Alarm! 20 Hard-on-the-eyes Photos from The "Ugliest Dog Competition"! Don't Look!!!
Darb Millstein

Alarm! 20 Hard-on-the-eyes Photos from The "Ugliest Dog Competition"! Don't Look!!!

I stumbled upon a crazy topic online the other days - "Show the ugliest moment of your pet." After looking at the photos, I was amazed at the "sinister pet owners" who keep so many ugly pictures of their pets.

I must share these hard-on-the-eyes photos with you since I am not selfish at all!

Now, kiss my mouth.

I come! (Snickering)

My black dog is in a bath.

It is possessed by Venom! 

It looks like graffiti. Not too bad.

The Husky looks like in its sixties.

"I am sleepy..."

I am just so sad!

It wears cosmetic contact lenses wrongly.

Knight: As time flies, gone is my youth!

A feather duster?

"I am a serious guy!"

How about the stunt?

Here's a smile of "mon" dog Lisa.

A black singer? A good disguise! 

"My mom trimmed the hair for my dog. Then, it looks like a hairless raven. Haha!"

"The electric razor broke down when I was cutting its hair."

"I am hungry, and you look delicious!"

"Don't drag me!"

"Damn! I hate combing the hair!"

How do you feel after looking at these photos? 

The pet owners must do it on deliberately. 

LOL! Welcome more photos like the above! 

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