Coronavirus Protection: More Than Just a Mask is Needed
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Coronavirus Protection: More Than Just a Mask is Needed

Some tips to protect yourself.

Due to the rapid spread of coronavirus, people are looking for personal protective equipment. How effective are masks or respirators? And which ones are better?

Will a medical mask help?

The simplest protection of the skin of the face and respiratory organs from various small particles is masks made of non-woven materials that are attached to the back of the head, the so-called medical masks that can be bought at any pharmacy.

Recently, preventive masks have become popular as an individual means of protection against viral infections. However, they are not particularly effective. The virus enters the human body through the mouth, conjunctiva of the eyes, wounds and microcracks, but, above all, through dirty hands. Ordinary medical masks and even safety glasses should serve, first of all, as a reminder that with dirty hands you should not touch your nose or eyes.

Mask "once again I do not touch my face"

The mask is "surgical" (ordinary disposable, on the ears. Such Masks are worn on patients. They hold back phlegm when coughing and sneezing. A healthy person can protect maximum from "touching my face again." If you wear such a mask for reasons not to touch your face - do not forget that you can stay at maximum for two hours! If you are NOT in the crowd - the mask is NOT NEEDED!

Keep your distance anyway! Given that a person can spread the virus without symptoms, the only option not to get infected without a respirator is to be at the insistence of 2 meters from him.

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Wearing masks without filters for a long time can lead to self-infection.

The most reliable respirators

What masks help protect against coronavirus? There are several different types of face masks - from cotton dust masks to respirators with filters of three categories that meet the European standard for respiratory protection. Protection from 6-8 hours. Also disposable!

Respirators of protection class FFP1 (Filtering Face Piece) are usually used to protect against non-toxic dust. They do not guarantee protection against viral infections.

Respirators of protection class FFP2 / N95 are able to hold 94 percent of harmful substances. They can be used to protect against flu and other viral infections. A respirator is perfect for visits to crowded places.

Respirators of protection class FFP3 are the most reliable, filtering out 99 percent of solid and liquid particles. They have the largest and most multilayer filters. These respirators are used in areas of highest risk and are able to protect against especially dangerous viruses and radiation. Suitable for doctors working in the "epicenter" with patients.

However, no respirators and other personal protective equipment will help against infection with the virus if a person does not follow basic hygiene measures. The most important thing is to maintain the cleanliness of the hands and surfaces with which there is constant contact.
Sanitary and epidemiologists recommend, among other things, washing hands thoroughly with soap (or wiping with disinfectant wipes) after visiting crowded places and before eating, as well as regularly sanitizing surfaces (tables, door handles, chairs, gadgets, computer keyboards).

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Other safety precautions


Keep in mind that the virus spreads not only by airborne droplets, but also by contact household (and even more often than everyone thinks). So gloves!

It is desirable to use disposable ones, but if there is no longer an opportunity to buy, we wear any. Left the house - put on. We do everything with gloves. He returned home - removed and threw out (if disposable). Washed, ironed, if ordinary.

Do not touch the face! With gloves, you can transfer the virus to your face very easily. Pay special attention to this. We can’t even imagine how often we touch our faces with our hands.

Coronavirus may remain viable: In the air - up to 3 hours. On copper - up to 4 hours. On cardboard - up to 24 hours. On plastic and stainless steel - 2-3 days.

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Wearing any masks or respirators makes no sense if you are not wearing glasses. The mucous eye is also a checkpoint for the virus.

It is advisable to be closed on all sides, like "mask-glasses." But if not, any. To the store, to the hospital or somewhere else, where there are a lot of people, even a ski mask!

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Always disinfect. It is advisable to use headphones - so you bring the phone to your face less.

The keys

It is also necessary to disinfect the keys. There is a version that the virus lives on metal for up to 2 days.


Protect your hands from frequent disinfection with funds. If possible, it is better to wash more often with soap and water. From the frequent use of these funds, the skin is injured and a microcrack appears. The problem of health workers. Thus, you expose yourself to even greater danger. Use when there is absolutely no access to water and soap.


Try to pay more by phone. If there is no such function - take money only with gloves on.


Long hair is better to collect in a tail, a pigtail. You can wear a cap or bandana - both stylish and safer. After all, when you walk with loose hair, you constantly correct them and touch your face at the same time. Something needs to be done with this.

The experience of Korea says that it is better to wear masks at all if people are in contact. Because an asymptomatic person, but already a carrier, can, talking to you, spread the virus by airborne droplets. Of course, if you take into account that the virus lives 2-3 hours in the air, then everyone needs a respirator that fits tightly to the face and glasses.


One important thing that needs to be learned: all masks and respirators mentioned above are disposable, only some have a 2-3-hour wear period, and some have 6-8 hours. In addition to wearing a mask, you must also follow the rules of personal hygiene. First of all, wash your hands with soap and water, disinfect various surfaces on which the virus may be located, especially your mobile phone. It is also necessary to use additional personal protective equipment, such as glasses and gloves.

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