Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet OLED Screen
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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet OLED Screen

Xiaomi Bracelet, should be the intelligent wearing trend after the past, a few surviving and still continue to produce one of the new equipment. 2018 Xiaomi Bracelet 3 released, today, Xiaomi in the ecological chain launch officially released Xiaomi Mi Band 4, this time, Xiaomi Bracelet also used a full-color screen, but also added a lot of new features. In fact, most people’s demand for smart bracelet or smartwatch is not high, daily is to see a time, simple monitoring of the heart rate, and from my personal point of view, the bracelet or watch vibration notification is a just needed function, so I will wear my Apple watch almost every day. While Apple watch shows good quality and full functionality, it’s a hassle to recharge every day, even when you’re used to it, and while Apple watch supports Apple pay and supports bus cards, iOS and watchOS still don’t support the ability to simulate door cards, so in use There are still some short boards.

Compared to the previous generation of products, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 screen changed from 3D screen to 2.5D, screen display also changed from monochrome to full-color screen. Many people on the network feel that the 3D screen to 2.5D screen is a regressive design. In fact, Xiaomi Bracelet 3 3D screen because of the arc and thickness, in the sun is relatively easy to reflect, so that people can not see the screen, so in the screen glass to 2.5D and the display into full color, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 screen perception is still quite obvious than the previous generation of the improvement. However, it may still be because the screen cover in order to ensure that the strength of the whole is still relatively thick, in the sun glaring place is still a bit reflective.

From the monochrome screen to the full color AMOLED high-brightness screen, compared to the previous generation of products, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 screen resolution increased by twice times, showing the number of words also increased twice times, and the screen support touch and sliding control, at the operational level of a lot of convenience. In addition, because it is a full-color AMOLED screen, the dial customization is also more convenient.

In terms of hardware performance, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 uses a new generation of processors, performance is stronger than the previous generation, lower power consumption, the original 3-axis acceleration sensor upgraded to 6-axis motion sensor, the monitoring of motion more sensitive and comprehensive. While increasing the wearing detection sensor, the heart rate sensor has been upgraded to improve the performance of the heart rate sensor, because the principle of monitoring heart rate is the use of photoelectric sensors, so most of these products in monitoring the darker skin of the user’s heart rate will be more power consumption, but after upgrading the heart rate sensor, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Heart rate monitoring for black skin users can also maintain relatively good power consumption and performance.

Because I’m a daily iPhone user and Apple Watch, this experience I’m using the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC version while wearing Apple watch. If you have Apple watch, the biggest advantage of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 may be that it supports NFC analog door cards and PayPal pays offline. These are features that Apple watch does not support or that are more laborious to operate.

And if you don’t have any other smart wearables, whether it’s an iPhone user or an Android user, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC is almost ready to meet all of the average user’s daily motion monitoring, notification alerts, and analog door card requirements.

In addition to the basic needs of these intelligent wearable devices, Xiaomi also added the function of small love classmate to Xiaomi Mi Band 4, you can through the small love classmate to the opponent ring for voice control, but also can directly put Xiaomi Mi Band 4 as their own home smart device remote control, through the small love students directly controlled the rice family of a variety of smart home.

My home just a few meters home smart products because Xiaomi bracelet life has 20 days, so almost the bracelet is always in hand, with the built-in small love students directly control the home of smart lights is very convenient and fast.

In motion monitoring function, because the sensor is elevated to the 3-axis acceleration sensor 3-axis gyroscope also supports 5ATM level waterproofing, so Xiaomi Mi Band 4 supports different swimming posture monitoring, but also according to artificial intelligence to the user’s swimming action to give professional advice, running and walking monitoring also support similar functions.

Because of the change of the full-color screen, so Xiaomi Mi Band 4 of the overall power consumption is still higher than the Millet bracelet 3, in order to ensure the life, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 battery capacity is 135mAh, compared to the previous generation of the same can provide 20 days of life, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 of the NFC version of a shorter life, It’s 15 days.


Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet International Version



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