Mixing Huawei & Apple phones: The Result Is Cubot P30 ( Only 115 $ )
Abdelhak khai

Mixing Huawei & Apple phones: The Result Is Cubot P30 ( Only 115 $ )

The price of smartphones has dropped dramatically, some years ago by $ 150 you will get a weak phone if you want the best, you had to pay over $ 200, to get a good phone. Today everything has changed, phones have become cheap and their specifications are higher than before, this change happened due to many factors, the most important of which is the factor of competition between companies, which was in the interest of customers.

Cubot company is trying to keep up with the competition, and this is evident from its Cubot P30, which by its name appears to be trying to imitate Huawei, and its rear cameras, its design is inspired by the latest iPhone. 

CUBOT P30 4G Smartphone 4GB RAM 64GB ROM



This does not mean that this phone is just a stupid copy imitated from other phones, no, the Cubot P30 phone has high specifications, and it gives added value to the smartphone market.

There are three cameras on the back of the Cubot P30, each one of them has a specific role, some of which are intended for shooting wide-angle pictures at 125 degrees, the other is 12 megapixels as the main camera and the last camera is dedicated to depth effect these cameras are of good quality, and they are manufactured by Sony, which is known for making excellent quality cameras.

The Cubot P30 screen comes in 6.3 inches and covers 92.8% of the body of the phone, it Full HD + With 410 Pixel per inch and It has a drop of water in the middle where the front camera of the phone is located, there is nothing to say about this screen except that it is amazing.

Cubot P30 phone performance is very excellent and in my opinion, it is stronger than all other phones in its price category, it contains Helio P23 processor on the last 16 nm processing technology that saves battery consumption by more than 25%. Also inside this phone, there is 4 GB of RAM, this means that you can open many applications at the same time smoothly, also the Cubot P30 allows you to store all your files comfortably thanks to the 64 GB of internal space, this is a large space, which is sufficient to download as many applications as you like.

Cubot P30 has a massive 4000 mAh battery and has CABC technology that extends battery life by more than 32%. Cubot P30 operates on Android 9 and supports facial recognition that you can enable to unlock the phone, it makes your phone more secure and private.

If your budget is limited in 115 dollars you should pick up Cubot P30 Smartphone without thinking anymore, it has great performance and comes with modern design with a high-resolution screen with 3 camera on the back and additional to a massive battery, so you can't find at this time any other phone that will give you all those specifications for this low price 

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