Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE Review
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Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE Review

New generation of TWS earbuds less then $30.

Xiaomi has introduced another budget model of TWS earbuds with the Special Edition designation and the name Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE.

Like the predecessors of Mi Air 2 or Mi Air 2S, the new Special Edition model offers a 14.2 mm dynamic emitter, a dual microphone with noise reduction. Also, the device boasts good battery life and the presence of a Type-C port.

Let's start a detailed review.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE: Specifications

Impedance: 32 ohms
Driver unit: 14.2mm Dynamic
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol: AAC, SBC
Charging Time: 90min
Connections: Type-C
Weight: 5(38)grams
Music Time: 5h

In the box

The device comes in a typical box, like previous generations of wireless earbuds. This is a rectangular box in combination with blue and white, where on the front you can see a picture of the earbuds and its name, and on the opposite side the main features.

Inside the box, you will find a charging box, earbuds, a small Type-C charging cable and instructions in Chinese.


If you compare the appearance of the new generation Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE with its predecessors Air 2 and Air 2S, then you will not find a fundamental difference in design.

Naturally, like previous models, the new generation of TWS earbuds Mi Air 2 SE is made of white matte color and the manufacturer does not offer other colors. 

As for the build quality, there is no complaints in particular with Xiaomi. The device performed well and as for its price, you will not find any strong flaws.

In terms of wearing, Mi Air 2 SE earbuds fit ear canal well and you can wear them for almost half a day and even forgetting about their existence. In addition, they do not fall out and sit quite reliably in the ear canal.

On the front of the earbuds, you can find a touch control panel with a microphone and an LED indicator. At the bottom is the main microphone.

On the inside of the Mi Air 2 SE case, there are charging contacts with a magnetic connection and a label with a channel designation.

It is worth noting that in the sound guide, there is an ear detection sensor. It is designed to automatically pause if you remove one of the earbuds from your ear.

If the design of the earbuds has not changed much, then the charging box has changed a lot. The first is the opening of the cover, the new generation of the Mi Air 2 SE received an opening along the length of the case, and not at the top, as is usual with most wireless semi in-ear earbuds.

The lid itself opens thanks to the magnetic connection and it practically does not play. On the front of the box, you can find one small LED indicator, and on the opposite side, there is a Type-C port for charging.

Connection and control

Even the low-cost TWS semi in-ear earbuds use Bluetooth wireless technology with version 5.0. Despite this, the earbuds received only AAC and SBC codecs, but the aptX codec is not provided onboard.

While opening the cover of the charging box, a pop-up window for pairing will appear on your mobile smartphone and here you can see the remaining battery charge. I like this feature, which works pretty well.

The control is quite adequate and it did not cause any irritation:

• Double-tapping on the right earbud pauses or plays a track.
• To receive a call, you need to touch any earbud twice.
• Double-tapping on the left earbud calls the voice assistant function on the smartphone.

A typical and common problem for most TWS earbuds is the lack of volume control.


The good news was the presence of the previous dynamic driver on the new Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE model. It uses a typical 14.2 mm driver, as on previous models such as the Mi Air 2 or Mi Air 2S.

In terms of sound quality, they have a good sound of low frequencies, which have a small bass and dynamics.

Middle and high frequencies have a clear and pleasant sound. But the most amazing thing about this model is its volume. They are really loud and have a decent volume margin. At the same time, even at maximum volume, the earbuds play with a fairly clear sound.

Of course, you can not compare this model with the flagship earbuds from Apple or other brands, but as for the initially low cost, the earbuds play pretty well.

The sound quality is very similar to past models and if you hear them in turn, it will be difficult to detect a big difference.

But the quality of the microphone is pretty good and even in loud noisy places, the interlocutor will hear you clearly.


During test of the new Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE earbuds, they were able to achieve about 5 hours of battery life at a volume level of about 70%. 

There is also a charging box, which can provide an additional 4 times additional recharges. Therefore, the total battery life will be about 20 hours.
The charging time through a Type-C connection will take you about 1.5 hours.


Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE is a lite version of full-fledged Xiaomi Mi Air 2 earbuds, but they are not worse. They are made of the same materials, plays at a similar level and even battery life is slightly better.

Of course, TWS earbuds have their drawbacks, for example, the lack of volume control, and there is no protection against water.

Despite shortcomings, I can safely recommend earbuds for purchase. Since at a low cost it is difficult to find a quality product that matches the low price and technical features.

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