10 Useful Accessories To Use With Your Smartphone
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10 Useful Accessories To Use With Your Smartphone

Collection of Best 10 Accessory For Every Smartphone

Companies always strive to produce different accessories for use with smartphones as they add some additional features that are not usually founding in phones. There are various accessories, each of which is suitable for specific purposes. In this matter, I tried to collect the best and suggest them to you, and, inevitably, they will help you in your daily use of the smartphone.


If you are a fan of discovering new things and getting to know them, truly using a telescope will give you a chance. Perhaps you may want to see the stars or the moon soon, or maybe you want to enjoy looking at the birds and maybe even follow the faces of your favorite team players on the stadium, all this you can do and more by installing the telescope on the lens of your phone and starting in a new world of exploration by zooming things that are 18 times closer to you with a good quality

LEEHUR Universal 18X Zoom Telephoto Lens HD Monocular Telescope Phone Camera Lens



Multiple Lens

Most of the smartphones released during 2019 contained multiple cameras; each one has a lens that has a unique role, multi-camera phones are expensive compared to phones that have only one camera but if your phone is of this type you can still add multiple cameras experience to it by adding this tool that will give you 11 different lenses.
The first lens is called a fish's eye, and it gives the experience of taking pictures almost semi-circularly, while the second lens enables you to take wide pictures that contain scenes with greater angles and the third lens has dedicated to photographing small objects where it helps to capture more details, The tool also has other lenses that will enable you to take pictures in different and professional modes

11in1 Phone Camera Lens Kit Fisheye Wide Angle Full grad Filter CPL ND Macro Mobile Lenses For Phone



For Gamers

Joysticks are usually utilised on Xbox and Playstation, but thanks to some creative ideas, a joystick was produced that fits the smartphone, helping you to control more quickly the reaction while playing, which makes you win in most games, and the joystick gives you more pleasure when playing on your phone. I suggest you use the 21k joystick because its design is beautiful and light in weight, so you can take it with you anywhere

K21 Universal Multifunction Mobile Physical Button Aim Key Gaming Trigger L1R1 Shooter Game Controller Gamepad



If you don't like the 21k joysticks, the is another option, which is the joysticks J3, as it works by connecting it via Bluetooth with the phone, then enjoying a gaming-like gaming experience on the Playstation

T3 joystick Bluetooth wireless S600 STB S3VR joystick for Android IOS mobile PC game controller



Otherworld Experience

Science fiction is now possible thanks to the availability of virtual reality glasses that work with the phone. There are a lot of games, applications, and videos designed specifically for virtual reality glasses. These glasses allow you to experience entering different worlds. I strongly advise you to try it and enjoy science fiction while you are in your seat

3D VR Headset Virtual Reality Glasses



The New headsets


 I will tell you something, during the past year I used more than 6 traditional headphones that contain wires, all of them stopped working due to the occurrence of a tear in the cables as their use did not make me feel comfortable because of its long wires. Today, some headsets operate via Bluetooth only and do not need any cables, which makes them protected from damage. It is true that their price is a little higher than traditional headphones, but in return, they will last for a more extended period, as they will get rid of the annoying cables that are in the conventional headphones. There are different brands of these headphones, but the most famous ones these days are the Xiaomi AirDots, as it provides a great experience compared to its price, and it is supported the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0, which means that its response during the music playback will be speedy.

Original Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Wireless Bluetooth Headset



LED Phone Holder 

If you communicate frequently using video calling, whether on WhatsApp, in a live broadcast via Facebook or Instagram, then you need this phone holder that has three different lights and works without a battery so that it is sufficient to connect it directly to the electrical socket to provide you with the appropriate lighting to appear during the video call in Good quality. Also, this stand has a place to put the phone in, and this relieves you from holding the phone in your hand for a long time.

Selfie LED Ring Light with Mobile Phone Holder Live Stream Makeup Camera Lamp



Waterproof  Case


Water is the first enemy of smartphones, as its leakage causes an imbalance in the internal parts of the phone. There are several water-resistant phones with different standards, but what if your phone has not protected from water? You can still swim in the pool and take creative photos and videos thanks to the AONIJIE E4104 protector, after putting the phone inside it and turning it off, the protector does not allow the water to leak inside, which makes you enjoy your phone in the water without worrying.

AONIJIE E4104 Floatable Waterproof Phone Case Dry Bag Cover Mobile Phone Pouch For Water Sports



Finger Ring 


I remember that terrible day when my phone slipped from my hands, and my screen has broken. Since that day, I have been using this ring that sticks to the back of the phone as it makes me hold my phone safely especially that my phone has a sticky layer of glass on the back which makes it vulnerable to slipping and falling to the ground so I am keen to use this ring and I advise you to get it to provide excellent protection for your phone.

Cell Phone Finger Ring Stand 360 Degrees Rotation Holder 4pcs



Phone Holder 


Sometimes you try to install the phone in a particular position and use different purposes to get there. Now there is no need to use those purposes because these tools, thanks to their flexibility, allow you to install the phone in any position safely, whether to take pictures, record videos or watch movies. In fact, I found it very useful, and I advise you to try it because it is cheap compared to its benefits.

360 Rotating Flexible Long Arm Cell Phone Holder Stand Lazy Bed Desktop Tablet Car Selfie Mount Bracket



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