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The Xiaomi Square Box Generation 2 is truly impeccable in its construction: it looks like a single white block surrounded by a metal frame, in which we also find the on/off and the volume buttons.
On the front, there is a small status LED (red/blue).
On the back, we find the Micro-USB for charging and the input for the audio jack.
On the bottom, there are two rubber tips to stabilize (optimally).

The Xiaomi Square Box Generation 2 is really powerful: the high volume and the bass are not bad.
Inside the speaker, there are two 2.5W speakers with the impedance 3Ohm and frequency range 100Hz / 18kHz.
The basses are powerful but not exaggerated, just enough at high volume.

The Bluetooth is 4.2 and there is also a microphone so calls can be answered.

The declared autonomy is about 10 hours at 40% of the volume and I confirm it. My smartphone displays the remaining battery charge.

In the package, there is absolutely nothing besides the speaker himself.
No Micro-USB cable for charging, no audio jack.
The only exception is an instruction manual (in Chinese).

With the coupon, you can buy it around 20 euros, so it's a best buy. View Less

Original Xiaomi XMYX03YM Bluetooth 4.2 Speaker

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