360 S6 Pro First REVIEW: This Robot Vacuum Cleaner is Newer Than 360 S7
Emre Alexander

360 S6 Pro First REVIEW: This Robot Vacuum Cleaner is Newer Than 360 S7

A couple of days ago 360 company introduced its new robot vacuum cleaner called 360 S6 Pro. This is the third generation of robot vacuum cleaner from the Chinese brand in the last year. Recently we wrote about 360 S5 and 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaners.
By the way, did you notice a strange confusion in the names of robot vacuum cleaners? I think it is difficult to immediately understand which of the robot vacuum cleaners was released earlier, and which of them is newer.

I want to remind you that the company’s first robot vacuum cleaner is called 360 S6. It was followed by 360 S5 and 360 S7. In this article we will talk about the newest 360 S6 Pro robot vacuum cleaner.

360 S6 Pro is the flagship robot vacuum cleaner. It supports both dry and wet cleaning, suction power of 2200 Pa, a large battery of 5200 mAh, and is equipped with ultrasonic sensors and SLAM Precision V5.0 algorithm to prevent collisions. That’s not even a complete list of features of the new robot vacuum cleaner.
Let’s take a first look at 360 S6 Pro and talk about design, features and price.

360 S6 Pro: Design

You can easily confuse 360 S6 Pro with robot vacuum cleaners from other companies such as Roborock or Xiaomi. The only thing that makes S6 Pro different from other robot vacuum cleaners is 360 logo on the top panel.

Like most other robot vacuum cleaners, 360 S6 Pro has a round shape, and it is only available in matte white.
The robot vacuum cleaner is quite compact – 35 x 35 x 10 cm. This size allows it to get under furniture and overcome small thresholds up to 2 cm. The weight of the device is 3.9 kg.

As usual, the top panel has a small tower with sensors for scanning the room. We’ll talk about them a little later.
On the opposite side there are two buttons: power on/off and return to the charging station. Most of the top panel is the lid under which the water tank and dust box are located.

The dust box has a capacity of 420 ml and the water tank has a capacity of 200 ml.

The side panels contain bumpers and sensors for collision avoidance, magnetic connectors for charging and holes for cooling.

On the bottom panel we can see three wheels – two large side wheels and one central wheel for maneuverability, a long central brush for suction and one side brush with long tassels.

At the bottom of the new robot vacuum cleaner, you can attach a small platform to which a special cloth for wet cleaning is attached. The platform and the cleaning cloth are supplied in the package.
You also receive a water tank, charging station, power adapter, remote control, two universal adapters and a special brush to clean the robot vacuum cleaner.

360 S6 Pro: Features

One of the main improvements of 360 S6 Pro is its suction power, which has increased to 2200 Pa. I must note that the new robot vacuum cleaner has the highest suction power of all the company’s models. It has increased by 22% compared to the first 360 S6 model.

The robot vacuum cleaner independently adjusts the suction power depending on the surface to be cleaned: carpet, parquet, tile, linoleum, etc. It is effective not only for small saws, but also for hair, wool, cereals and even animal food.

As I wrote earlier, 360 S6 Pro does both dry and wet cleaning. The water supply to the wet cloth can be adjusted in the app on your smartphone. The water tank has a 3-stage supply so that no puddles remain on the floor.

By the way, you can control 360 S6 Pro in several ways: using the app on smartphone, remote control, physical buttons on the vacuum cleaner itself or through the voice control Alexa, Google Assistant and Clova Voice Service.

In my opinion, controlling through the app on your smartphone is the most convenient, because you can start, stop, or monitor cleaning even when you’re not home.

Another advantage of 360 S6 Pro is its low noise level. Although the suction power has been increased, the manufacturer has managed to reduce the noise level of this robot vacuum cleaner.
The maximum noise level is 53 dB, which is significantly lower than other models.

360 S6 Pro: Functions

360 S6 Pro supports three cleaning modes: dry cleaning only, wet cleaning only and dry + wet cleaning at the same time. All three cleaning modes are available in a dedicated application.
The app also allows you to select restricted areas where the robot vacuum cleaner cannot clean wet. For example, in rooms where the carpet or computer is located.

The manufacturer has improved ultrasonic sensors in 360 S6 Pro. Now it automatically detects obstacles and avoids hitting furniture or walls.
Thanks to anti-blocking sensors, the robot vacuum cleaner can be pulled out of wires or other traps on its own. It detects this location as a restricted area and next time it will bypass the area.

The used algorithms SLAM Precision V5.0 and Mapping 6.0 allow the robot vacuum cleaner to create and store room maps, even if they are located on several floors.

Using the maps in the application, you can monitor and correct the cleaning process even when you are away from home.
On the map, you can select a specific room, the cleaning mode, set prohibited areas and combine or separate rooms according to your needs. This greatly improves cleaning efficiency.

360 S6 Pro: Battery

The new 360 S6 Pro robot vacuum cleaner has a battery capacity of 5200 mAh. A single battery charge is enough for 160-180 minutes in automatic cleaning mode.
By the way, this is another improvement of the new robot vacuum cleaner, because the previous models offered only 2 hours of battery life. In 3 hours 360 S6 Pro can clean up to 300 m².

In wet cleaning mode one charge is enough for 100 minutes of battery life. During this time, the robot vacuum cleaner can wash floors up to 150 m².
360 S6 Pro takes about 4 hours to fully charge. If the vacuum cleaner is discharged while cleaning, it will return to the charging station on its own and, after recharging, continue cleaning from the place where it was interrupted.

360 S6 Pro: Price and Buy

360 S6 Pro robot vacuum cleaner is already available. Its full price only $549 thanks to the Gearbest flash sale.

In my opinion, this is a good price for a flagship robot vacuum cleaner with a suction power of 2200 Pa, low noise level, a large battery of 5200 mAh and support for a large number of useful features.

360 S6 Pro LDS Lidar Laser Navigation Wet and Dry 5200mAh Robot Vacuum Cleaner 53dB Low Noise RF Omnidirectional + APP Dual Remote Control 2200Pa Suction



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