for charging and a screwdriver for a SIM card slot, and in the other  a charging dock station.


The rst thing that catches your eye during the rst inspection of the Kospet Prime smartwatch is, of course, the size.

280 x 50 x 18.5 mm dimensions and weight 83 grams.

Is moderately waterproof and has two physical buttons. You can observe the sides and front of the camera. It weighs 86g. KOSPET Prime SE uses 1.6 inch IPS touch screen with 400 x 400 resolution that clear display and easy to operate. 

The 1.6-inch display is the most suitable size for men. Additionally, the IPS full-view display ensures that the screen can be easily seen from all angles, thereby providing maximum visual impact.

The Kospet Prime SE inherited the exterior looks of the Kospet Prime, making it a more spectacular smartwatch with a silicone strap and a metal watch


If we look at the technical characteristics, we can see that the MediaTek MT6739 processor was installed in the watch, which was put on budget smartphones several years ago.

The KOSPET Prime SE also adopts a unique configuration, i.e., an all-in-one 2+8MP dual camera. 

Two cameras are positioned in a small raised part on the case. The raised part is only 4 mm high and looks like a button, perfectly combining both practicability and visual aesthetics. 

 Kospet Prime SE in terms of battery capacity – 1260 mAh does not have competitors in the smart-watch market and promises up to 3 days in active use or up to 7 days in standby mode. 

The watch perfectly withstands all environmental challenges, such as heavy rain, dust storm, or even immersion in water, however, developers do not recommend pressing the buttons in underwater mode. 4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS a full range of communications, it is rumored that even NFC maybe, but this is not accurate.

 The hardware component is controlled by the ancient Android 7.1.1 OS, but with the Google App Store installed, which allows you to add various applications to the watch. Moreover, even the standard Android function  face unlock works, it’s hard to find a script for it, the clock should always work, and not just after unlocking.

the memory card will not be available. But even 16 GB of memory will be enough for daily use.

KOSPET Prime SE Face ID Dual Cameras 4G Smartwatch Phone 1260mAh Battery 1.6 inch IPS Screen Android 1GB RAM 16GB ROM IP67 Waterproof Men Smart Watch Support Google Voice



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