Aqara G2: 2 in 1. Full Review.
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Aqara G2: 2 in 1. Full Review.

Xiaomi Aqara G2: ZigBee Gateway + 1080p IP Camera.

Today we will consider the option of zigbee / wi-fi gateway for Xiaomi smart home - Aqara G2. This is the second attempt to combine an IP camera and a gateway in one housing.

In the box

The device comes in a thick white cardboard box sealed in film. In the center of the front side is a photograph of the gadget - the crowdfunding platform logo is in the upper right.

At the end - the parameters of the device’s camera, on the back side - the main characteristics.

The box is made in the form of a drawer, in the center of which a gadget is fixed. In a separate bag there is a piece of double-sided tape, a metal stand - the camera has a magnetic base and if this stand is fixed on some surface, the gadget can magnetize to it. In addition - a clip like a smartphone, for the reset button. Instruction booklet in Chinese. It contains explanatory pictures and a QR code for downloading the Mi Home application.

A standard power adapter for such devices with a flat plug, designed for a maximum of 5 watts - at 5 V and current up to 1 A. White round power cable, with USB and micro USB connectors, but you can use any such cable.


• Interfaces - wifi IEEE802.11 b / g / n 2.4GHz, ZigBee
• Support for mijia and aqara wireless ZigBee sensors in gateway mode
• Shooting resolution - 1080p, 20 frames / second, H.265
• Lens viewing angle - 140 degrees
• Temperature range - -10 - 40 C
• Size - 82.4 x 56.5 x 50.5 mm


The camera looks peculiar, there have never been such ones in the Xiaomi ecosystem. All edges are strongly rounded, in the center of the upper part there is a black circle with a lens in the center. There are also IR backlight diodes, a light sensor and a microphone.

On the back side there is a perforation for the speaker in the form of diagonal slots and an oval well with a micro USB connector. Due to this recess, not all micro USB cables can be connected to the camera.

The lower part of the chamber is a folding leg, similar to that of the Xiaofang cube camera.

On the bottom side, on the leg - duplicated the model number of the device, power settings and a code link to the application. On the camera itself, under the leg is a connector for a microSD card and a reset button, which must be pressed with a paper clip.

Compared to mijia PTZ cameras and the Dafang parallelepiped, the Aqara G2 looks very miniature.

Work with Mihome

After turning on the power, the camera needs to be put into pairing mode - holding the reset button with a paper clip for 5 seconds until the voice notification. After that, the camera will appear in the 2.4 GHz range and the application will see it. The connection wizard generates a QR code to be displayed in the camera lens.

Then, within a few minutes, the wi-fi network parameters are applied and the camera reboots already with them. The final steps for connecting are choosing the location, device name and, if necessary, providing access for other mi accounts.

The new device, by the way, the default name - video camera - appears in the general list of the system. The plugin is almost the same as the other ip cameras of the ecosystem, we will dwell on it in more detail. After the first launch, the firmware version is checked and updated.
The good news is that the plugin is in English. In the center there is a viewing window, in the upper and lower parts - controls. Above is the quality of the video stream, the picture-in-picture mode, the inclusion of sound and a full-screen spread.

Below, under the timeline, there are buttons for putting the camera into sleep mode, a voice call button, recording a video and taking photos, and calling up an additional menu in which there is an arming button.

Let's move on to the menu - there are a lot of points here, let's see what's what. The first item is the camera settings. Here you can turn off the activity LED, turn on data protection mode for mobile connection, set the period for the camera to automatically turn off.

In the video settings menu - there are switches for stamping the date and time, lens distortion correction, night illumination mode and video rotation vertically and horizontally.

You can enable the time laps shooting mode and set the time and days of the week for it. This is useful for shooting slow scenes. The shooting takes place in the background, without affecting the rest of the processes, when the shooting time is reached, a notification about the time laps clip can be downloaded to the smartphone.

In the SD card management menu - you can see its total and occupied volume, there is a format button, and here is the shooting control - constant, by movement or off.

From small menus there is still an alarm setting - for movement in the frame or for sharp sounds. An album with saved photos and videos and the basic settings of the device - renaming, changing the location, updating the firmware, network information about the shutdown.

Zigbee gateway

Everything related to the ZigBee gateway functions is grouped in the Hub Setting menu. Let's start with a list of connected devices. It is initially empty. The list of supported devices is visually smaller than that of round gateways, but there is everything basic and what is not added with firmware updates.

Adding a button is standard, while the gateway in the camera is waiting for a new device, you need to hold down the pairing button until the LED signal. Then select the location and name of the connected gadget.

Alarm and Automation

Like the round gateway mijia - aqara g2 has a mode of arming. Not only any sensor connected to the gateway, but also the device’s camera can serve as a triggering trigger. Arming can be done instantly or with a set delay.

The volume and type of sound signal are selected - the choice is similar to round gateways, to increase the effect of the alarm, you can use other gateways that are in the system.

Installation and Shooting

There are many methods for installing the camera, starting from the simplest - installing on a horizontal surface. Thanks to the foot, the camera can be tilted up, down and rotated to the sides.

Thanks to the magnet at the base of the foot - the camera is easily mounted on a metal surface - such as a refrigerator. If necessary, you can screw the removable metal plate from the kit or use tape. The image is then flipped in the plugin.

The videos captured by the camera can be found using the timeline, where the time when the recording was recorded is painted over.
A record folder is created on the micro SD card, in which, in turn, subfolders are created with the date of recording, and inside it is the next level - the hour of recording. Videos are created with a name in the form of a minute and a second - depending on the start of their recording. Thus, it’s easy to find the right time movie based on the Chinese time zone.

Video clips are shot up to 1 minute long, with a resolution of 1920 * 1080, 20 frames per second and a bit rate of about 850 kbps.
The recording quality is good here.


If you use the standard MiHome system, then Aqara G2 is a good alternative to a regular gateway with a good IP camera; individually, these devices will cost at least more, not to mention unnecessary overload of the wi-fi network.

Aqara G2 1080P Intelligent Network Camera ( Gateway Edition ) ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



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