Over 57% Cheaper Than Oclean Air, Alfawise SG - 949 Is the Best Electric Toothbrush Under $15 That You Won’t Regret Buying
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Over 57% Cheaper Than Oclean Air, Alfawise SG - 949 Is the Best Electric Toothbrush Under $15 That You Won’t Regret Buying

Are you looking for a good enough electric toothbrush? If you check out the popular Oclean electric toothbrushes, the prices might hold you back. Even the Oclean Air is at $34.99, which seems insensible in comparison with manual toothbrushes! 

Don’t be upset. Here is an outstanding budget electric toothbrush, Alfawise SG - 949. The electric toothbrush offers similar functions; however, it is more cost-effective than Oclean Air.

Let’s take a look at them quickly.

As for the most concerned vibration frequency, both can generate up to 40,000 RPM, which means the same cleaning effect. They offer different brushing modes. 

More specifically, Oclean Air provides a total of over 100 customized plans for different needs of dental care as well as three modes of cleaning, whitening, and massage. 

Alfawise SG - 949 electric toothbrush allows you to choose from 5 modes, including White, Clean, Sensitive, Polish, Massage, which are more than enough!

Considering that you might not want to open an App now and then to check the report, you might as well choose the easier-to-use Alfawise SG - 949! 

Alfawise SG - 949 and Oclean Air are IPX7 waterproof, so you can place both toothbrushes in any wet places, including your bathroom, sink, cup, etc. without worries and even clean them with running water.

As for the battery life, Oclean Air lasts five days more on a single charge than Alfawise SG - 949. In comparison, it is more convenient to use Alfawise SG - 949, because you can easily find a USB cable to get more juice; while you will need to use the specially designed magnetic charger to recharge Oclean Air.  

More importantly, Alfawise SG - 949 costs $20 less than Oclean Air but comes with two extra brush heads for another six months’ use. 

Undoubtedly, Alfawise SG - 949 is a more reasonable choice for those who are looking for the more convenient modern toothbrushing in daily life. What’s more, you can also get a few more Alfawise SG - 949 toothbrushes for friends or your family members without burning a hole in the pocket!

Alfawise SG - 949 Sonic Electric Toothbrush



Oclean Air Rechargeable Sonic Electric Smart Toothbrush APP Control with Pressure Sensitive Button from Xiaomi youpin



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