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Brent Couturiaux
View More The flashlight is ridiculously bright, the modes are easy to work through, the LCD screen is crystal clear, the battery life is great, and I love being able to check the LCD for how much battery is left.

The pocket clip is strong and sturdy, and it does not fall out even in jogging. In shorts, this light has a good combination of flood and throw in all modes. On turbo it throws close to 200 yards with a nice wide beam, this is the smallest brightest flashlight I’ve owned, it’s two times brighter than my light s1 baton.

It uses micro USB to charge which is awesome because micro USB cords are very abundant.

The only downside to this light is the water resistance rating, it’s not fully waterproof like the lights and some streetlights you can’t just toss it in a bucket of water for a quick clean, but you can use it in the rain and clean it with wet cloths.

I will use this flashlight forever and keep reordering it. Every time I lose one and Gearbest has the best price on it to keep me coming back.

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NITECORE TUP Portable 1000lm EDC Pocket Flashlight

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