Review, best price and opinion of the Lenovo S5 Pro - Benefits and Features
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Review, best price and opinion of the Lenovo S5 Pro - Benefits and Features


I am going to present you a smartphone that is a real bargain at an extremely low price for its benefits. In this brief analysis or review, I will explain the most important features and of course, to help you, I will tell you where you can get it at the best price.

It is a large screen phone that certainly meets most of the needs. Its processor and memory will make it an all-terrain mobile for most uses.

The cameras are one of the most outstanding benefits of the Lenovo S5 Pro. Your photos will provide excellent results that will make you the envy of your family and friends.

Can you ask for more for that price? Well yes, keep reading, you will be surprised ...


Before continuing, I have to tell you that Lenovo is a large Chinese multinational with more than 60,000 employees who are also based in the United States. Surely you have seen laptops and tablets of this brand in large areas, this gives us an idea of the success and quality of the products of this company.

Lenovo S5 pro features

  • The new Lenovo S5 Pro comes with an incredible dual camera configuration, both in the rear and in the front.
  • It has the famous Notch in the front.
  • 20mpx and 12 mlx rear cameras, and 8 mlx front (Dual Model)
  • 20mpx 8mlx front cameras (Single Model)
  • 6GB RAM and 64GB of Internal Memory
  • Awesome 6.2 inch screen
  • 3,500 mAh battery
  • Operating System based on Android 8.1 Oreo.
  • Available in different colors: black, blue and gold
  • 3.5mm jack for headphones.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 SoC processor
  • It has 4G LTE connectivity.
  • Dual band ac wifi
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Assisted GPS
  • 3D facial unlock
  • Supports Dual-SIM (Nano SIM)
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Compass / Magnetometer
  • Proximity sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Gyroscope.
  • This device has Full HD + Resolution

What benefits does the Lenovo S5 pro provide me?

  • It has four cameras with an excellent result. On the back is a 20 megapixel lens and if that were not enough, another 12 megapixel wide angle lens that supports nine times the depth of field blur in real time and 2 times the optical zoom without losses.
  • The dual rear camera offers not only blur effect, but allows a 2x optical zoom.
  • Take some good photos, nothing to envy other models in the same range. Although the zoom is not very wide, it is appreciated that it is of the optical type, so that our enlarged photographs will be less pixelated. You should bear in mind that not all mobiles have optical zoom. The front camera will provide very acceptable selfies and better video calls.
  • The rear cameras have two 12 and 20 megapixel sensors with 1.25 micron pixels, and lenses with f / 1.8 and f / 2.6 aperture.
  • 3D facial unlocking with 99.99% accuracy. Of the best!
  • 18-watt fast charge
  • USB Type-C port, which will provide us with much faster data transmission and charging
  • Made of metal

Where to get the best price and offer to buy the Lenovo S5 Pro?

You will be surprised at its low price, which is updated every day ... You can see the following Lenovo S5 Pro offer on GEARBEST.  

Global Version Lenovo S5 Pro napdragon martphone 20MP Quad Cameras 6.2 Inch 4G Cellphone QC3.0



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