DOUBLE 12 Best Worth Buying! Stalwall N1 H.265 Outdoor Home Security Camera Kit Under $157.99 (Coupon Price)!
Bob Mulder

DOUBLE 12 Best Worth Buying! Stalwall N1 H.265 Outdoor Home Security Camera Kit Under $157.99 (Coupon Price)!

Hey guys! Did you catch the last train to cut the price on your favorites this Black Friday?

On this Thanksgiving Day, I will share my best purchase on Gearbest - Stalwall N1 H.265 Outdoor NVR Security Camera Kit.

I bought this Stalwall N1 outdoor security camera kit priced at 179.99 a month ago. And now it costs at a flash sale price of $164.99. 

It’s a pity that I didn’t get such a chance, and more still, I got to know that this camera kit has a coupon (T4978PHQUM, if you’re in a hurry, take it away) to cut the price down to $157.99 on Gearbest Black Friday Sale! 

What a pity for me! What a chance for you! Anyway, maybe I should get this chance to order one more for my parent’s house, as a Christmas gift.

And now, to be serious, I’ve been thoroughly testing Stalwall N1 NVR home security camera kit and decided to write an article about my findings so far. I‘m pretty sure it’ll be very helpful for anyone thinking about buying the best outdoor home security camera kit.

A summary and notice about Stalwall N1 NVR camera:

• This is an NVR under $200.00. For such a price, the functionality, usability, stability, and features of Stalwall N1 are excellent.

• Please DON’T use a regular desktop hard drive with this or any other NVR/DVR system. You MUST use a hard drive specially designed for surveillance purposes, like Western Digital Purple Series or Seagate Skyhawk.

• Wireless systems are sensitive to wireless interference, and this NVR is not the exception. Please read the Signal Strength and Quality analysis in the Detailed Analysis section to learn how to identify if your NVR is affected by wireless Interference and how to prevent it from happening.

Overall, I would rate this IP camera kit 6 out of 5.

Stalwall N1 scores in all aspects:

• System Setup and Documentation: 5/5
• Product Quality: 4/5
• Video Quality: 5/5
• Night Vision: 6/5
• Recording and Playback: 5/5
• Remote Access from Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers: 5/5

Next, I will share my testing analysis of these aspects in detail.

1. System Setup and Documentation: 5/5

The system setup is pretty straight forward. Just follow the steps specified in the user manual, and you’ll have your system working in 10 minutes.

The user manual is written in poor English, but it is not difficult to understand. It contains very specific and easy to follow instructions to set up your equipment and to configure the main features of the system (Recording, Motion detection, Remote access, and Email notification).

Please note that this system has some other advanced features that are not documented. You’ll have to learn those while exploring and experimenting with the NVR.

NOTE: DON’T forget to change your password.

2. Product Quality: 4/5

Cameras and the NVR case are very sturdy. You can quickly see that these are made of good quality material. 

Besides, the waterproof function of IP66 is very impressive. I installed two cameras outdoor, and after several days of heavy rain, both cameras work well as usual.

3. Video Quality: 6/5

As you can see on its page, Stalwall N1 is featured with the advanced H.265 video compression. 

I was confused about this parameter at first because I knew less about this. However, when I got the camera kit and saw the video, it impressed me with the H.265 and 1080P cameras. Video quality is awesome.

Some specifications:

Video compression: H.265 / H.264 is fully supported
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (normally, the others are 1280x720)
Video storage time: 25 days (normally, the others are 7 days)
Video Standards: NTSC, PAL 
Video format: MJPEG 
Quality: Highest
Framerate: 1~30fps
Encode format: H.265
Encoding capacity: 8CH 1080P or 4CH 5MP / 4MP / 4K (as described)
Video output: HDMI, VGA (as described)
Network interface: RJ45 (as described)
Recording mode: manual / action / schedule / P2P remote view (as described)

4. Night Vision: 5/5

I must say that my hat is off to the IR LEDs that are installed on each camera. The night vision is incredibly clear. 

5. Recording and Playback: 5/5

The system offers four recording options: manual, action, schedule, and P2P remote view. The schedule recording helped a lot.

If you don’t have the signal quality issues explained before, and your hard drive is a surveillance one, the system will record with no interruptions. Video playback starts right away and is very smooth.

6. Remote Access from Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers: 5/5

You can access the system from a web browser, smartphone, or tablet. Web access is pretty straight forward. Just type in the IP address of the NVR, and you are connected.

The web interface has very simple functionality. You can view the real-time stream of your cameras and the recorded videos.

If you want to access your NVR from your smartphone or tablet, you’ll have to download an app. 

If you want to access your NVR from the Internet, there is an easy way using cloud access (follow the instructions in your user manual). 

This method will create a session with an unknown server. Even though this is the easiest method, I don’t like it. I want to configure my remote access by forwarding the corresponding port on my router to the NVR and configuring a Dynamic DNS.

In conclusion, for such a price, you can get a full outdoor home security camera kit including 4 cameras, 8CH NVR, power adapter, NVR remote control, USB mouse, 4 LAN cables, 1 HDMI cables, 2 warning stickers, 1 English manual, 1 bag of screws. Stalwall N1 camera kit is worth every penny!

Coupon code: T4978PHQUM

Stalwall N1 H.265 Outdoor Waterproof Home CCTV Video Surveillance NVR 8CH 1080P 2MP POE Security Camera Kit



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