SOOCAS H3S vs SOOCAS H3 Hair Dryer: What Makes the Differences of $30 More?
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SOOCAS H3S vs SOOCAS H3 Hair Dryer: What Makes the Differences of $30 More?

Getting the right hair dryer for your hair is used to be quite a funny trick about six years back. You may pick out some brands or models, feel them with your hands, and ask for their price. More often than not, you go home with the cheapest of them all. Now that there are more brands and models to confuse you. What do you do?

SOOCAS series is one of the top-rated hair dryer product lines from Xiaomi. SOOCAS H3 is the predecessor of SOOCAS H3S. The price difference between them is only $30. This price raises the question of whether paying an extra $30 for the SOOCAS H3S is worth it. 

To answer this question, we compare and contrast the specs of both products to see how they stand when compared head-to-head.


Xiaomi is one of the top-rated Chinese brands of electronics. It has its headquarters in Beijing, China. Xiaomi products include smartphonesair conditionerselectric driersrobot vacuum cleanerselectric bikes, smart wristwatches, and a host of other electronic products.

Xiaomi's philosophy is portrayed as offering a high-quality product at a relatively lower price. Xiaomi products are trendy in China and India. Their presence is also felt in the electronics market of about ten African countries, Nigeria and South Africa included. 

Two main features make the Xiaomi brand stand out. These are simple yet intricate design and extended battery life.

SO CARE is a household electronics sub-brand that is affiliated with Xiaomi Electronics. They released both SOOCAS H3S and SOOCAS H3 hair dryers.

Introduction to SOOCAS H3S hairdryer

SOOCAS H3S is the upgraded version of SOOCAS H3 that was recently released by SOCARE. Both models of hair dryer use high concentration negative ions to remove positive water ions from the user's hair as quickly as possible. 

SOOCAS H3S vs SOOCAS H3 specs, features and price comparison







Product Weight

0.6 kg

0.6 kg

Product Dimension (L×W×H)

19.00 x 9.00 x 28.00cm

26.20 x 27.30 x 8.80cm

Rated Power

1800 W

1800 W


220 V

220 V

Temperature Control



Hair Temperature Modes




Aluminium Alloy

Aluminium Alloy


In 2018, SOOCAS H3 won an award in Germany for its design. It may be the reason why the basic SOOCAS H3 design is retained in SOOCAS H3S. Both models combine a perfect blend of grey and red colors. 

H3 comes with a white handle, grey top frame, and red air outlet cover. H3S comes with a white handle, red top frame, and air-jet cover. Both models come with a 1.7-meter long wire to connect the hairdryer to a power source.

A drier weighing only 600 grams is ideal for users having short or long hair. Users with short hair may spend lesser time drying their hair. However, even when people having long hair spend more time drying it, they can be confident that their arms won't get strained due to the weight of the dryer. Both models weigh 600 grams.

Their hollow air chamber allows a high volume of air to be utilized. The spiral design on the nozzle distributes hot air evenly across the head so the hair will dry uniformly, and hot air will be maximally utilized.


Both SOOCAS H3 and SOOCAS H3S are made of durable aluminum alloy. They have been confirmed to be wear and rust-resistant. Also, extra feature on the handle help protects users' hand from getting scalded as a result of overheating of the handles.

Rated Power

Both SOOCAS H3 and SOOCAS H3S are 1800 watts hair driers. They are far more efficient than the usual 1000 watts hair dryer common in most houses. Users can expect their hair to dry faster within five minutes. 

Extra Features

Both SOOCAS H3 and SOOCAS H3S have their power buttons located conveniently on the handle of the driers. There are four LED indicators that indicate temperature modes. Users can use to determine the temperature within the hair drier. 

This information will help users choose the temperature mode that better suited their hair type. The four indicator modes include warm air, hot air, natural wind, and negative ions.

Warm wind: offers the optimal drying temperature and blows very comfortably

Hot air: This feature is more prominent in Xiaomi SOOCAS H3S Negative Ions Dryer. It dries the hair quicker as the wind volume is higher and the temperature hotter. Users are advised not to put the dryer too close to the hair when the indicator is on this model.

Natural wind: This mode is suitable for styling the hair. The temperature is lower than that of Hot air, but the wind speed is high enough to keep hair strands together and maintain a sleek and smooth look.

Temperature Control

It is perhaps where the significant difference between H3 and H3S. We know that drying hair at very high temperatures may destroy hair texture and look. To guard against excessive heat, H3S added a benchmark temperature limit of 57°C to its temperature controls. It means HS3 cannot go hotter than 57°C. 

It is a safety measure for people whose hair is likely to become damaged as a result of excessive heat. So you can dry your hair at a constant temperature of 57°C without worrying that the dryer might hurt your hair.

H3, on the other hand, does not have this fixed temperature feature added to its temperature modes. It means it is harder to dry hair by maintaining a set temperature with H3 hair drier.


SOOCAS H3 costs about $50. H3S ranges between $66 and $70. The differences that separate the two models are design color and temperature control.


To determine if the extra $30 charged on SOOCAS H3S is worth it, we only need to answer a simple question. Are you willing to part with only $30 and be sure that your hair dryer will never hurt your hair? If your answer is yes, then it is worth buying SOOCAS H3S solely for the sake of peace of mind and more options for temperature control and styling.

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