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Received very quickly: ordered Saturday 16 and received Friday 22 in good condition. First, unpack, then connect the power supply, lift the tray, remove the tank, loosen the screw of the tray and finally using a half A4 sheet to adjust the level. All this is very simple.

Have a look at the Anycubic website, go to the Photon-S product page and download the latest software and firmware The Photon Workshop V2.xx is much better than the one provided on the USB stick (V1.0 ), very close to ChiTuBox.To use it at his best, it will absolutely be necessary to update the firmware. Nothing more simple to do ... Just download the package P_V502 and extract the two files xxx.bin on a USB key VIRGO FROM ANY OTHER FILE. Place the key in the Photon, connect the power, menu ' print ', select P_V502.bin and ... print it ... : o)

The installation takes little time then the Photon reboot. Now check on the system info page and you notice that the firmware is in V5.0.2 but UI is still 2.4 If you return to the print menu, no more files show... The trick now will be to cut the power supply, introduce the original USB key and then go to the 'print' menu to display the print files it contains. Take care: files. photons must be at the root of the key. Now turn off the power, insert the key containing the update files again. Now you can select and print the P_UI_2_6.bin ... OUFTI...!

Finally, everything is up to date and now compatible with print files generate by both Photon Workshop and ChiTuBox.

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ANYCUBIC Photon-S 3D Printer Dual Z axis Quick Slice 405nm Matrix UV Module SLA Resin Impresora 3d

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