These 4 LED Lighting Face Masks Can Make You The Brightest Star at Any Party

These 4 LED Lighting Face Masks Can Make You The Brightest Star at Any Party

With the emergence of the Corona pandemic, protective medical masks have become in great demand. This is normal, as everyone wants to protect themselves from infection with this dangerous virus, as most doctors prescribe. In this situation, there are companies that have tried to exploit the pandemic to their advantage by offering some products that would be popular during this period. The simplest example of this is sterilization and cleaning products ... These products have become scarce in some countries due to the high demand for them, and there are companies that have become producing soap or any other sterile material and writing on its box that it a " killer ' for Corona virus in order to make people buy it ... It is marketing matters companies do it to make more money, that's normal.

In this regard, there are companies that have thought outside the box and launched a strange product that combines protection from viruses and adornment with lights. This product is a smart medical mask, as it contains lamps inside that make it emit different beautiful lights, there are many forms of lighting according to each mask, but all of them are good and fun to use at parties or even if you like to be distinguished from others. There are 4 masks of this type on Gearbest that I will now introduce to you

LED Colorful Luminous Mask Halloween Christmas Party Bar Nightclub Light-emitting Respirator



I have decided to put the cheapest one at the top of the list. There is a 29% discount on this mask that you can buy now for $ 9.99. It is a mask that can protect you from germs and bacteria as it has a PM 2.5 filter. Moreover, it consists of five layers, two layers of non woven fabric, two layers of Meltblown cloth and one layer of activated carbon. It is of high quality in terms of manufacturing. You can control the nose strip according to what suits your face, in addition to the adjustable ear loops, which means that you will be comfortable while wearing it, as it is adjustable according to the dimensions of your face. This mask produces RGB color thanks to its LED lights, it weighs 0.0700 kg and comes in a box with one filter and a USB cable. It is really great for its price.

ARJ-013 Personalized Voice-activated LED Light Emitting Mask Festive Atmosphere Cheer Props



The second mask is more advanced than the mask that we talked about previously, that it is now sold at a reduction of 43%, as it can be taken for $ 13.99. Thanks to 25g / ㎡ thick melt blown, this mask can isolate 0.5um dust, in addition to having four filters, including the PM 2.5 filter, it is safe in terms of preventing bacteria and viruses from entering your respiratory system thanks to its high manufacturing quality and it is also designed in a way You can breathe comfortably. This mask has a 450 mAh battery that can be rechargeable in 3 hours and can operate the mask lighting for 8 hours continuously. What distinguishes this mask is that it supports voice assistance, where you can speak 16 kind of voice commands, where it can recognize speech, and it has a button to turn it off or on and it has an 8x8 RGB LED, in fact it is excellent and I have placed an order for it.

ARJ-015 7 Color Lights Voice Control LED Light-up Face Mask USB Rechargeable Glowing Luminous Dust Mask for Christmas Party Festival Dancing Rave Masquerade Costumes



The third mask on this list is in fact dedicated to birthdays, so I think that wearing it on ordinary days will not make sense, but it remains very appropriate for birthdays as I mentioned. It is also able to protect you thanks to the fact that it contains a PM 2.5 filter and this mask is made of fiber and polyster materials, so you do not need to worry in terms of protection from viruses and germs as it is able to effectively prevent them from reaching your respiratory tract.

When using this mask, you can choose between four lighting modes as desired, which are Voice control colorful loop, Monochrome conversion, Colorful loop, and finally Burst flash mode. I found that these mods are wonderful as you can easily change between them and choose the mod that suits the place and the colors around you.
It takes an hour to charge the mask lights, and after that, it can give you up to 4 hours of continuous use. The box comes with a charging cable and an English instruction manual. It is a good mask I would recommend getting it for a fun birthday.

Bluetooth Editing LED Luminous Mask Display Screen Personalized APP Mask



The fourth mask is the most advanced, it deserves to be called a smart mask, it is really like that because it has many and wonderful advantages, as it has many different patterns and characters in addition to arbitrary changes. This mask has 7 kinds of constant lighting mode switch
In addition to an application dedicated to controlling and modifying the patterns and words displayed by the lights as you wish. One of the amazing features of this mask is that the lights it emits dance to the beat of the music you are listening to. As for the comfort point, you can adjust it according to the shape that suits your face to make you feel comfortable while wearing it. There is a built-in battery with this mask with a capacity of 450mAh, it is a huge capacity to operate it for the longest possible time, and the battery can be recharged with a USB cable, which comes in the box with the mask. I advise you to get it now, it is fun as it combines protection from viruses and bacteria in addition to technology, it really will amaze everyone when they see it on your face so this mask will bring eyes to you and make you look different from others.

These masks, as I have already indicated, are of high quality and are able to protect you from things that may catch you such as viruses, bacteria and dust because they have layers that prevent these things from passing to your nose and mouth. On the other hand, it is unique and beautiful thanks to the lights it produces and its price is cheap, so I advise you to get it before stock runs out.

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