Suffering from Daytime Sleepiness & Insomnia at Night? Sleep Disorders Are Not Diseases - You Are in Lack of Light! Introducing Utorch JSK - 20 LED Phototherapy Lamp
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Suffering from Daytime Sleepiness & Insomnia at Night? Sleep Disorders Are Not Diseases - You Are in Lack of Light! Introducing Utorch JSK - 20 LED Phototherapy Lamp

The happiest in life is nothing else but in high spirits whenever necessary, and fall into asleep when you're tired. 

The greatest pain is the contrary.

Sleepy during the day, impossible to fall into asleep at night

Why is it a common case among most office workers, otakus, researchers?

It is because they expose to the sun the least due to staying indoors for too long.

Too little exposure to natural light during the day might lead to an increase in melatonin (Yes! Melatonin makes you sleepy and tired during the day.

At night, the lack of light for a whole day suppresses the production of "happy transmitter," serotonin, making people prone to depression, worries, and even insomnia.

Some people might not understand as they keep the light on during the day when staying indoors.

However, incandescent light is entirely different from natural light.

The invisible light in sunlight is mainly infrared. Don't underestimate the resonance interaction between the visible light and cells in the body. Only sunlight can stimulate the circulatory system to work correctly.

Ordinary lamps, such as incandescent bulbs and LEDs, produce a single spectrum. Thus, the light they emit can't stimulate the circulatory system as it is no different from the darkness. 

Without the sun, all things can't grow. It applies to human beings because we get up at sunrise and rest at sunset. 

If you keep yourself indoors, the daily schedule will be in disorder gradually.

Sun exposure not only promotes calcium absorption but also reduces seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a syndrome of recurrent depression.

Why do so many patients with depression live in high-altitude areas with extended winter, short duration of sunshine, such as Iceland, Finland, etc.? Social phobia is prevalent in Finland. 

☟ This picture shows how Finnish people queue in a line. It seems that they want to get away from each other.

The synthesis of many hormones related to moods requires the stimulation of sunlight. Staying away from the sun for a long time likely leads to depression but also avoidance of social interaction.

Here's an interesting finding. The natural light significantly reduces cortisol levels in people's saliva, which is a physiological indicator of stress. Nevertheless, people who live closer to nature have lower diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, and stress.

Recently, researchers from the University of East Anglia have reached the following conclusion after collecting data from 140 studies involving 290 million people: 

Sun exposure can reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus type 2, cardiovascular disease, early death, premature birth, and stress, making us healthier.

So, the next time you feel blue, sleepless or listless, try going out in the sun!

-- If you're not afraid of getting a tan, of course.

Utorch JSK-20 Light Therapy Lamp is even better than sunlight! 

Although there are many benefits of sun exposure, there is ultraviolet light in sunlight which inevitably leads to melanin and photoaging skin.

If you want to benefit yourself from the sunlight while protecting yourself from the ultraviolet light, use the Light Therapy Lamp.

Utorch JSK-20 is a Light Therapy Lamp equivalent to a mini version of SAD Light Therapy Box. It simulates natural light outdoors and emits UV-free light through technological methods. Its emitted light consists of a large amount of visible light and infrared light, including all wavelengths beneficial to the human body in the sunlight spectrum (including infrared). 

What's more, it does away the harmful lights, for example, the UV light. 

☟ Every evening before going to bed, stay in the light to calm down. It is equivalent to anti-aging beauty therapy. 

How wonderful it is!

Utorch JSK-20 Light Therapy Lamp offers all benefits of sunlight to you while protecting you from the harmful UV light.

Let the warm light slowly penetrate the skin from the scalp, soothing the nerves, relaxing the mind, relieving wrinkles, and refining the skin. Get rid of the unhappiness, and have a healthy, deep sleep.

Utorch JSK-20 helps you to sleep well and stay energetic for another day!

Kitten: Mom, when will we have a Light Therapy Lamp?

Let's enjoy a beauty therapy while promoting a good sleep!

Utorch JSK - 20 LED Phototherapy Lamp Anti-depression Skin Protection



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