360 S6 Pro is The Most Worth Buying Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Families with Pets In 2020.
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360 S6 Pro is The Most Worth Buying Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Families with Pets In 2020.

Robotic Vacuum cleaners are great to have. 

The case most times is that we are tired or have much to do with no available time, or the strength and mobility are not there for the case of the aged and physically challenged individuals. Homes with pets like cats and dogs have to cope with consistently vacuuming to remove fur. 

There are different models of robotic vacuum cleaners in the market, making a choice is daunting. We have saved you the stress by making an expert pick of the 360 S6 Pro. In this article, we’ll take you through on why we chose 360 S6 Pro

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Smart sweeping and dragging function

360 autopilot technology 5.0: 

Real-time mapping of your room, path planning, positioning, and cleaning areas are quickly done. One issue faced using a robotic vacuum cleaner is the occasional pick up when it can’t successfully return to its dock. This worry is knocked off with the LDS lidar + ultrasonic fusion navigation + SLAM algorithm technology of the 360 S6 Pro. A thing is; if it maps out your room with a floor covering of rug, you can designate the mapped-out section of your home as sweep only map.

Three cleaning modes:

Sweeping & mopping mode, the sweeping mode only, and mopping mode only. With the three-cleaning mode, you only need to match each mode based on the type of floor it has mapped. Sweeping and mopping for a tiled floor, the sweeping mode only for floor covered with a rug, and mopping mode only when you need to mop your tiled or wooden floor.

Up to 2200Pa suction power: 

The 360 S6 Pro comes with an adjustable suction power and its highest is 2200Pa. With this suction power, long hairs and pet hair instilled on the carpets and rugs are easily removed. 

Intelligent 200ml water tank, 3 levels of water adjustment: 

A wooding floor requires one to be cautious to avoid soaking, and tiled floor also demand one should avoid excess water on the floor to aid quick. The intelligent action of the 360 S6 Pro comes with three levels of water adjustment that is suitable for all kinds of flooring. Amazing, right? Another worry being knocked off.

Patented mute technology: 

Noise is a common thing you get to endure when using a manual and even most robotic vacuum cleaner in the market. With the streamlined silencing air-duct design of the 360 S6 Pro, dirt is effectively cleaned up at a much-reduced noise level. Your baby gets to have uninterrupted sleep while the robotic vacuum cleaner is working.

High anti-collision: 

A four-way anti-jamming Radar prevents collisions and the wire anti-winding improves disentangling ability by 60%. Also, 2cm vertical obstacles allow it to go over an uneven floor and small items such as books on the floor. It is designed to send off a notification to restrict its movement to areas where it happens to get stuck twice. 

Battery life

There is no doubt that the battery capacity is a big deal. The juice in the 360 S6 Pro is a determining factor of how much space it can clean. A 5200mAh battery capacity allows the robotic vacuum cleaner to be able to work for an extended period of three hours. Three hours is enough time to clean up a 300m2 space.


RF omnidirectional + APP dual remote control: With The RF omnidirectional remote control, you can control the 360 S6 Pro easily even when in the next room. The APP dual remote is what you can download on your phone and have control of the device.

Multi-floor map management: With the APP, multi-floor maps are saved and scheduled for a convenient time of cleaning. The result is improved cleaning time.

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and CLOVA are supported: With a Wi-Fi connection to the 360 S6 Pro, you can voice control it using any of CLOVA, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

Other highlights worth noting

Support single-use mopping cloth: The manual hand wash of the mopping cloth is not the case. The floor is mopped with using a damp-proof pad that prevents the damage of your wooding floor due to excess water on it.

Moisture-proof mat: The water let on the wooden floor is to be watched not to damage. With the moisture-proof mat of the 360 S6 Pro, water left on the wood is so minimal that it dries off in the nick of time.

The problems solved by the 360 S6 Pro are major feat yet to be solved by most robotic vacuum cleaners in the market. With a time-schedule using the app, you can always come home to a fur-free home. Now the expected time to remove those fur stocked deep in your rug is used to rest and attend to other essential things. Momma needs not to stress, she can use the voice control option. Who does not want a worry-free life? An investment in the 360 S6 Pro is never one to regret.   

Normal Price:

Community Extra Coupon: 360S6PRO$499

Coupon Price: $499.99

360 S6 Pro LDS Lidar Laser Navigation Wet and Dry 5200mAh Robot Vacuum Cleaner 53dB Low Noise RF Omnidirectional + APP Dual Remote Control 2200Pa Suction



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