4 Ways to Change Amazfit GTR Watch Faces
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4 Ways to Change Amazfit GTR Watch Faces

Starting from structure, design, convenience, to series of watch faces, the Amazfit GTR is a fascinating smartwatch to possess. 

The construction is well structured using stainless steel, aluminum alloy, or titanium, which gives it varying weight depending on the user's choice. Also, with the microcrystalline zirconium ceramic material, this product is pleasing in both sight and feeling.

Design and structure aside, another impressive feature of the Amazfit GTR is its watch face, which can be changed according to the user's preference. This is made possible by the 1.39" Retina-grade AMOLED display, having a resolution of 454 x 454, 326ppi. 

Moreover, it is reinforced with a Corning Gorilla 3 tempered glass and anti-fingerprint coating. Understandably, while some buyers only know one way to change their Amazfit GTR watch faces, others are entirely clueless on the how-to. 

However, whichever category you belong to, in this article, you will learn about four easy ways to change and customize your Amazfit GTR watch faces. Kindly read along!

How to Change Amazfit GTR Watch Faces?

First of all, be informed that changing an Amazfit GTR watch face is possible through a complete switch between the available watch face options on the watch itself, the Amazfit app, or using your preferred graphics. Whichever option you prefer, below are four ways to go about it.

1. Switching between watch faces by using the watch

Among the four methods of changing your Amazfit GTR watch faces, this method appears to be the most common and most straightforward approach. 

To change your watch face using the watch, press the watch screen for at least three seconds. Afterward, visit the settings page, then click on the watch face settings. From there, swap to the left or right to see the various available watch faces. 

Once you see a preferred display, click on it – it will replace the previous face automatically. That's it!

2. Changing the watch faces using the Amazfit app

Another practical approach of changing the Amazfit GTR watch face is by using the app. Just as the previously explained method, this approach is also simple, but slightly longer. 

First and foremost, if you don't have the Amazfit GTR watch face app on your smartphone already, you need to download one by visiting the Play Store. Once you complete the download, open the app. 

However, while at it, make sure that the watch and the bracelet are appropriately connected. After opening the app, click on the profile, then tap the Amazfit GTR to open the watch face settings. 

Here, you can download several watch faces via the watch face store. Once your first download is complete, you are free to sync the downloaded face instantly or download other faces. 

After you have synchronized one or more satisfactory watch faces, you can now switch your watch face to another display. Feel free to change the display anytime as you want to.

3. Customizing Amazfit GTR watch face with a third-party App

Remember that we mentioned earlier that you could use your preferred image or graphics as a watch face. Here is how to go about it. 
The first thing is to download a third-party app called WFEditor Dial – it's a custom tool app for graphics. 

Install the app and ensure that all the permissions are granted. 

Then, check for the language section by clicking on the plus icon. 

Scroll to the setting icon. From there, you will notice a four Chinese character at the top right corner, click on them to choose the English language. 

Then, click on the two Chinese characters at the bottom right to initiate English as your preferred language. Otherwise, you may find it hard to continue the process unless you understand the Chinese language. 

Now, proceed to the top right corner to change the device to Amazfit GTR 47mm. Here, you can either choose a watch face or select a template to use if you will like to customize your wallpaper. 

Since we intend to customize a face here, select "Element" to proceed from your preferred image in your phone gallery. 

Afterward, crop your chosen image. Once you are done, click on "Submit" and fill the fields provided. Submit again and wait for an automatic download to begin, then replace it for the image to come up. 

Subsequently, an argument notice will emerge, asking you to sync the official watch face to continue with the process. 

Synchronize your official watch face from the Amazfit app and select a preferred watch face as your template. 

Now, synchronize the watch face, which you chose earlier again. Finally, your selected image will come up as your Amazfit GTR wallpaper.

4. Changing your watch faces through Amazfit GTR website

This method allows you to choose an interesting image from the Amazfit GTR website. Open the Amazfit app and download any watch face. As explained in method two, your new watch face will show up on your smartwatch.

 Now, visit https://amazfitWatchfaces.com/gtr/ and browse through GTR 47/42 options. Select your watch size (whether 47mm or 42mm). You can choose any display of your choice on the website. Pick an option and download it as a bin. file. 

Afterward, open your file manager, and move your downloaded file to your watch skin local on your phone directory. 

Finally, use the name of the downloaded bin file with the watch face name, which you have downloaded earlier from the Amazfit app. Once you are done, re-sync your watch, and the new image will come up.


Hopefully, with this piece, you have learned some ways on how to change or customize your Amazfit GTR watch face. Pick any method which you see fit for you and start using different displays that matches your style.

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