VEIKK A50 vs. VEIKK VK1560 – DIFFERENCES Between Graphics Pen Tablets and Pen Displays. What's a Pen Tablet and Pen Display? 
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VEIKK A50 vs. VEIKK VK1560 – DIFFERENCES Between Graphics Pen Tablets and Pen Displays. What's a Pen Tablet and Pen Display? 

A pen tablet is as well-referred to as hand-painted tablet, drawing tablet, and so on. It is one sort of computer input device consisting of an e-painting tablet and an e-pressure sensitive pen. 

The operational dimension is an e-drawing tablet. As you make use of it, you should link the drawing tablet to your system through some USB cables such that you can power and transfer data to your system. 

Taking VEIKK A50 and VEIKK VK1560 as examples, you can draw on the tablet with the combined stylus, and the picture will be shown on the computer screen. With the aid of the computer, the VEIKK A50 can attain further painting operations than common devices.

Pen display is likewise referred to as hand-painted display and painting display and co-joins the pen tablet and display. Users can unswervingly write and color on display with the combined pressure-sensitive pen. 

VEIKK A50 vs. VEIKK VK1560 – What's the Difference between Pen Tablet and Pen Display?

The pen tablet has a small dimension, and it is convenient for carrying. The appearance and size of these pen displays are better than the pen tablet. The pen tablet is a unique painting item; nevertheless, it is not easy for creating and conveying. 

a. Technicals (Specs)

The VEIKK VK1560 Pen Display adopts some Intelligent Passive Tech, which is created to provide a paper-like texture. It carries on some 8192 levels of warmth, and it is a battery-free pen. 

A wonderful thing about it is that you do not need to charge the battery manually. Nevertheless, it stays to offer an unhindered drawing, thereby creating some experience that affords a quick and accurate response.

The product and package weights of the VEIKK A50 are 0.5360kg and 1.1000kg, respectively. Those of VEIKK VK1560 are 1.8kg and 3.35kg, respectively. Their resolutions are both 5080LPI, and their reading distance equals 10mm. 

The pressure sensitivity of both devices is precisely 8192. The read speed for VEIKK A50 is 250 points per second, while that of VEIKK VK1560 is 230 points per sec. 

b. Applications

Most educators make use of these devices in classrooms to plan handwritten lessons or notes and to permit scholars to achieve the same. They also help the students to provide feedback on the student work electronically submitted. 

Online lecturers may as well devise a tablet for assessing student exercises or for live tutorials, particularly where multifarious visual info or arithmetic equations are needed. Students likewise use them as devices for taking notes as they follow their teachers. 

The devices can also be used in the world of graphics. Making use of a pen-like stylus on some graphic tablet worked with programs like Illustrator or Adobe or Photoshop or CorelDraw artists have a wide range of accuracy when designing digital works or artwork. 

Photographers may also discover working with a graphics pen tablet in the course of their processing. This effort helps speed up works like designing a detailed layer dodging or mask and burning.

Essentially, VEIKK A50 Graphics Pen Tablet has a stylus-based border and capability to discover some or its entire tilt, pressure, and other characteristics of the stylus. 

Additionally, it works with the tablet commonly taken to provide a seamless way to design computer graphics. 

Assuredly, a lot of graphic packages can make use of the pressure info supplied by a tablet by just modifying the shape, brush size, opacity, color, and other features relying on the data obtained from the devices.

c. Features

The A50 is stuffed with extremely beneficial characteristics, which makes it an appealing digital tablet. The item provides a wide 10 inches by 6 inches functional area, providing creators sufficient space and delicate platform to showcase their ingenuity. 

The VK1560 has a mouthwatering array of characteristics that includes an in-built pen holder which is placed on the display's right side. The pen holder makes it convenient to skilfully fix the pen as one makes the VK1560 and a handy digital tablet.


More so, VK1560 has 8 eight short keys that manage tasks without any form of lag or interference such that you do not have to depend on some keyboard to work with on the VK1560. It supplies a colorful read velocity of about 230 points that is nearly as double as speedier as commonplace pen tablets.

d. Price

 Manufacturers of graphics pen tablets and pen displays, VEIKK has interlocked with GearBest. The team-up is one functional attempt at making graphics tablets and screens available to creators and designers who want a cut-cost budget. 

As a consequence, you may, therefore, choose VEIKK A50 Graphics Pen Tablet and VEIKK VK1560 Pen Display at reduced prices.

The body features of the Vk1560 pen tablet often prove the sharp price tag it carries. You are now free to purchase it for some extremely reduced price of $319.99 available on GearBest. There seems to be a significant 23% drop in the sales price of the pen tablets of about $414.29. 

On the other side, there would be a normal steep price tag for a high-brow pen tablet that provides comparable characteristics. The VEIKK A50 can be yours for as low a price as $49.99. 

This appears to be a noteworthy reduction of about 19% in the original selling price of the device of approximately $61.74.

Conclusion and Call-to-action

Input devices such as VEIKK A50 Graphics Pen Tablet and VEIKK VK1560 Pen Display assisted graphic designers in using the standard and quality of graphics design to a unique level. 

The pen tablet is pocket-sized in orientation and convenient to carry. The pen display can attain the effect of unified hand-eye, and the method is efficient and intuitive. But, the pen tablet requires transition and readily aligns with the input mode of hand-eye separation.

So, it all depends on what suits you when it comes to designing your modern graphics outlay. You may consider settling for input devices such as VEIKK A50 Graphics Pen Tablet and VEIKK VK1560 Pen Display today.

VEIKK A50 0.9cm Ultra-thin Digital Tablet Drawing Panel 8192 Pressure Sensitivity



VEIKK VK1560 15.6 inch Digital Tablet LCD IPS Drawing Monitor



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