15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Pets On Gearbest.
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15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Pets On Gearbest.

Christmas is coming soon. It is the best time for you to purchase any gifts for your lovely ones. There are a lot of Christmas gifts for your parents, children, and also your pets. Your cats and dogs will be very happy to receive any great gifts this Christmas season. This article is going to give you up to 15 recommended Christmas gift ideas for pets in 2019. All of these items are made from the best materials, so they can last for a long time with minimum maintenance procedures. Many people leave good reviews on these Christmas gift products that are suitable for your cats or dogs.

1. Dogness F03 Large Capacity Dog Feeder

You can buy this product as the best Christmas gift for your lovely dog. Its 6 liter capacity of the food hopper is specially made with simple and fashionable design. You can place this dog feeder in any of your rooms easily. It can be used to match your decoration. Its Dogness app is very useful to schedule the precise amount and frequency of feeding.

DOGNESS F03 Large Capacity App Control Feeder 6L for Dog / Cat



2. Intelligent Pet Warm and Cold Nest from Xiaomi

It is recommended for your pet because it has a safety design, to ensure pet safety. Its encircled design capsule is specially used to provide good sleep protection for all of your pets. Your pet will be happy when staying inside this nest. It has an intelligent thermostat that can be used to ensure a comfortable and suitable environment for your pet.

Intelligent Temperature Control Pet Warm and Cold Nest from Xiaomi youpin



3. Soft Pet Ball Toy for Cat and Dog

This is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for your pet. This interactive toy is suitable for your cat or dog. Its suction cup can attach this toy to glass, floors, walls, and also tiles for holding this toy securely. It is made from the best TPR material that is safe and non-toxic. Its bright appearance can attract any of your pets.

Soft Pet Ball Toy Dog Cat Teeth Grinding Bite Mutual Sucker



4. Dogness Smart iPet Robot Toy

If you want to buy the best toy for your dog or cat, you can look at this iPet Robot. This robot is supported by its APP feature that can be used to control the 360-degree movement of this robot. Its 720p HD night vision and also wide-angle camera allows you to save photos or videos of your lovely pet.

DOGNESS Smart IPet Robot Toy APP Remote Control HD Video Monitor Your Pet for Dogs and Cats



5. Bentopal Smart Electronic Toy Car

It is an interesting toy that is suitable for your cat. Its main shell is made from the best Polycarbonate (PC) material. It comes with both cotton balls and feathers that can be placed on top of this toy. Its LED color changing lamp is specially added to this toy, to create an attractive design for this toy.

BENTOPAL P03 LED Wheel Smart Electronic Cat Toy Car



6. Dogness Smart Pet Treat Dispenser with camera

This is a powerful dispenser that allows you to have good interaction with your pet. This pet dispenser has about 0.4 Liters of hopper. This hopper can hold up to 0.4 pounds of dry food. This device is covered with natural bamboo that can last for a long time. You can interact with your pet because it comes with a full HD camera and mic sound recorder/speaker.

DOGNESS Smart Pet Treater HD Video WiFi Dog Camera Treat Dispenser



7. Dogness Retractable Dog Leash Device

It is very comfortable for you to use this leash device, especially when you walk around with your lovely dog. Its TPE handle is specially created to make a comfortable experience for all users. This leash device is safe and reliable for any type of dog. Three main sizing options are offered, including S, M, and L.

DOGNESS Retractable Dog Leash Device Multifunctional Traction Rope for Large Medium Small Dogs



8. Dogness D03 Water Fountain Drinking Dispenser

If you want to find the best drinking dispenser for your bird, dog, or cat, you should buy this item. This device has about 1-liter water capacity, so it is ideal for any small to medium-sized pets. You can also find a replaceable charcoal filter that can be used to remove hair, dirt, and also food particles from the water.

Dogness D03 Cat Water Fountain Healthy and Hygienic Drinking Dispenser 1L for Small Dogs/ Cats/ Birds / Smaller Animals



9. PaiPaiTek PD 258 Dog Collar

It can be a perfect gift for your lovely dog. This is a powerful anti-bark collar that can stop barking on your dog. It has increasing shock and sound that is controlled by the microprocessor sensor. It will deliver sound and shock every time your dog barks. Your dog will understand that she needs to be quiet after felling the sensation of shock or sound.

PaiPaitek PD 258 Anti-bark Dog Collar ( Upgraded )



10. Pet Cat Window Perch

Your cat will be very happy to sit down on top of this window perch. It has a pretty design that comes with a sturdy cloth cover. The cover can be washed and removed easily. This perch is specially designed to hold up to 40 pounds.

Creative Pet Cat Window Perches



11. DurableVegetable Fruit Cutter Tool

If you want to prepare food for your cat or dog easily, you can take a look at this device. It is very easy for you to use and store this cutter. You can create fries from any type of vegetables. Your pet will love the delicious fries that you make with this vegetable cutter.

Durable Potato Fries One Step Natural French Fry Vegetable Fruit Cutter Tool



12. Dog Shaking Food Feeder

This is a fun toy that can let your dog smell, see, and also hear the sound of snacks inside this toy. Your dog will be interested to interact with this toy. The toy can detect when it needs to slow down the feeding process, to help the digestion process inside your dog.

Dog Shaking Food Leak Tumbler Dog Food Feeder



13. Scratch Pad Cat Litter Mat

This cat mat is specially created to offer good durability. You can use this mat for a long time. It is made from the best combination of EVA and Oxford cloth. Both materials are very comfortable for your cat.

Scratch Pad Double Layer Cat Litter Mat



14. Pet Dog Puppy Cat Carrier

If you love traveling with your pet, you should buy this carrier now. This bag is made from breathable soft fabric that can be washed easily. The material is thick enough to give a comfortable experience for your pet. Its hand-free sling is added to this carrier, so you can feel comfortable when using this item.

Pet Dog Cat Puppy Carrier Outdoor Oxford Comfort Travel Single Shoulder Bag



15. Xiaomi Enchen Black Stone 3D Electric Shaver

For long-haired pets, regular shaving is necessary.

The material of this cutter head net is made of imported steel from Japan. It is precisely fitted. When the razor is opened, the blade is automatically ground to keep the cutter head sharp and durable.

It is very suitable for pets.

Xiaomi Enchen Black Stone 3D Electric Shaver Rechargeable for Men Gift



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