Xiaomi's Cost-performance Has Never Let Us Down!  Here Comes Xiaomi Mijia 2100Pa Sweeping and Mopping Robot
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Xiaomi's Cost-performance Has Never Let Us Down! Here Comes Xiaomi Mijia 2100Pa Sweeping and Mopping Robot

Have you ever fantasized about arriving home after a busy day, lying cozily on the couch and watching the game, while somebody sweeping and mopping the floor for you?

With the development of science and technology, your dream has finally come true. The sweeping and mopping robots are now going to free you from heavy housework.

It has been three years since Xiaomi launched its first generation of sweeping robot. Though we have reviewed several sweeping robots that can use the Mijia APP, they can only be regarded as Xiaomi's ecological chain products. 

Now we are going to review the new Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping and Mopping robot — the heir of Xiaomi's first generation of sweeping robot.

As we can see, the word "Mijia" is added to the name of the robot. The new robot vacuum cleaner can do both sweeping and mopping.

In addition to its new mopping function, as can be seen directly, the Mijia robot supports 3 kinds of cleaning modes: sweep&mop, only-sweep, and only-mop. It can also simulate manual mopping and repeated mopping. 

What's more, its suction is up to 2100Pa, and it applies an intelligent electric control water tank to control water accurately. Also, its LDS laser navigation has been updated for faster mapping speed and more sensitive obstacle avoidance.

In this review, we mainly evaluate these items: cleaning ability (suction test, pet hair, edge cleaning, carpet cleaning, and wood floor cleaning), obstacle avoidance ability, automatic recharge, endurance, coverage, and noise. To better illustrate the effect, as many GIF pictures are used as possible. 

If you want to know its cleaning ability first, please jump to the third part directly!

Appearance: pure black with a touch of bright orange

▼The packing box is the typical style of Mijia products:

The body has a glossy surface, which is the classic Mijia's simple style as usual. But the one we reviewed is the black version Mijia launched at first. 

There is a touch of the familiar orange at the round area on the top of the body. It is the Mijia LDS laser scanner that we've seen before, but updated. 

With its multi-stage target and fitting algorithm, the updated system can scan a distance of 8 meters at a frequency of 6 × 360 °/s, and the sampling rate is 2016 times per second, while the error is less than 2%.

▼ The metal contacts on the back are to connect with the charging base.

▼ The charging base is in the same black color as the robot.

In particular, a big difference between this sweeping & mopping robot and the previous Mijia similar product is the adoption of mopping accessories, including a 2-in-1 water tank and a water lock rag.

Let's focus on the front of the robot again. After opening the plate to its maximum angle, the main internal structure can be seen at a glance, and the water tank and dust tank can be taken out quickly.

Then we look at the Home and Power buttons. 

In addition to the functions indicated by the words, there are 5 usually used functions that you can access through the long press and short press. 

Next to the top of the body is the notice about the blade. 

The blade is actually a blade and brush, which can cut off the intertwined hair during cleaning.

On the whole, the quality of this robot vacuum cleaner is excellent, and its texture and material are exceptional (after all, its weight reaches 3.6KG). 

As I've used a variety of Mijia products before, its quality is absolutely trustworthy.

We now end the brief introduction of its appearance and let's move on to its performance!

APP Review: automatic room partition, wherever you want to sweep 

To start using the device, you need to open the Mijia App on your cellphone to connect to its Wi-Fi hotspot. Then, you can control it accordingly.

After connecting to the APP, you can view the status of the robot, and control it to do lots of things. Regular cleaning, spot cleaning, suction adjustment, real-time mapping, and statistics, etc. are available at your fingertips. 

Let's take a look at a few useful and exciting features.

After started, the robot first scans the environment, and walks around the whole area to draw a map, and then begin to carry out regular cleaning.

After its first cleaning, the robot will draw and remember the complete indoor map that can be viewed on the Mijia APP. During the cleaning process, the map can be updated in real-time, and the cleaned area is displayed in yellow on the App.

If its power runs low during cleaning, the robot will automatically return to its charging dock, and then resume cleaning from where it stops after completing charging. 

When you don't want to clean the entire house, designating the cleaning zone is perfect for cleaning a specific area, such as the entryway or the floor under the table. Set the cleaning spot, and wait till the robot reaches the point. Click "zone cleaning," and it will clean the area around the point.

Before using the two functions, please ensure that the robot has completed the first-time cleaning and mapping.

When I first used the robot, I didn't know it has the virtual wall function. So my family and I had to close the door to prevent it from entering the bathroom and kitchen, which caused a lot of inconveniences.

But after I found out the virtual wall and forbidden area functions in the APP, I immediately set up virtual walls by the toilet and kitchen door. Therefore, the robot can ideally avoid these places when cleaning.

Cleaning ability: witness the power of 2100Pa vacuum suction

 1. Suction test

In daily use, the standard cleaning mode is powerful enough. But in the test, we still need to verify its 2,100Pa suction power.

Turn on the "Power Mode", it only took two seconds for the robot to clean up dozens of beans on the floor. More importantly, as seen from the GIF, the robot cleaned up all beans the first time it passed by with the help of a side brush and the excellent suction power.

Even thousands of beans or much larger beans are not a problem for the Mijia robot. It can sweep over and over again until all beans are cleared away.

2. Paper scraps test

I intended to do this test with hair, but unfortunately, my hair is too short, so I used some paper scraps as a substitution.

Due to misalignment, the robot went back and forth twice to clean up the scraps on the ground. But after cleaning, its brush was not covered or wrapped by the scraps.

3. Edge and corner cleaning test

Due to its structural limitation, the robot is unable to clean the edges or corners. In our test, three paper scraps placed in the corner were still there.

4. Climbing ability test

With the help of its two large-size main wheels, the "climbing ability" of the Mijia sweeping and mopping robot is very excellent. The ordinary threshold means nothing for it.

5. Anti-drop test

Some of you may worry that what if my robot vacuum cleaner falls when it is working upstairs? Don't worry! The robot is designed with sensors around its body, preventing it from accidental falls.

In our test, we put the robot on the table, and it stretched out half of its "foot" to carefully and repeatedly probe the edge. 

After walking around the table edge, it automatically generated a new map and began to focus on cleaning the center of the table. The algorithm of the Mijia robot is really accurate.

Wet mopping test: sweep and mop for thorough cleaning

We used the sweep&mop function to illustrate the sweeping and mopping process directly.

The first step is to add water. The tank volume is 500ml, and we took it out and filled it with about 200ml water.

Then we attached the mopping cloth. (Two pieces of fabric came with the robot at no extra cost, which can be cleaned and reused. You can also buy more online.) 

In regular use, the cloth is easy to install. But to show you the installation process better, we deliberately turn over the machine.

The third step is to quickly dry the water stain and let it do the cleaning itself.

The robot takes advantage of its height to get in and out of all kinds of places that are difficult for us to reach when doing the cleaning.

Even if when cleaning some out-of-reach places such as corners around the table foot, the robot is good at it. 

It smartly sweeps around the foot until the edge is cleaned up, which satisfies me.

Finally, after finishing cleaning, the robot will automatically return to its charging dock. When you see this small but exciting process, you will be amazed at the charm of technology, too!

In the past few days, I've found that if the robot sets out directly from its charging dock, it can find the location of the charging dock more quickly after cleaning. If not, though it can eventually return, it takes some time since it needs several times to find the path.

Moreover, as for mopping, since the electrical control water tank and the micro-controlled water pump are both controlled by the intelligent chip, the water output can be accurately controlled. Even if it has been in use for a long time, neither blockage nor leakage will happen.

Besides, during cleaning, the robot walks in a Z-route, effectively avoiding cleaning the same area repeatedly. At the same time, by planning, it can sweep and mop better, which is more effective than other robots.

▼ Quiet mode

Strong mode

At present, most sweeping robots on the market are still unable to clean silently, especially when the suction is the highest.

In my test, in the Quiet Mode, the noise is 66.5 decibels. When turned on to the "MAX" stage, the sound reaches 75.9 decibels, which is much lower than the noise generated by my handheld vacuum cleaner.

Summary: the cost-performance ratio of Mijia products has never let us down

I did not list the battery test as an independent part. It is because its self-charging function is so perfect that there is no need to worry about low battery in use. 

In Standard Mode, the power consumption for 30 minutes is about 40%, and the cleaning area is 35 square meters. 

After fully charged, it can clean approximately 100 square meters, which is enough to cover the most area of most houses.

On the other hand, as a Xiaomi product, Mijia sweeping and mopping robot excels in intelligence. After connected to the Mijia APP, it can achieve many powerful functions. Whether you are using the designated cleaning, automatic room partition, or the virtual wall function, you can find that improved intelligence at any time.

Moreover, if you have a Xiaomi smartphone or Xiaomi AI Speaker, you can connect them to the robot so that you can control it by voice. For example, you can tell it to start cleaning, pause, and recharge. I believe most young people who pursue to control everything on their mobile phones remotely would love this function.

Traditional sweeping robots frequently hit obstacles. However, the Mijia sweeping and mopping robot applies the unique LDS laser scanner to map the room and update the map in real-time quickly. Therefore, it not only works like a human being, bypasses the obstacles, but also cleans the floor better.

As for price, the Mijia products have never disappointed us, either. At less than $550, it is affordable.

Xiaomi Mijia STYJ02YM 2 in 1 Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner



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