Viomi V3 Smart Vacuum Cleaner Depth Review: Storm Suction Power, Smarter And More User-friendly.
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Viomi V3 Smart Vacuum Cleaner Depth Review: Storm Suction Power, Smarter And More User-friendly.

Xiaomi VIOMI V3 Coupon: E49E0C32365EB000 Expiry date: 00:00 June 11, 2020

I may be the first to use the Viomi V3 vacuum cleaner. 

After using it for a while, it is really amazing. Below I will introduce some of my real feelings when using Viomi V3.

Xiaomi VIOMI V3 Coupon: E49E0C32365EB000

Expiry date: 00:00 June 11, 2020 

VIOMI V3 LDS laser navigation germicidal sweeping robot MIJIA APP 2600Pa Presell



At a glance, the outer packaging of Viomi V3 is the style of Xiaomi's eco-chain enterprise products. It is a simple plain paper packaging box, and the main body and accessories of the sweeping robot are inside the package. 

Regarding the appearance design of Viomi V3, it is similar to most of Xiaomi's eco-chain smart products, but it continues the unique design of the Viomi brand. The pure black color scheme makes it look very textured and very technological.

Compared with the previous generation Viomi V2 Pro, V3 is more simple, this design concept is suitable for use in different decoration styles. 

On the front of the V3, there is a circular protrusion on the top, which is the laser ranging sensor and the laser head pressure sensor. On the other side is a round button that looks simple and beautiful. Through this physical button, you can complete simple cleaning tasks and recharge operations without using the App. 

The cover that can be opened is also on the button side. Open the cover. Below is the dust box of V3, which is convenient for dumping garbage. The dust box is also a black design. Compared with the transparent dust box, the pure black design is more integrated, and I am very satisfied. 

On the side of the vacuum cleaner, we can see the recharge sensor on the front, the sensors along the wall on both sides, the air outlet, and the speaker.

In addition, you can also see the constant voltage control water tank. According to the official introduction, the constant voltage control water tank equipped with Viomi V3 has a large capacity of 550ml, and the maximum dragging floor is 250㎡. 

The water tank adopts the drawer type of loading and unloading. No matter you install or disassemble, you don’t need to upside down the cleaning robot on the ground. The installation of the mopping system is also the same. You only need to push the mop along the water tank to install successfully Just press the button twice to remove it.

Finally, let ’s take a look at the bottom of the sweeping robot. What I like most about the bottom are the two main wheels. The surface of the wheels has a non-slip design, and there is also a “shock absorber design” (the wheels will be exposed when they are not stressed) The design can make its passing ability stronger and help the sweeping robot to cross obstacles. 

In front of the bottom are two charging contacts and universal wheels. A side brush with adjustable speed is designed on the left side from the front. At the edge is a cliff sensor that prevents falling during cleaning. The main brush in the middle is also designed with a very user-friendly snap-type switch. The main brush cover and the main brush can be removed by pressing the snap.

In the details, Viomi is very in place and very user-friendly. Various clever designs provide convenience for the cleaning and maintenance of the robot in the later period. 

In terms of soft power, Viomi V3 uses the Mijia APP for control. For users who already have multiple Xiaomi ecological chain products, it is a very interesting thing to use the Mijia APP to create various smart scenarios. 

The surprise brought to me by Viomi V3 started from the actual experience. When cleaning the room for the first time, it will first run through the entire room for construction. 

Thanks to the upgraded LDS 2.0 construction system and Tesla SLAM algorithm, V3 can quickly and accurately partition when cleaning, even if the indoor environment is more complicated.

For example, several of my rooms have large and small chairs, but it can also be accurately identified. In actual use, it can also accurately identify obstacles such as shoes, wires, and empty trash cans that are not obvious.

When the LDS laser sensor scans and detects it, it will approach at a slower speed until the collision buffer module senses the obstacle, and then execute the surround algorithm instead of simply crossing the obstacle. And when it passes the track of the sliding door, it can also easily cross the obstacle.

In the actual drawing process, Viomi V3 performed quite well in terms of speed and accuracy. 

Due to the large area of my house, some rooms do not need to be cleaned, so the map saving function can be used during the construction of the map, and the cleaning prohibited area and the virtual wall are set at different locations. 

It can also set different water volume and suction for different rooms. Of course, it can also set the room cleaning sequence and other functions. It is very smart and obedient, and it can also meet multiple cleaning needs on multiple floors. 

When Viomi V3 has finished scanning the indoor environment, it will start cleaning. During the cleaning process, it will not collide with the obstacles it has previously detected. When it encounters obstacles, it will also clean up in a circle, very smart. 

Viomi V3 uses a brand new Japanese brushless fan, and the maximum suction power is increased to 2600Pa, which is 25% higher than the previous V2 Pro. It is very easy to clean up the dust and debris in the daily home, and it is like rice grain, cat litter, and even heavier weight. The nut peels and steel balls are not a problem. 

I like to be quiet, the "noise" emitted by the robot when working is also a headache. The official introduction of the sound of Viomi V3 in the standard power mode is ≤70db. In fact, although it has sound during work, it does It doesn't feel particularly noisy, it's much lower than the sound of a normal household vacuum cleaner.

Regarding battery life, Viomi V3's watch is so superior. Under normal circumstances, the sweeping robot will be on standby on the charging base, and there will be no shortage of power. As long as it works, thanks to the 4900mAh battery it officially says it can The cleaning is about 250㎡, and the performance in actual use is very good. 

A room like mine hardly needs to consider the situation where it always returns to charge during work. 

By the way, let's talk about the disinfection function of V3. The disinfection function of V3 actually depends on the sterilized rag. When it mopped the floor, the rag filtered out bacteria and viruses, thus making the floor aseptic.

According to my personal understanding, it is actually equivalent to wearing a "mask" for the vacuum cleaner.  Then with the silver-copper ion antibacterial HEPA filter, the sweeper can effectively remove 99% of bacteria and viruses. 

My suggestion is that if you rely heavily on the floor sweeper for floor disinfection, you must buy Viomi V3. If you are not very interested in this feature, you can buy some disposable sterilization wipes for your own vacuum cleaner. 

Viomi V3 has a new 550ml constant voltage control water tank, long battery life, and a newly upgraded 2600Pa surging suction and ultra-low noise. The software also has a new Tesla algorithm, new multi-map management, etc. 

The update on the software and the software has cast a variety of good performance in actual use, coupled with Viomi's more humanized details of this product optimization, allowing you to easily clean the room. 

Such a good-looking appearance, good enough use, and smart enough to sweep the robot, you are not planning to take it home?

Xiaomi VIOMI V3 Coupon: E49E0C32365EB000

Expiry date: 00:00 June 11, 2020

VIOMI V3 LDS laser navigation germicidal sweeping robot MIJIA APP 2600Pa Presell



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