80 Million Bacteria are Exchanged in a 10-seconds Kiss? How to Kiss Safely?
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80 Million Bacteria are Exchanged in a 10-seconds Kiss? How to Kiss Safely?

Dutch researchers have previously published their research in Microbiology, which shows that a kiss lasting 10 seconds can cause the "migration" of about 80 million oral bacteria. 

What does it mean? Will I get sick from kissing? Don't panic, most of the bacteria in healthy people's mouths are harmless, and their "migration" won't do any harm. Still, if the other person is a periodontist, that's another story. 

According to the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), if a family member has periodontal disease, the other family members living together should be screened. It is because the chances of saliva contact between family members are too high. 

Periodontal disease is not only the culprit of tooth loss, but also may cause cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other systemic diseases. And once it causes diabetes, it will, in turn, promote the deterioration of the periodontal disease, in short, you will suffer in the end. 

The cause of the periodontal disease is mainly due to inadequate tooth cleaning. If we couldn't thoroughly clean the dental calculus and plaque, it will cause the tooth tissue, gingival atrophy, and eventually lead to tooth loosening or even loss. 

▲ Dynamic demonstration diagram of progressive deterioration of periodontitis. 

So how should we prevent periodontal disease? The easiest way is to brush your teeth correctly. 

The Bass brushing technique is approved by the American Dental Association to remove dental plaque effectively. 

How to brush with the Bass brushing technique? 

Firstly, brush the outsides of your front teeth. Tilt the brush head at about 45-degree to your teeth and gums, and move the brush in tiny circles to clean the entire outside surface.

Secondly, brush the insides of your front teeth. Still, tilt the brush head at to a 45-degree angle, roll the brush down to clean the upper row of teeth gently, and flick the brush upward to clean the lower teeth. In this way, the bristles move out from under the gum toward the biting edge of the tooth. Repeat such a gentle motion for every tooth.

Thirdly, brush the biting or chewing surfaces of the teeth. Tilt the toothbrush, so the bristles are straight down on the flat surface of the molars, gently move the brush back and forth to stoke the teeth.

Finally, brush the insides of your teeth. Hold the brush vertically, keep the bristles move up and down along with the gap between the teeth, using tiny circular motions. Brush two or three teeth at a time, rotate repeatedly, and massage for 8 to 10 times to clean the teeth and gums entirely from multiple angles. 

It's so easy. I'm sure you'll learn it right away. 

But sometimes it's tough to get up early and brush your teeth carefully. At this time, the development of science and technology helps us out.

Oclean X electric toothbrush

With 40000rpm and 220gf/cm torque, Oclean X cleans your teeth with hundreds of strokes a second and provides frequency reduction protection and adequate gum protection at the same time. 

Oclean X, the first touch-controlled intelligent electric toothbrush in the Oclean family, has a blind spot detection function. After brushing your teeth, you can see the cleaning result directly on the toothbrush screen, so that you can continuously optimize and adjust your tooth brushing habits. 

In addition to the small screen, Oclean X has its unique rack. The holder can be hung on the wall to drain quickly after using the toothbrush, and this rack is also a toothbrush charger, which can be recharged when removed. It is practical and convenient enough.

Oclean X Smart Color Touch Screen Sonic Electric Toothbrush App Control International Version from Xiaomi youpin



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