Haylou GT1 Earphones Review: Better Than Redmi AirDots, with More Advanced Bluetooth Touch Control and the Same Price
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Haylou GT1 Earphones Review: Better Than Redmi AirDots, with More Advanced Bluetooth Touch Control and the Same Price

Haylou, a brand in Xiaomi's ecosystem, provides true wireless Bluetooth earphones that are suitable for business and sportspeople, in particular, the Haylou GT1. 

The Haylou GT1 costs the same as the Redmi AirDots, but the buttons on the GT1 are touch capacitive. 

This means that, compared to Redmi AirDots, when you switch songs and answer calls, pressing the buttons will not push the earpieces deeper into your ear. The GT1 is compact and comfortable.

In my opinion, Haylou GT1 is a worthy purchase! Here is my review of these true wireless Bluetooth earphones.

Haylou GT1: Unboxing

The packaging of the Haylou GT1 earphones is much smaller than other headsets. The box is blue with a silver front that contains a picture of the black earphones and a charging case. 

In the top left corner is the Haylou logo, and on the bottom are the relevant parameters for the earphones. All fonts are in white, and the three colors of blue, silver, and black combine well to give it a high-tech look.

Upon opening the package, you will see the Haylou GT1 earphones lying quietly in the protective package of the sponge. The sponge is very soft and ensures that the earphones will not be damaged during transportation. 

There is a small box beside the earphones, which contains two pairs of earmuffs, a charging cable, and a user manual.

Although the packaging may look simple, the protection and accessories are all there. It also demonstrates that the designer has spent time considering the performance and design of the earphones.

Haylou GT1: Appearance

The first thing that catches your eye is the charging case. The color is space black, and it is designed with a magnetic lid. There is a pure black Haylou logo on the top, while the bottom displays the power and model of the charging case. 

The back has a USB interface, and on the side is the power indicator light. A red light will display when the earphones are charging. Charging will end automatically, and the indicator will go out when they are fully charged.

The charging case is made of special lightweight plastic, and it has a matte finish, making it look good but also ensuring that no fingerprints are left on the case.

The magnetic lid design is easy to open. It will accidentally close even if it is placed upside down, which significantly reduces the likelihood of accidental damage to the earphones. 

Most impressive is the left and right logos on the headsets, designed especially for the charging case. After all, they must be taken out of the charging case upon each use.

The main material of Haylou GT1 earphones is the same as that of the charging case. The design is also extraordinary. It looks like a whole in appearance, and there is no other logo on it. 

Equipped with unique fingerprint touch screen technology, the earphones have no physical buttons so that you can see the indicator light. It makes the Haylou GT1 earphones more integrated and will no longer cause the headsets to become uncomfortable when pressing the buttons.

There are two small yellow dots on the inside, which are the contact points used for charging. An "LR" prompt is placed on the charging case. It makes the surface of the earphones extremely clean, and the earphones themselves look almost invisible when worn.

Haylou GT1: Pairing 

The earphones will automatically power on when taken out of the case, and automatically power off and charge when put into the charging case. This user-friendly design is ideal for lazy people like myself. 

You need to manually connect the earphones to Bluetooth when they are first used, but after that, they will automatically connect and pair. The Haylou GT1 earphones are specially designed with few steps needed for pairing so that they are easy to use.


Haylou GT1: Comfort

After several evenings of testing the earphones, I found that there was almost no need to adjust the position of the Haylou GT1 earphones during an hour's jog. 

The weight of a single earbud is only 4g, so they are almost unnoticeable when worn. Operating them when moving will not cause pressure to the ears, because of the touch capacitive buttons.

With IPX5 waterproofing, there is no need to worry about sweating during exercise. In short, the Haylou GT1 earphones perform very well when exercising. The waterproof rating, the stability, and the comfort of the Haylou GT1 earphones all allow you to enjoy the fun of exercise.

Haylou GT1: Sound Quality

The most important aspect of the Haylou GT1 earphones is the sound quality. The earphones are equipped with a 7.2mm high dynamic and high sensitivity speaker and polymer resin diaphragm. 

Moreover, when it comes to data transmission, the Haylou GT1 earphones come with the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology and support advanced audio coding (ACC) technology. All of these enhance the overall sound performance.

When playing PUBG games, you can hear footsteps and gunshots in real-time without delay. When playing popular and classical music, the bass is strong but not muddy when the human voice is involved, and the performance is pretty good. 

The treble has a high pitch and is not too harsh. When it comes to instrumental and concert performance, the overall tri-band performance is excellent. 

With the performance of the stereo, the sound quality is full, but it's not good enough to restore the details of human voices. But if you are not a music enthusiast, you can't tell.


In general, the touch design of the Haylou GT1 earphones ensures a blend of comfort and inconspicuousness during use. The design, stability, and waterproofing meet most people's requirements when it comes to sports earphones. 

The excellent sound quality is also commendable. The Haylou GT1 earphones are true wireless Bluetooth earphones that should not be missed!

Xiaomi Haylou GT1 Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbud from Xiaomi Ecosystem Product



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