Haylou Solar Review.
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Haylou Solar Review.

New smartwatch by Haylou - LS05 and comparison with Haylou LS01.

In this review, you will know about first impressions during use new Haylou Solar, the main advantages and disadvantages. We will also compare the two models Haylou Solar and Haylou LS01 and find out the main differences.

As you might guess, the code name for the new smartwatch is the Haylou LS05. But the manufacturer prefers to call the device – Haylou Solar. The global version will be available soon and each user will be able to purchase a new device on Gerbest presale.

Haylou Solar (LS05): Specifications

Screen: 1.28 inch TFT screen with 240 by 240 pixels
Sensor: Heart-rate monitor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer
IP standard: IP68 waterproof
Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
Battery: 340mAh
Standby time: up to 30 days
Application: Haylou Fit App
Weight: 54g


The main change in the version of Haylou Solar LS05 compared to its predecessor Haylou LS01 is the appearance of a round dial screen. The model LS01 had a square display with fairly large frames.

On the front side, Haylou Solar installed almost the same screen size – this is a 1.28 inch TFT screen with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. The previous generation Haylou had a slightly larger screen – 1.3 inches, but the resolution remained unchanged.

The screen quality is pretty good and most importantly, the brightness on a smartwatch is enough to view the information in sunny weather.

The manufacturer introduced Haylou Solar LS05 in one version – it is in black. Around the screen, there is a metal frame that gives the watch a very harmonious and premium appearance. The frame itself is galvanized for better wear resistance in everyday use.

In addition, the glass itself received protection from scratches and drops, but you should not specifically test the glass for strength. Fingerprints are easily erased, as the surface of the glass has an oleophobic coating.

The reverse side of the Haylou Solar LS05 smartwatch is made of high-quality plastic. Here you can find charging contacts and a PPG heart rate sensor.

The LS05 weighs about 54 grams with a silicone strap. They sit well on both the male and female wrists.

Like the previous generation, the new Haylou Solar received protection against IP68 water. This means that the watch can be immersed to a depth of 1.5 meters for half an hour. Of course, this is not 5 ATM protection, but this budget version of the smartwatch has at least some protection against water.

In addition, the Haylou Solar smartwatch received a soft silicone strap. The standard strap width is 22 mm and at any time you can change it to any other option, as the strap is removable. It is very flexible to the touch, comfortable to wear and breathable. Even while playing sports, the strap will not rub your wrist. Also, with prolonged wear, there is no need to worry about irritation.

Functions and features

Now let's talk about the main functions and what changes the new generation of Haylou Solar LS05 smart fitness watches has received.
The main dial has quite useful information that shows the time, steps taken and battery level. In addition, you can change the appearance of the dial, but only 5 options are available.

The main change was the presence of 12 sports modes, but the previous version had only 9 training options. There are running, walking, swimming and much more. These workouts will make your exercises more effective.

Naturally, like other models and competitors of fitness watches, Haylou Solar can track steps, calories and distance traveled.

The device also analyzes your sleep. An optical PPG sensor allows you to monitor your heart rate. According to the manufacturer, now the user can use 24-hour heart rate monitoring. This option will be useful for people with heart problems. For example, during heavy loads, a smartwatch is sure to notify you of a heavy load.

In the settings, you can find the music control function on your mobile device. A convenient option, since now you can easily control the music while run.

The company decided to update its application on Haylou LS01. Now the next generation has received a completely new application called the Haylou Fit App.

After pairing the Haylou Solar smartwatch with the application, the time automatically changes, like on your smartphone. In addition, you can further customize the functions and options.


The new Haylou Solar LS05 received a large battery capacity of 340 mAh. The past generation of Haylou smartwatches had 210 mAh.

Thanks to this, the battery life has become several times more. In normal use, the watch can work up to 30 days. Of course, if you often use heart rate monitoring and other functions, then the battery life will be reduced to 14 days.

The charging time through a magnetic two-pin connection will be about 1.5 hours.


The new model has received significant improvements in terms of design and battery life.

Now you can not worry about the daily charge of the smartwatch battery. Since even with the 24-hour heart rate monitoring turned on, the user is provided with the battery life up to two weeks of work.

There was a useful music player control function, as well as an updated mobile application.

Haylou Solar Smart Watch 12 Sports Modes Global Version from Xiaomi youpin



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