Xiaomi M3 Giiker Magnetic Cube. Review.
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Xiaomi M3 Giiker Magnetic Cube. Review.

Rubik’s cube with some modern and scientific applications.

Rubik’s cube is a very popular device as a gaming device and it can be played by people of any age. It is mostly played by people whose device is an analog device and with this without playing anything can be done. Xiaomi then brings about this modernized and an excellent functional device for getting the user more options along with more knowledge. This device is mostly used by the people who are tech freak which means those kinds of users are always eager to learn things related to technology. And for those kinds of people, this device will become a beast because of its scientific timing nature, 3D dynamic system, Bluetooth sync and so on.


Though design can’t be a measuring point for this, as this needs to contain mainly the functionality of scientific methodology; still it is made with excellent designing. It is made of ABS material which we all know a strong type of material so the user does not too scared about its damage whenever it may fall from his or her hand. Besides, it has a wonderful color combination which makes its outlook excellent. Furthermore, due to its nice outlook, the users who are not fond of Rubik’s cube may show some interest to purchase this.


Dynamic graphics teaching

This Xiaomi M3 Giiker Magnetic Cube has the feature of dynamic graphics teaching and the method of this system is 3D so the user will get more knowledge where they have some lacking and for the new user it can be a learning tool as its dynamic system will teach the user a lot and it will make the user more interested to this device.

Anti-scattering frame

This Rubik’s cube’s frame is anti-scattering and for this even it falls down to the floor which may be uneven, still, it can’t affect the device. And the structure of this device with the racing structure principle along with a professional design which makes sure its frame and racing structure is standard and well enough to attract the customers.

Cube App

Many things on which we do not have any idea, we need to learn those kinds of things from the internet or from the people who are experts on it. Sometimes, this can be disgust or painful for the user due to some difficulties. For solving this issue, Xiaomi Magnetic Cube comes with the feature which is its built-in applications. Here, there are some tutorials are presented in the app which will guide the user whenever he or she face any kind of difficulties and for the new user it can be a learning book. And in this device, there are 9 minigames options which will give some flexibility.

Scientific timing

This feature will give the user an idea about is he or she really improves on it and how much they improve. This feature is really an excellent option for getting updates about improvements. Suppose one needs 30 to 40 minutes usually to complete a set and the device will give an update in the next time when the user may need less time to complete the game. Furthermore, this device has the option to log every progress on it so that the user will get more idea and they can work on the steps on which they make faults or the steps which are taking more times than the standard times.

Intelligent magnetic system

Xiaomi Magnetic Cube is comprised of an intelligent magnetic system that will give the user some ad knowledge and playing methods to access and play the games with some advanced methods and technologies. This made with following the intelligent magnetic principles, so its rotational step can be easily aligned. And for this, the user can get the benefit like he or she does not face the difficulties to move the device on any side and the magnetic connection seems to be excellent.

Support system

Xiaomi Magnetic Cube is not like that kind of device which is very difficult to access and for this, the user has to face a lot number of problems. But this device will give the user the best user-friendly environment because of its flexibility. It can be accessed to both iOS and Android device and the version of these devices are above the android 6.0 and iOS 9.0 so the user gets the support system in the most updated version.


Bluetooth is a very common feature for any kind of device due to its excellent functional options. The version of Bluetooth is 5.0 so the user gets one of the most updated versions and for this, the user can connect it to his or her device very nicely.

Replaceable button battery

Xiaomi Magnetic Cube has a replaceable button battery option for which the user does not have to face any kinds of issues in times of changing the battery. Usually, the battery gets the best performance for 1 year and after this time, he or she can easily change the battery.

The weight of the product

As the user may also play it in times of taking rest in the bead, so it is the user’s demand to be a lightweight product. The total weight of this Rubik’s cube is only about 100g.


Its cost is very much lower and it can be gotten for only about less than $17 which is not a difficult one for any class or any type of customer.


Xiaomi M3 Giiker Magnetic Cube is an excellent device as for the science lovers and other people. The user will get the functions like a magnetic system and he or she can be updated about his or her stage. Furthermore, the price of this device can be simple for most users.

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