Alfawise U20 Mix Review: Dual-color Printing, Power-on Self-Test, Monitor Print Progress in Real Time.
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Alfawise U20 Mix Review: Dual-color Printing, Power-on Self-Test, Monitor Print Progress in Real Time.

Alfawise is committed to delivering exciting and dynamic home technology solutions. With Alfawise, you can enjoy affordable technological appliances at every price point. Alfawise combines premium design language, innovative functionality and smart home ideas for less.

One of Alfawise's most notable lines of product is their series of smart 3D printers, especially the U-Series. Released to the market in 2020 as an improvement to other U-Series printers, Alfawise U20 Mix is designed to make your creativity come true with upgrades on the desirably large build volume of its predecessors while adding a few new tricks such as the power on self test (POST), push notification, dual-color printing, automatic leveling and safe mode. The U20 Mix stands out from the competition with several futuristic features including an integrated Wi-Fi controller that allows you to control the machine remotely. It can even accommodate an optional camera to monitor it from afar.


The Alfawise U20 Mix offers aluminium extrusion, sheet metal frame with an aluminium base. It can comfortably print a volume of up to 300 x 300 x 400mm for a speed of up to 60mm/s. The Alfawise adopts the design of disk extruder and single nozzle which therefore makes it possible to print with 2 different filaments, typically in 2 colors. The double Z-axis design improves the firmness of the machine and ensures stability of printing.

Power-on Self-test: 

A power-on self test is a smart workability check performed immediately when the printer is turned on. This program checks the thermal performance of the nozzle, platform, and the overall operation of the XYZ-axis. It is basically a great way to check functionality without requiring the user to perform manual checks.

Push Notification: 

This is a great feature, especially if you are the type that doesn't want to constantly babysit a 3D printer. The latest version of the Alfawise U20 Mix mobile app allows you to get progress notifications through WeChat or Facebook Messenger, the machine will automatically push a message to your phone when printing is completed giving you time to concentrate on other things.

Dual-color Printing: 

This feature is an evolution of the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology, where in place of one hot-end extruding molten thermoplastic filament, there are two hot-ends with two separate spools of filament. As a result, it becomes possible to print objects in two colors or two materials or both. It is also a useful technique for printing objects with complex geometry. 

Automatic Leveling: 

The Alfawise U20 Mix has support for Automatic leveling, this feature lets you get your 3D printing job done faster and with greater accuracy. The machine adopts the smart sensor technology, allowing precise calibration and easy set-up. The automatic leveling feature in the U20 Mix guarantees stability and safety of printing.

Safe Mode: 

Safe mode is another feature of the Alfawise U20 Mix that lets you intelligently manage power. It ensures the printer turns off automatically when it detects no operation. Safe mode essentially protects you from safety hazards such as extreme temperature rise, wasteful printing, accidental fire, and also helps you cut down the electricity bill by minimizing power usage. 


At $439.99, the Alfawise U20 Mix currently sells at a whopping 30 percent off. If you can get all your desired features from the Alfawise U20 Mix, why should you settle for less?

Alfawise U20 Mix 4.3 inch Full Color Touch Screen Control Power-on Self-Test Troubleshooting with WiFi APP Control Function Two-in and One-out FDM 3D Printer



The Alfawise U20 Mix is the smartest way to go if you want to add some style, speed and comfort to your production while enjoying an unbeatable price. This machine is designed to make life more convenient for you. Aside from the fact that you don’t have to monitor the entire production process, there are other exotic features to find in the Alfawise U20 Mix such as the 4.3 inch color touchscreen display with a very friendly user interface that enhances user experience. You can also find the troubleshooting guide that checks operations of motors and limits the switches of the X/Y/Z axis, its FAQ functions also helps you to keep the machine in good condition by checking and repairing it regularly.

Alfawise U20 Mix also supports resumption of printing in the event of a power outage or shortage of filament and a removable steel bed that can heat up to 100 ° and whose grading is done automatically. The intelligent slicing software you'll find in the Alfawise U20 Mix is like none other, you can easily choose nozzle in software for different parts of the model, essentially, what you see is what you get.

Whether for personal, professional, or educational use, Alfawise has made 3D printers more affordable than ever. What is most interesting about Alfawise is how it always manages to find a balance between price and performance because they offer compelling products with high value for your money. Get the Alfawise U20 Mix at a 30% discount price of $439.99 now!

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