70mai Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor by Xiaomi. Review.
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70mai Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor by Xiaomi. Review.

Useful device for your car.

A new device will be useful for motorists. This is a car tire pressure monitoring system called Xiaomi 70Mai Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor Lite.

Every motorist must control tire pressure so that the pressure is within perfect limits. For example, if tire pressures are lower or higher than standard, then tires will wear out unevenly.

Therefore, Xiaomi with a sub-brand of 70Mai has produced a very useful device for easy monitoring of tire pressure in your car.


Material Type: PC + Metal
Item Type: Alarm Systems & Security
Special Features: Solar Power
Voltage: 12V
Size: 147 x 110 x 58 mm

In the box

The device came in a black box with small dimensions, where on the front part there is nothing other than the name 70Mai.

Inside is located, in fact, the main receiver and a set of four sensors. In addition, you can find an additional cable for charging with Micro USB port, stickers on wheels and a metal wrench.

In a separate bag lay four locknuts with four o-rings. In addition, there is a special key to replace the power in the sensors themselves.


Directly, the main part of the tire pressure monitoring system is the sensors themselves. They are small in size and look like a regular plastic cap on a wheel.

The sensors are attached to the wheel nipple and are additionally screwed with a wrench, which is already included in the kit. Therefore, removing the sensor will be very problematic, who will not have a special key to unscrew it.

There is a battery inside each sensor, which should last about 2 years. To replace it, it is necessary to use a special round key to unscrew the sensor housing. Replacing the battery is easy.

Each sensor weighs about 10 grams and is labeled, for example, the left front or right rear.

The build quality of the sensor is high. According to the manufacturer, the sensor is not afraid of either rain or snow. The tire pressure sensor itself can be used in various temperature conditions.

The main receiver, which displays all the information about tire pressures and temperatures, is installed in the passenger compartment. There is double-sided tape at the bottom, so you can install the device in any place convenient for you.

On the front of the receiver, there is a small monochrome screen on which you can see all the information. Of course, the brightness is not the highest, but even in sunny weather, you can consider the tire pressure readings. Also, the brightness of the screen can be adjusted in the application settings on your smartphone.

On the left side, there is a Micro USB port for additional charging, and on the right, there is a power button.

The upper part of the receiver has a built-in solar panel that will charge the device even in cloudy weather. Of course, at night it will be no charge. The energy consumption is very small.

By the way, pressure sensor readings can be obtained on a mobile application through your smartphone. Let’s talk now about the main functions and features of the tire pressure system in the car.


The tire pressure monitoring system in a car is suitable not only for a passenger mode of transport but also for SUVs, buses, car trucks or even tractors. Therefore, the sensors are universal and suitable for any type of transport.

When you have installed the tire pressure sensors on the wheels and turned on the receiver, then you will receive information about the tire pressure and air temperature inside the wheel.

Further switching on will be done automatically as soon as you get in the car or when you start moving. The system recognizes vibration and switches from sleep mode to active operation.

As I mentioned, the screen is not the brightest. But the tire pressure system has the function of alerting the driver in the form of a signal if the sensors suspect air leakage in the tires.

If the tire pressure drops by two-tenths of a bar or vice versa exceed the set value, then the user will immediately hear an audible warning signal and show which wheel is leaking air. To disable this signal, you must press the power button on the main device.

In addition, if the air temperature in the tires exceeds 55 degrees Celsius, then the driver will also receive a warning signal. Since high temperature can indicate a malfunction of the car caliper, brake discs or car pads.

There is the mobile application 70Mai, which can be downloaded and installed through the Play Store. It is available on both Android and iOS devices.

The app connects to the Xiaomi 70Mai Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor Lite via Bluetooth. In the main menu of the application, you can similarly see the tire pressure and air temperature in the tires. In the application settings, you can configure the threshold for the operation of air temperature, pressure. Moreover, you can bind or reassign an existing sensor to another wheel.


You can find only one drawback – it is necessary to remove the sensor from the wheel to inflate the tires. But if we compare the external tire pressure sensors, like the Xiaomi 70Mai Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor Lite with the internal ones, the first has several advantages. They are installation and shooting are much simpler and if you need to replace wheels from winter to summer, then with external sensors it will be much easier.

Given the low cost, complete autonomy of the system, the convenience of reading tire pressure and temperature information, I think this system deserves your attention.

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