These are the most popular products that Xiaomi has provided for 10 years since its inception.

These are the most popular products that Xiaomi has provided for 10 years since its inception.

The Xiaomi brand celebrates its 10th birthday on August 11th and is an occasion to showcase some of the products has been produced by Xiaomi and have been a huge success.

Mi Band 4

You must have seen this smart bracelet before, it is very famous, it was produced years ago and has found a great popularity in the markets, to this day this bracelet is still on sale, it offers a lot of features and is useful for people that love sport activity where it offers them a set of data about their bodies, even if you do not like sport you can still use it. It connects with Bluetooth and has good things that will help you in your daily life

It is charged once enough to run for 24 days thanks to its 135 mAh battery and its screen is Amoled type, and this type is excellent as it gives a bright vision under the sun

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet International Version



Xiaomi Wear 3100

This watch achieved a large sales number, it's a smartwatch that came as a version similar to the apple watch, but its price is cheaper than the apple watch of course so it was successful and sold a huge number of times.
This smartwatch is attractively designed, provides you as a user with many features, can be dived up to 50 meters underwater and lasts for 36 hours and then must be recharged to take advantage of its multiple services
It's a great watch, if compared to its price, it supports a number of sports activity and can be used in the health field by tracking your physical activity, such as Like heartbeats and others, it also supports a voice command prompt to control smart devices in your home and supports GPS.

Xiaomi Wear 3100 Smartwatch Bluetooth Waterproof Sports Health Data Monitor NFC eSIM Function / Voice Control Standard Version ( Support English and Chinese )



Redmi AirDots

It's not an old product, it hasn't been on the market much time but it remains a successful product produced by the Xiaomi brand.
These headphones are very cheap, but their quality is excellent as the Bluetooth version supports 5.0, which makes communication between them and the phone smooth and does not cause problems hearing sound, calls can be made using them or listening to music. It supports special noise reduction and is convenient when placed in the ear.
It's great, if you want to Try wireless headphones without paying a lot of money, the sound quality is high and clear i really advise you to try it I'm sure you'll like it

Original Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Ture Wireless Headset Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Earbuds Mini In-ear Headphones with Charging Box



Power Bank

One of the most annoying things that face smartphone users is the battery runout, it's bitter when you're on an intimate conversation and then all of a sudden you get that message telling you that the battery is about to run out. You can install the phone in the charger to keep it power, but the charging socket may not be close to your bed. The option that remains for you is to use this power bank from Xiaomi, that it has a capacity of 10,000 mAh, can carry it with you anywhere, it is light and stores electrical power capable of charging your phone several times. You can put it next to you to keep using the phone, whether for chat or anything else.

Original Xiaomi Ultra-thin 10000mAh Mobile Power Bank 2



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