The Best Electric Screwdriver for 2020! BOSCH GSR 18V-50 Cordless Drill for Higher Efficiency in Professional Drilling
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The Best Electric Screwdriver for 2020! BOSCH GSR 18V-50 Cordless Drill for Higher Efficiency in Professional Drilling

Bosch is a Germany company which was founded in 1886. Since its inception, it has been characterized by social commitment and innovative strength. Bosch encompasses several brands that are tailored to the requirements of an individual market. The products and services offered by this company in each of its brands are designed to improve the quality of life. 

Professional power tools and their accessories are among the many products designed by Bosch. These tools include cordless drills, angle grinders, rotary hammers, heat guns, high-pressure washers, and saws, among others. In this article, we will focus on cordless drills, more specifically, Bosch GSR 18V-50 electric screwdriver whose order number is 0 601 9H5 0L0.

GSR 18V-50 cordless drill has been the most popular household power tool ever since its introduction in the market. This drill is a sure-fire way to take your hassle beyond home improvement jobs. It can be used by furniture workers, electricians, joiners, constructors, interior decorators, and installers as well as assembly workers in a wide range of tasks involving drilling and driving as well as loosening screws. 

Some of the components of this battery-powered drill include tool holder, on/off switch, work light (LED), insulated gripping surface, rotational direction switch, belt clip, gear selector switch, and torque presetting ring.

Bosch GSR 18V-50 cordless drill is one of the most popular cordless drills created by Bosch. Also, it sets standards in terms of robustness. It is built with a robust brushless motor to offer the user a maximum usage and durability. The intelligent brushless motor also enhances the efficiency and endurance of the drill. 

Besides, this drill is highly portable compared to the corded drills. This Bosch drill is comfortable to hold, easy to move in tight spots, and easy to handle. It is easy doing jobs involving a lot of movements with this drill since it is convenient to operate anywhere, even if there are no outlets nearby.

GSR 18V-50 cordless drill is among the Bosch’s heavy-duty power tools. It features a robust metal chuck as well as compact, ergonomic design, which is ideal for heavy-duty tasks. 

Additionally, this drill comes with two Lithium-ion batteries, which have a voltage capacity of 18 V each. However, this electric screwdriver is operated by one cell at a time. The batteries are recommended to be charged only with their respective chargers specified by Bosch. It is important to note that using batteries that are unsuitable to the drill can lead to malfunctions or damage to it. 

Bosch GSR 18V-50 cordless drill also has a minimum chuck capacity of 1.5 mm and a maximum chuck capacity of 13 mm. Its torque settings are 20+1, while its maximum torque is 50 Nm. Its first gear and the second gear make it rotate at a maximum speed of 460 rpm and 1,800 rpm, respectively, when there is no material is being drilled or screwed. The maximum drilling diameters of the drill in aluminum, steel, and wood are 13 mm, 13 mm, and 35 mm, respectively.

The permitted ambient temperature during operation as well as storage of GSR 18V-50 cordless drill ranges between -20 oC and +50 oC. When its batteries are being charged, the temperature should be maintained around 0 to 35 degrees Celsius. 

Before transporting or storing the drill, it is advisable to remove the batteries from it to avoid the risk of injury from unintentionally pressing the on/off switch. The dust produced during the drilling activities should not be allowed to accumulate in the workplace as it can easily ignite. When drilling materials such as wood and lead among others, the dust produced can as well be harmful to one’s health if he or she touches it or breathes it in.  

Therefore, the workplace should be well-ventilated to avoid the health problems the dust is likely to cause. For effective and safe operation of Bosch GSR 18V-50 cordless drill, always keep it and the ventilation slots clean.

If you are looking for the most efficient cordless drill in professional drilling, then I suggest that you go for GSR 18V-50 cordless drill. This drill is suitable for nearly all types of drilling and driving work.

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