RedmiBook Air Experience: Xiaomi's Best Thin and Light Notebook
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RedmiBook Air Experience: Xiaomi's Best Thin and Light Notebook

When the new MacBook Pro was released four months ago, I originally planned to update my MacBook Pro, which had been in service for five years, but in the end it was shelved due to various factors and decided to continue to wait.

In fact, I have tried several times to use Windows laptop as the main force in the past year, but in the end I still used the veteran MacBook Pro. In addition to macOS, the high-resolution screen and comfortable touchpad are a bit reluctant, even I also found a charging cable from PD USB-C to Magsafe2.

But today this RedmiBook Air is probably the first time in more than a year that it is seriously considered as a Windows notebook for the main computer.

Lighter than the iPad Pro equipped with a Magic Keyboard, and it has a 2K screen

The appearance of RedmiBook Air does not adopt the silver appearance that attracts the eye before, but the more common metallic gray matte design. To be honest, the first impression is pretty unremarkable.

Now that it is named Air, it is obvious that this notebook is also a thin and light route. It weighs only 1.05kg, which is only as heavy as the iPad 11 Pro equipped with the Magic Keyboard. It is far lighter than the fully equipped 12-inch iPad Pro and lighter than the latest MacBook Air. The thickness is only 12.99mm, which I have seen recently is a notebook with excellent control over thin and light.

Because it's very light and thin, in fact, this laptop doesn't necessarily need to be carried in a backpack. I think a one-shoulder postman's bag is also a good option and won't be a big burden if you insist on putting it in the bag despite its light weight.

The volume control also benefits from the design of the full screen. In fact, several recent models of RedmiBook have a full-screen design. This model is no exception. The three sides are very narrow, but the bottom side is wider. The overall screen-to-body ratio is reached according to official data. 89%.

Half of my good impression of this notebook actually comes from this screen, not because of the full-screen design, but the 2K level of 2560x1600 on the resolution.

In fact, from the perspective of recent years, although the progress of high-definition in the Windows camp is relatively fast, many brands like to start to reduce the SKU of different configurations. The previous six or seven configurations from low to high configuration have become rare, and more and more Many are only three to four configurations.

Reducing the SKU actually affects the screen specifications. The low and high configurations are untouchable. The ones that are eliminated are often the mid-range. So you can see that many low-end models use 1080p-level resolution screens, and the high-end versions are directly equipped With 4K resolution, the space left for 2K resolution is somewhat squeezed.

But in fact, the 2K resolution screen is very popular configuration. If you want to highlight the cost-effectiveness, the last 2K-level screen is very useful, and can provide more detailed display effects, but also more evasive than 4K screens. How high-resolution magnification is, I personally think it’s a good experience at this price.

Other aspects of the screen are also very standard configuration. The ratio of 16:10, the viewing angle of 178° is also very good, the standard brightness of 300nits, avoid the noon when the light is strong, and it can be used outdoors. 100% sRGB color gamut, although there is no P3 color gamut, it is not a problem to use, after all, my 2015 MacBook Pro does not have it.

All versions of RedmiBook Air are not touch screens, and they are good. I don’t want to keep clicking the screen on non-tablet devices. I think this is not a handy operation for most people. Those screens can be turned 360. ° Except for devices used for tablets.

The keyboard part is where RedmiBook Air is slightly weaker. The hitting feel is a bit too crisp and the key travel is only 0.95mm. I personally prefer a softer feel, so I would never consider a butterfly keyboard, but it seems that there is no softer keyboard on such a thin and light notebook. Of course, as long as it is not as extreme as a butterfly keyboard, you can slowly adapt.

Compared with the current high-end notebooks, it can be clearly seen that RedmiBook Air lacks some biometric capabilities. Not only is there no camera on the B side, but there is no fingerprint recognition module on the keyboard. But although fingerprint recognition on laptops is not as popular as mobile phones, it will be added sooner or later.

In fact, my most dissatisfaction with the MacBook Pro is the touchpad. I don’t know why the touchpad of the Windows camp cannot achieve a touchpad with consistent feel across all areas. All the touchpads are not available in the top area. use. But doesn't the Magic Keyboard achieve a touchpad that can be pressed in all areas through a purely mechanical design? Please improve this point for Windows laptops as soon as possible.

The overall area of the trackpad is not bad, and the fingers can move a considerable range on it, but the feel is relatively ordinary, not as smooth as some higher-end notebooks. So when I use it at home, I usually use an ergonomic mouse to reduce the burden on my wrists. Windows with a mouse is justified.

The interface has been greatly simplified, and finally supports PD charging

Regarding the several RedmiBooks I have come into contact with before, my biggest personal complaint is not the screen or the keyboard trackpad, but the power adapter.

Since the previous product does not support PD charging, it does not have any value for me to take it out, and naturally it can't be used for a long time. Now this point has finally been resolved.

There are two USB-C ports on the right side of the fuselage, both of which support data transmission and charging. It can also realize three-screen display and dual-channel 4K video output, realizing a compact PD charger to go around the world. It's a pity not to have both ports on the right side. Sometimes, if the power supply is on the left side, you have to wire it, but it's not a big problem.

Because the overall control is very thin and light, the number of interfaces of RedmiBook Air has also been greatly simplified. In addition to the two USB-C interfaces on the right, there is only one 3.5mm interface. As for the left side of the fuselage, there is no interface other than the cooling air outlet.

If you have more needs, then buying a USB docking station is the best way to use it.

In terms of performance, RedmiBook Air has a total of three configurations: low, medium and high. The low-end version is equipped with Intel's tenth-generation Core i5-10210Y processor, quad-core and eight-thread performance, silent frequency 1.0GHz, turbo frequency 4.0GHz, 8GB LPDDR3 2133MHz, the medium version has increased the memory to 16GB, and the high-end version will handle The device has been upgraded to i7-10510Y, with four cores and eight threads, silent frequency 1.2GHz, turbo frequency 4.5GHz. All three configurations are equipped with 512GB SATA SSD.

Running scores and games are not tested, neither is the usage scenario of this notebook. The battery capacity is 41Wh, which is sacrificed for lightness and thinness. The standard 65W USB-C charger can charge 50% of the power in 35 minutes. Local video playback at 150nits brightness can support 11.5 hours, and web browsing is 6.5 hours. In actual use, the battery life will be reduced because the brightness will be higher.

RedmiBook has always used cost-effectiveness as a sharp knife, but before, there have always been some shortcomings that I cannot overcome, such as charging. Now basically all the flaws no longer exist. As a thin and light notebook, it is doing well in all aspects. Suitable for daily use.
Of course, from the point of view of light and thin, don't require it to be capable of heavy tasks.

You can choose the configuration that suit your needs at Gearbest. Of course now there are a huge Flash Sale so do not miss this occasion to get it at a low price.

Original Xiaomi Mi Notebook RedmiBook Air 13 Laptop 10th Intel Core i7-10510Y/i5-10210Y Processor Mini PC 16GB/8GB 512GB SATA SSD Storage With Wifi 6



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