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Considered “the world’s first smart ukulele.” the Populele was not something I knew about “smart ukulele”.

Once the box arrived, I was impressed with the presentation. It comes with a nice sturdy box that held the ukulele and all accessories: canvas case, extra strings, picks, capo, and a USB cable.

Note that after a successful run on Indiegogo earlier, PopuBand Music's smart ukulele is now on general sale. Combining app-based smarts with follow-me LED lighting, the company is promising students of the uke that they'll be strumming their first song within 15 minutes.

The ukulele felt solid and well put together. The Populele is a concert size ukulele and really feels great. Note that the fretboard is made of black plastic, as it is what makes this a smart ukulele since the fretboard lights up the LEDs.

What makes the Populele a smart ukulele is the USB Bluetooth device located on the side of the instrument. The USB is used to charge the ukulele and the Bluetooth is used to connect with the Populele App, from an Android or iOS device.

Populele easily pairs with any smartphone via its Android or iOS app, then it will go through a simple tuning process.

The gamified experience really makes sure you can progress little by little and can play your first notes within 15 minutes.

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Populele APP LED Bluetooth USB Smart Ukulele 1pc

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