Photo Shows Galaxy Note 20 Case

Photo Shows Galaxy Note 20 Case

New Details About Galaxy Note 20

New leaked photos revealed the Samsung Galaxy Note 20's upcoming phone case, which confirms that the design of this version comes in the same design language used by Samsung in the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Roland Quandt page published the latest leaked photos of the LED View Cover for Galaxy Note 20, which highlighted the first features of the phone's design from the back. Depends on the latest leaks the phone will be great , by having the newest processor, Android 10 ,colors , body of the phone , production materials and perfect camera lenses and specs  .

The Korean giant is now heading to focus on the completion of the development of the Galaxy Note 20 in preparation for the announcement of this version before the end of this year, and today the first live photos appear for a dedicated phone case, which emphasizes the design of the back camera that comes in large size according to the cut that appears in the portfolio, which is Design that simulates the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

It is expected that Samsung will provide more than one version of the Note 20 series this year, provided that the latest versions feature the same camera settings for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, also on the right side of the case more than one piece of the phone buttons appears, which is a different design from the Note10 series that came With the phone buttons on the left side.

It is reported that the leaks published so far confirmed that Samsung is introducing the Note 20 with a Snapdragon 865 processor chip, and also supports a refresh rate of 120Hz in the screen.

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