Are You Ready for A Romantic Candlelight Dinner? Yeelight YLDL01YL Voice Control Smart Pendant Light Turns Your Dining Room into Luxury Restaurant!
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Are You Ready for A Romantic Candlelight Dinner? Yeelight YLDL01YL Voice Control Smart Pendant Light Turns Your Dining Room into Luxury Restaurant!

Yeelight is one of the leading smart light brands. It was established in 2012 and joined HAX, the renowned intelligent hardware accelerator, being the only participant from China. 

In 2013, Yeelight launched the first generation of LED smart bulbs and gained recognition in IoT. By 2014, Yeelight joined Xiaomi ecosystem that paved the way for its rapid growth. Afterward, in 2015, Yeelight came up with the first generation of bedside lamps and became champion in the smart bedside lamp market. In 2016 it launched a diverse range of projects encompassing desk lamps, light strips, and ceiling lights and the annual global shipment rose to 1 million pieces. 2017 proved a remarkable year for Yeelight as it won the iF Design Award, Reddot Award, and Good Design Award. 

Moreover, Yeelight came with the very novel idea of dual-AI Bluetooth gateway – Yeelight and to no surprise, the global shipments escalated to 4.5 million pieces and the Yeelight app users doubled. In 2018 Yeelight launched Mi Bedside Lamp 2, which was the first Yeelight smart light supporting Apple HomeKit. The lamp became the first one to be bestowed with German TUV Eye Comfort and Low Blue Content Certification. 

Yeelight YLDL01YL is a pendant light. The length of the hanging wire can be adjusted from 0.5m to 1.5m. Yeelight YLDL01YL is without a shadow of a doubt a beautiful piece and hangs perfectly in the dining room. Installation is super easy. The light supports several control methods such as Xiaomi, Xiaoai, speaker, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Voice Assistant, etc. 

One can adjust brightness as well as color temperature. It also comes with stepless adjustment from warm yellow to cool white light, just like early morning to sunset. In addition to that IP50 mosquito repellent is a thoughtful design. 

The smart light is designed by using l 4 lenses, 60 degrees luminous angle. Yeelight YLDL01YL was designed by taking inspiration from sunlight, so it uses the side-lighting technology, 280 bulbs passing through the light-transmitting plate also driven by diffusing plate with high light transmittance to form a uniform light-emitting effect, that makes the light transparent, soft and bright as natural light. the exclusive atmosphere lighting creates a dream moment of dining and makes life more romantic. 

 The color rendering index of the lamp is 95 which restores the actual color of the illuminated subject thereby lowers the impact on vision. In addition to that, intelligent voice control, wireless dimmer and wall switch make the smart light efficient to use.   

The voice control, of course, is convenience and enhanced lifestyle. The prominent users of voice-controlled lights are disabled peoples, tech-savvy homeowners, and the old people who possess limited freedom of movement. 

In addition to that, often people get their toe stubbed on a piece of furniture while looking for a light switch in a dark room. 

Moreover, if a person is coming with groceries in hand, small children or stress, and struggling to find a light switch in the darkroom. If a person is in bed and not feeling well. All of these problems are taken care of by voice-controlled light switch. The voice control light makes life easier. The shades of smart light can be controlled by using a voice assistant; therefore, it helps in creating a romantic dinner atmosphere. 

Other than the practical application of Yeelight YLDL01YL Voice Control Smart Pendant Light, it is cool to be able to speak to your lights and get their response. You can feel yourself in a science-fiction, and of course, that makes it fun. 

With all that being said, the benefits of Yeelight YLDL01YL Voice Control Smart Pendant Light can be summed up into five key points, i.e. convenience, safety, ease of access, and finally the cool factor. The smart light gives illumination very similar to the natural light as it is bright, soft and transparent. 

In addition to that, a wide range of control apps connectivity makes it usable for billion people across the globe. The wide color range gives romantic light effects at dinner. Therefore, Yeelight YLDL01YL Voice Control Smart Pendant Light is a “must-have” light as it gives multifaceted benefits at such a normal price.

Yeelight YLDL01YL Meteorite LED Smart Dining Room Light Dinner Pendant Lights Ra95 CRI Stepless Dimming 220V 50 / 60Hz ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



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