Huami Amazfit Stratos Test - Sport Smartwatch 2 / 2S
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Huami Amazfit Stratos Test - Sport Smartwatch 2 / 2S

The Amazfit Stratos, partly also under the name Amazfit Sport Smartwatch 2 was officially announced on 12. December 2017 released in China. The smartwatch has been released in a standard and a premium version. The smartwatch is from the Chinese Wearable manufacturer Huami who also produces wearables for Xiaomi.

In late February, 2018 is the sports watch in one International Version appeared. Apps specifically for the Chinese market have been removed and the user interface has been adapted in several languages.

Design, workmanship and delivery

Standard model vs. Premium model
Before we devote ourselves to all the features of the smartwatch, let's first look at the difference between the two Chinese models and the internationally published Amazfit Stratos. In China, that became standard model was named Xazy Smartwatch 2, the Premium model released as Amazfit Smartwatch 2S. Differences between both versions, there are only the display glass and the watch strap used. The standard model uses a conventional tempered display glass and a silicone wristband. The premium model, however, relies on sapphire crystal and a leather strap. The watch strap is interchangeable on both models.

International the watch has appeared as Amazfit Stratos. This is the standard Chinese model with custom UI. A premium version was not published for the international market!

watch case

Design The new Amazfit Smartwatch is completely different from the design of the Amazfit Pace, Overall, the watch case of the Amazfit Smartwatch 2 appears much more powerful in appearance, but is still based on a sporty style. The housing consists of carbon fiber reinforced plastic in the typical carbon look. The diameter is 4.8 cm, the height 1.5 cm and the weight of the smartwatch including watchband is exactly 60g.

On the upper side is the transflective display with 1.34 inch diagonal. The display is surrounded by a noble ceramic bezel. About three laterally placed Stainless steel pushbutton (316L), the Amazfit Stratos can be actively controlled. On the underside are the 4 pin charging connector and the slightly protruding heart rate sensor. The smartwatch can not be opened, which prevents access to the battery or internal hardware.

A clear advantage over the previous model is the Classification (protection class IP68) as waterproof to 5 bar (5 ATM / 50 meter). Under normal conditions it is thus possible to take a shower, to swim and to dive with the Smartwatch.

Watch strap and build quality

silicone bracelet is adjustable in 15 steps and closed with a pin buckle. The tape length is 20 cm, the bandwidth measures 22 mm. A quick release facilitates the change of the bracelet.

The quality of workmanship The actual smartwatch is not objectionable. Criticisms reaps, however, the watch strap, which shows after a few weeks, slight signs of wear. Of the What's in the box In addition to the Amazfit Smartwatch 2 includes a charging station with USB port, and a user manual.


"Transflective display"
color display has a diagonal of 1.34 inches. The Resolution is 320 300 x pixels, Like the display of the Amazfit Pace, the new Amazfit Smartwatch 2 uses a so-called "Amazfit Smartwatch XNUMX" "Transflective display", This type of display does not require backlighting and reflects incident light. As "Always-On" If the display is permanently active, the display does not have to be switched on to read the time.

Find more Advantages of a transflective display Above all, the very good readability in sunshine and the low energy consumption. There are, however, too Disadvantages, such as a comparatively low viewing angle stability and a mostly pale color rendering. With a Touchscreen equipped, the operation of the smartwatch can be done not only on the side buttons, but also directly on the display.

The transflective display convinces in the test. Especially in sunshine or direct light, the display of the Amazfit Smartwatch 2 is very readable. Smartwatches with conventional LCD or AMOLED display is the Stratos ahead. In low light conditions, however, the readability decreases.


In order to be able to use the smartwatch in the dark, the display is also equipped with a Backlight equipped, which is activated at the push of a button or by lifting the arm. An ambient light sensor located below the display regulates the brightness of the backlight according to the ambient light. What you have to accept, are the sometimes pale colors that appear more or less strong depending on the light. The operation via the small touchscreen works well. Entries and swipes are detected precisely.

screen protector

The display of the Amazfit Smartwatch 2 is hardened by a display glass protected. The premium model (Smartwatch 2S) relies on higher quality sapphire glass. In the multi-week test, the conventional, hardened display glass proved to be extremely scratch-resistant and shock-resistant. Even an unintentional fall from 1.5 Meter, the smartwatch survived unscathed.


The internal hardware Features the Amazfit Stratos does not differ from its predecessor. Huami continues to rely on a dual-core processor that clocks up to 1.2 GHz, 512MB large memory and 4GB flash memory. Exhaustive 2GB of the internal flash memory already occupies the system, which is why the user only 2GB remaining space available. There is no memory expansion option!

Further hardware features are a WiFi module (802.11 b / g), a Bluetooth 4.0 module, a GPS module, a PPG heart rate sensor, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a magnetic sensor, a barometer and an ambient light sensor.


Before deciding on the Amazfit Stratos, you should be aware that the Smartwatch initially appeared for the Chinese market. Since late February, the smartwatch is also available in an international version. Before buying, you should pay attention to which version you choose. Mostly, the Chinese model is cheaper, but also offers only a Chinese user interface. With knowledge, a Chinese model can also be converted into an international model with multilingual user interface on the software side!

Amazfit Watch app

To commissioning the smartwatch you need the Amazfit Watch appthat exists for both Android and iOS mobile devices. One drawback of the Chinese Stratos is that the Amazfit Watch app available in the respective app stores does not yet support the Chinese Amazfit Smartwatch 2. You can find a link to Chinese Amazfit app here:

The app itself adapts to the system language and is completely available in English on a smartphone with a German language setting. To use the app you need one Mi account, The connection between the app and the watch is via Bluetooth. A QR code with the connection data displayed on the watch and read out via the Amazfit Watch app facilitates the connection.

Features of the Amazfit Smartwatch 2

After we have dealt with the hardware, we now look at the Features of the Smartwatch closer to. Unlike many other China smartwatches, which are usually equipped with a native Android and thus allow the installation of other apps, the system of all Amazfit Watches is largely closed.

What You See Is What You Get - ie all "apps" or functions are permanently integrated into the system. Nevertheless, the Amazfit user interface offers all the necessary sports and everyday features to make the Amazfit Stratos an everyday companion. The structure of the user interface is clear, even if you must first familiarize yourself with the numerous functions and setting options at the beginning. The performance of the user interface is acceptable. Smaller hangers or less fluent animations are possible!

Pedometer and sports activities

The Amazfit Smartwatch 2 cleverly combines the design of a everyday watch with the functions of a sports wearables. Essential, of course, are the numerous Sports featureswhich, among other things in combination with a pedometer, a heart rate sensor and GPS capture a variety of user data. Choose from a total of 11 different activities, Here is an overview:

Running (outdoor)
Walking (Outdoor)
Swimming (swimming pool)
Swimming (open water)
Running (indoor)
Cycling (indoor)
elliptical trainer
Trail Running

Training modes

Every sport activity offers different Training modes and settings options, Among other things, training sessions recommended by the watch can be started, as well as the creation of individual training units within the Amazfit app. training objectives per unit can be specified in distance, calories, time or training effect (TE). The different setting options are characterized by the fact that, for example, for swimming activities, a pool length can be set, or that is for walking and running activities Geodata as GPX import to be able to run a given distance.

GPS and outdoor sports

If you start one Outdoor sports activity The watch first tries to find a GPS fix. This makes even more precise data acquisition possible. However, if one has opted for the Chinese model of the Amazfit Stratos, the clock lacks the European map data. In the evaluation, you will thus be shown the route, but a map display is missing (see screenshot)! As soon as the Smartwatch can also be connected to the international Amazfit app, the relevant card data will most likely be submitted later.


In addition to sports activities, the smartwatch also captures everyday movement. through Pedometer the daily steps are counted. A daily goal can be set individually. The steps also determine the distance covered and the calories burned. The pedometer convinces in practice. The step detection is precise. Incorrect measurements due to driving or other activities that do not represent a stepping motion do not occur.

Heart rate sensor and sleep monitor

To Heart rate measurement On the bottom of the smartwatch is a combination of photo diode and LED. The sensor measures the blood flow under the skin, which reflects the current heart rate. In addition to one Single measurement are also one interval measurement and continuous measurement possible. The accuracy of optical heart rate measurement should always be considered critically.

In the test, the measurement accuracy of the heart rate sensor was less convincing. Although a precise heartbeat rate is measured at rest, in the case of heavy exercise it comes to significantly different measurement results. To what extent Huami will accept this measurement inaccuracy will have to be shown. Other users report similar problems. For greater accuracy, the Smartwatch can also be connected to a heart rate chest strap!

The sleep monitor The Amazfit Smartwatch 2 is activated automatically and is not manually adjustable. Among other things, data on the time for falling asleep and recovery and the different phases of sleep are collected. The detection of the individual sleep times worked quite well in the test. Getting used to it, however, is to go to sleep with a rather large wristwatch.

Weather features and GPS

In terms of things too Weather To keep up to date, the user interface offers an 5 daily weather forecast. The respective location and the temperature unit can be adjusted in the Amazfit app. The respective weather is displayed with maximum and minimum temperatures.

As mentioned earlier, the watch is also with a GPS module fitted. A GPS fix finds the clock quite fast. A likewise existing E-compass allows a precise reproduction of the direction of the compass. Further and also plausible measurement data are provided by the Amazfit Stratos, including air pressure and altitude above sea level.

Music, alarm clock and training plan

With the integrated Music player The watch can also be used for music playback. There are just under 2.56GB remaining memory available, which is regularly enough for 500 songs. Connected to a PC, songs can be copied to the memory of the watch and played via a connected Bluetooth headset. There is no radio function!

The alarm is similar to the alarm clock of a smartphone. You can create different profiles, as well as there is a snooze function. A vibration of the watch is the alarm. The vibration level can be set in 3 levels (Gentle, Mild, Strong). There is no such thing as a smart wake-up function that automatically awakens on the basis of the sleep phase.

The mode "Training Plan" 5 offers several weeks (56 days) training plans for beginners and professionals. Activating a training plan gives you daily guidelines for physical activity.

Stopwatch, timer and Mi Home

A classic stop function with intermediate time display is also available as an app. About one timer Individual or predefined periods can be measured. Also integrated "Mi Home"What different products of the Xiaomi ecosystem (eg lamps) can control.

Push notifications, screen unlock and others
The smartwatch is capable Push notifications a Bluetooth connected mobile device. For example, if you receive an app notification (WhatsApp or Facebook, a call or an SMS), you will be notified directly by the clock. The message content (text + emojis), even of several messages, is readable. There is no way to answer via the smartwatch directly! Which app is allowed to send notifications to the clock can be set within the Amazfit app.

The Screen unlock feature allows the smartwatch to be used as a secure unlock device. Within the security settings of the mobile device, the Stratos can be created as a trusted Bluetooth device. If you are now in the vicinity of the mobile device as a watch carrier, no PIN, pattern or password is required to unlock it.

Offizielle Updates receives the watch via the integrated WiFi module. For travelers, the clock offers one Flight modeso that the Amazfit Smartwatch 2 can also be used on the plane.

Amazfit Watch app

The Managing the smartwatch and the data collected by her is done via the Amazfit app, The home screen provides information about the current step count, battery, heart rate, and sleep.

Sports summary

On the Rider "Sport" you get to the sports overview. Here you can view the tracked sports activities with information on the duration, the average heart rate, the distance traveled, the steps and the calories burned. Sports activities can be filtered by days, weeks and months, as well as by activity. If you click on a sports activity, you will get a detailed overview of the respective measurement data.


On the Rider "Me" Smartwatch and App settings can be made, as well as the personal VO2max and EPOC Retrieve parameters. In the settings, for example, the widget arrangement can be adjusted. In addition, there are settings for real-time data collection of individual sports activities, as well as weather and notification settings can be made. With the help of an integrated file manager one has access to the file system of the clock.

Watch Faces

Watch Faces can be downloaded from a store that is also integrated into the app. The store did not really work in the test though. Alternatively, you can choose from 14 preinstalled digital and analogue watchfaces. The background pictures of individual watchfaces can be exchanged by own pictures. Own watchfaces can be played in .wfz format.

Overall, the app has a clear structure and offers numerous administration and configuration options. A Synchronization with Strava is not yet possible with the Chinese Stratos Smartwatch, because the Chinese Amazfit app, in contrast to its international counterpart, does not allow external synchronization of the data. However, the synchronization with the Mi Fit App is supported!


The Capacity of the battery gives Huami 280 mAh which also corresponds to the measured value. The runtime should be approximately 30 days with a daily movement activity of 5 minutes and a continuous receipt of push notifications. With active GPS and automatic heart rate monitoring, the running time is reduced to 35 hours (according to Huami).

In practice, the Term of Stratos at about 3 days, This value results from an activated heart rate measurement, a regular notification receipt and a daily 45 minutes sports program with activated GPS. For charging, the smartwatch is connected to the 4-Pin charging station. In the test, the charging station proved to be stiff, so the smartwatch had to be literally pressed into the dock. A complete one Battery charge takes 2 hours.

About Amazfit Brand

Huami is an 2014 based company that specializes in smart wearables and is now one of the world's largest wearable producers is to count. Huami became known primarily as a producer of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and others too Xiaomi WearablesMost of them are produced by Huami and distributed by Xiaomi. Under the name "Amazfit" The manufacturer has its own product line, which is characterized by well-equipped and high-quality smart bands and smartwatches. The Amazfit Pace was the first Huami smartwatch that we also tested and was convincing by the transflective display, the lush functionality and the long lasting battery life. Other Huami wearables of the last months are the Amazfit Bip, a low-cost alternative to Amazfit Pace, as well as the Mi Band Alternative Amazfit Arc.

AMAZFIT 2S Smart Sports Watch ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



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