New Innovation Flagship by OPPO: Find X2 Pro Review.
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New Innovation Flagship by OPPO: Find X2 Pro Review.

Why was the starting batch of Oppo Find X2 Pro completely sold out in a few seconds?

New Oppo has a stand-out feature: the screen, which is now a 120Hz OLED panel, much like the incoming OnePlus 8.


The trend for multi-colour gradient phone rears seems to be dying down in 2020. It's all about simple elegance and use of materials for this year. Keeping things simple, the Find X2 Pro comes in two options: a ceramic black, and a vegan leather orange - the latter which brings a refreshing alternative to the normal black slab.

Around the back of the phone is where the protruding rear camera section lives. Leaving this phone sat on a table is rather irksome, because it wobbles about so much. You might want to consider a case to level things out, if such details will grate with your OCD. It seems increasingly normal for cameras to be designed like this these days, but that's the trade-off: you want capable cameras, you've got to accept some wobble.

Other features are on the nose when it comes to flagship expectation: there's an in-screen fingerprint scanner, of the optical kind; while dual stereo speakers make for a loud output that doesn't seem too one-dimensional or just from the tail-end of the phone. As is also typical, this also means there's no 3.5mm headphone jack or microSD card slot expansion - the latter unnecessary, given the 256GB storage on board this Pro device as standard. It's a single SIM solution.


To look at, the Find X2 Pro is screen dominant, thanks to a 6.78-inch diagonal, spread in an elongated aspect ratio - which is the right choice for one-handed holding.

There's little bezel to concern yourself with on the Find X2 Pro. Still, the bezel really is minimal, while the punch-hole camera is dinky and not obtrusive, plus Oppo hasn't opted for a dual front-facing camera, so it's not the larger-scale black bar that you'll see on the Samsung Galaxy S10+. It's all rather neat and tidy.

There's stacks of resolution too, with this panel cramming in more pixels than you're likely to need. That's ideal for watching downscaled 4K streams, though, especially as this phone will be 5G, with no 4G-only variants in the European market.

Extras of what this screen can do that will gather the most interest though. It's a 120Hz refresh rate, which means double the frame-rate for super smooth playback. It's got frame-insertion to make videos smoother. It's a 10-bit panel, too, so there's even more colour. It's calibrated, it supports DCI-P3 colour, HDR10+ high dynamic range, and all that good stuff.

Oppo is now saying this screen is on par with Apple and Samsung thanks to DisplayMate A+ certification through its device-by-device calibration.
This is a stunning screen. Not only for casual viewing, but for entertainment, and gamers might reap the benefits even more, given the higher refresh rate and double-that-again 240Hz touch response rate, helping to give your PUBG: Mobile that extra responsive edge.

Performance and battery

With Qualcomm's top-billed Snapdragon processor at the helm, complete with 12GB RAM, no task has caused this phone issues in use. Which, again, will be great news for gamers looking to push those titles to maximum graphics and higher frame-rates, that's for sure.

Then there's Oppo's ColorOS 7.1 - that's Oppo's software skin over the top of Google's Android 10 operating system - which Oppo has further refined, with smaller icons in the swipe down shade, the ongoing support for an App Drawer (which even just a year ago was absent), along with additional customisation alerts for notifications. 

Where the Find X2 Pro really looks to make headlines is in its battery department. With a dual cell 4,260mAh total capacity, this phone is not only capacious, its division into two means next-gen fast-charging is possible. Oppo has long been promoting its SuperVOOC system, but with version 2 that's accelerated to 65W charging. To put that in context: you can charge this phone's battery from dead in 38 minutes at a mains plug socket (well, the one included in the box). 


That rear camera bump protrudes so considerably because of all the tech crammed inside. Much like the Oppo Reno 10X, the Find X2 Pro squeezes in a triple camera system to its rear, complete with periscope zoom.

Zoom Camera

That's a 5x optical zoom, for a real step-up in making subjects far away appear closer in the frame, although Oppo would have you believe its a 10x zoom - which isn't strictly true, as it uses a hybrid optical and digital method there to achieve that. Besides, within the camera app the default is 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 5x, with 10x possible by tap, with only very slow pinch-to-zoom going beyond that.

The real power in this zoom is at its 2x and 5x setting, where there's still plenty of detail resolved. Just keep in mind that the zoom shots won't be as impressive as the main camera - in particular when the light dips.

Main Camera

It's a 48-megapixel Sony IMX689 sensor.

It's larger scale than typical, so the on-sensor 'pixels' are larger, therefore more capable of adsorbing light for better quality. That 1.2µm pixel size is a clear positive. Also it can capture 12-bit raw, which is something typically reserved for prosumer DSLR cameras and great for post-production edits. 

The typical four-in-one processing method is at play here, meaning 12MP output is typical from that 48MP sensor, but that's still more than resolute enough for what you'll need.

Wide-angle Camera

Although zoom is useful for framing sometimes, it's actually the Find X2 Pro's wide-angle camera that you can most enjoyed using. It's just not too distorting like many others , yet squeezes loads into the frame, which can make for really dramatic effect.

The hugh-resolution sensor being used here, with the four-in-one processing taking the 64MP available and outputting quality 16MP shots.


Find X2 Pro's screen is left to be the shining star. Top spec means super-smooth running, while that versatile triple camera, high performance and great design impress.

OPPO Find X2 Pro 5G 6.7 inch Smartphone Snapdragon 865 8-core 12GB 256GB Back Camera 48MP + 12MP + 13MP 4200mAh Battery CN Plug



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