Cautions When Using The Alfawise LS-1 Mini Laser Rangefinder
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Cautions When Using The Alfawise LS-1 Mini Laser Rangefinder

It should be noted that for every device, cautions have to be taken to ensure that its effectiveness and accuracy is not affected. As such, there are various cautions that you have to consider while using the Alfawise LS-1 mini laser rangefinder for measurements. 

They are many, and some are very significant and ought not to be left out. While buying your rangefinder you have to ensure that you get sensitized about the following cautions that you ought to take because any erroneous operation of the tool comes with adverse effects. 

1. The rangefinder has the power that is less than 1mW, and accordingly, it falls under the category of class 2 safety laser. For this matter, the rangefinder does not generate high temperatures. 

However, it should be noted that it ought not to be shone directly in people’s or animals’ eyes, as the laser can undeniably cause irreversible eye problems. 

2. While using the Alfawise LS-1 Mini Laser Rangefinder, you have to bear in mind that it is not waterproof. As such, you do not use it in the heavy rain or in the water. 

For example, measuring the height of a water bath when it is filled with water. Another example, leaving it or keeping it in places with water is wrong, although you may consider the fact that it is small and portable and can fit anywhere. 

You should note that when it is used underwater, the rangefinder will unquestionably get faults, and this will lead to inaccurate readings or even none. You should always ensure that when you are out there in the field when using Alfawise LS-1 mini laser. 

In addition, don’t use it in places with a lot of water or even in the rain. All in all, to ensure that your rangefinder is in good condition, you should keep it away from water.

3. Do not shake while in use. Another caution that you have to pay attention to as Alfawise LS-1 Mini Laser user is that you do not shake while using it for measurements especially for long distance measuring. 

It has to be remarked that if you shake it the measurement findings will be inaccurate and that it takes a long period of time to obtain the distance data. With this all, it is better if you do what is required, i.e. you should stand firm and still. 

For example, whenever using your Alfawise LS-1 rangefinder to find the distance between buildings you have to be cautious so as to avoid obstructions that make you shake because if you shake while making the measurement you will have to repeat it again; thus, wasting time. 

In general, to acquire accurate results from the rangefinder, you have to avoid shaking. 

4. It is healthy to always use clean things, but with electrical devices, cleaning ought to be done carefully. It should be noted that the rangefinder ought to be cleaned often and to do this effectively, you should use a dry cloth while following professional advice. 

Clean your rangefinder to remove dirt and kill germs that spread diseases. Before you clean the rangefinder, you also ensure that your cleaning cloth is clean.

5. To prevent the screen of the Alfawise LS-1 Mini Laser Rangefinder from scratches, it is covered by a protective film. It is remarked that this protective film is peeled off prior to using the device. 

Someone said that he bought Alfawise LS-1 mini laser rangefinder and found that it had scratches, but later noticed that there was a protective film on it. 

As such, it was fine to tear the film off. Similarly, in case you notice something of that kind with your rangefinder you also should do the same as he did to have clearer readings.

The measurement of Alfawise LS-1 Mini Laser Rangefinder is effective, accurate and clear if the necessary cautions are adhered to by the user and or vice versa.

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