Yilai 480: Smart Ceiling Light by Yeelight.
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Yilai 480: Smart Ceiling Light by Yeelight.

Smart ceiling light Yilai 480 review. Comparison with JIAOYUE 450.

Consider the smart ceiling lamp YILAI YlXD05Yl 480 manufactured by Yeelight, which has long and firmly occupied its niche in the Xiaomi smart home ecosystem. The new YILAI range is luminaires, with the same declared characteristics and functions - much cheaper than the ceiling lights of the same manufacturer, JIAOYUE models, which everyone is used to calling simply Yeelight.

What is the difference and whether it is worth overpaying, let's figure it out.


Yeelight YILAI YlXD05Yl 480 is a smart LED ceiling light with a diameter of 48 cm.

• The maximum luminous flux - 2200 Lm
• Color temperature - from 2700 to 6500 K
• Maximum power - 32 watts
• Area for lighting - 15-20 meters
• Supply voltage - 220-240 Volts
• Wireless interfaces - Wi-fi 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth 4.2

Сontents of delivery

The ceiling light is delivered in a rather large square box, with a side length of 54 cm. Unlike JIAOYUE, there is no manufacturer logo on the box with YILAI - Yeelight. By this simple sign, they are easy to distinguish.

Packaging is also simpler - there is no foam base protecting the ceiling light during shipment. The lamp is simply inserted into a square cardboard and sealed in plastic. Also, the lack of a universal mounting platform, characteristic for the fixtures of the JIAOYUE model, immediately catches your eye. It's just a flat metal base.

But in the bag with instructions there are white rag gloves so as not to bury the ceiling. Instructions by the way, like all the inscriptions on the box - in Chinese. Additionally, the kit includes fasteners and soft spacers. But the remote control in this model is not provided in the kit.


The plafond can be easily removed, this also differs from the older version, where removal is not provided in principle. Not that it’s impossible to take it off at all, but it’s not very simple.

In the center is a large block containing Wifi and Bluetooth modules, as well as an LED driver, with an estimated power of up to 55 watts, all the inscriptions in Chinese.

To connect external power, a screwless terminal pad on the terminals is used. LEDs are divided into 4 equivalent groups connected in series. Each group has 11 LEDs, a total of 44.

When turned on, it turns out that each group has 5 yellow and 6 white LEDs, totaling 20 and 24, respectively.


Connection is standard - through MiHome, the location of mainland China. When connected to the network, the application detects the device via the Wi-fi network it creates, then using the connection wizard, the Wi-fi network parameters are transmitted.

The plug-in is very similar to the plug-in for JIAOYUE models - the main window is used to manually adjust the brightness - vertically and color temperature - horizontally.

There are still fewer options than the older version, for example, only three buttons below, there is no separate “Night” mode. There are seven predefined scenes in the favorites menu, there are the most popular ones - dawn, sunset that smoothly turn off or turn on the light, there is Dressing mode - for maximum color rendering index. Compared to the older model, there are no Nightlight and Cinema modes. The main menu is the same.

The ceiling light settings menu allows you to activate on and off timers, connect a remote control or dimmer - which you need to buy separately. There is also a setting that disables the automatic inclusion of lighting when power is applied; this is very convenient for a purely logical control mode. There is an option - remember the last state before shutting down.

The schedule menu resembles the timer menu and allows you to set the time for automatic on and off. The ceiling light works in scenarios as an action, and offers 12 options. From turning on and off, to adjusting brightness, color temperature, turning on for a specified time with the specified parameters or the finished scene.

When using the same location and the same Mi account parameters, the ceiling light automatically becomes available in the native Yeelight application. There are no additional functions compared to MiHome, except for one, it is very important - the inclusion of control mode on the local network. This mode is needed to pair the ceiling light with alternative control systems.

Comparison with JIAOYUE 450

Compare Yilai 480 with the Yeelight JIAOYUE 450 lamp similar in terms of the declared parameters.

The surface of the JIAOYUE lampshade on the left and the YILAI lampshade on the right. Tactile - the ceiling of the older version feels more dense, there are stars evenly distributed over the surface of the ceiling light.

Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD04YL 450 LED Ceiling Light 32W



Measurements of the lighting level for JIAOYUE at maximum brightness showed the following results: in the mode of moderately warm 4000 K - 561 lux, warm - 2700 K - 436 Lux, cold 6500 K - 582 lux.

In exactly the same conditions, the younger version of YILAI showed 430 lux at 4000 K, for warm light 2700 K - only 218 lux, for cool white, it turned out a little less than for moderate - 421 lux.


So it becomes clear why the YILAI model is significantly cheaper than the JIAOYUE. Simpler materials are used in the manufacture, the kit does not have a remote control. There is no convenient quick-detachable platform.

Despite the parameters similar to the older version, this ceiling light is much darker than its JIAOYUE counterpart.

The declared lighting area of 15-20 square meters is clearly overstated, in reality - optimally 10-15.

Yeelight YILAI YlXD05Yl 480mm 34W Simple Round LED Smart Ceiling Light for Home Star Version ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



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