Is Cubot Kingkong Mini Worth Buying? The Best Portable Smartphone You Could Have Under $90
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Is Cubot Kingkong Mini Worth Buying? The Best Portable Smartphone You Could Have Under $90

Cubot is one of the most popular smartphone producers that you can find on the market. This brand is very popular for its incredible smartphones with a lot of useful features and benefits for all customers. 

This company is supported by professional IT experts, in-store resources, after-sales support, incredible software, etc. Therefore, you will never regret your choice when you buy any smartphones from Cubot. Some incredible devices are offered by this company.

Cubot KingKong and Cubot KingKong 3 are the most popular smartphone series from Cubot. Both versions are very popular among many users because they are made from durable materials. They can last for a long time, especially when they are used in everyday life. They are famous for their toughness because they are made with a high level of waterproof and shockproof rating.

After Cubot gets a lot of success from Cubot KingKong and KingKong 3 series, this company launches the latest version of Cubot smartphone, Cubot KingKong Mini. This KingKong series smartphone is famous for its small size, big performance, and easy to use the system. There are a lot of useful features that can be found in this powerful smartphone from Cubot.

Is the Cubot KingKong Mini Worth Buying?

Cubot KingKong Mini is a powerful smartphone that comes with a stunning display. It can deliver vivid and incredible visual experience. You will enjoy your great experience when using this powerful smartphone every day. Here are some useful features that you can find from this incredible mini smartphone from Cubot.

a. Extremely small screen size

This is the most popular feature that can be found in this Cubot KingKong Mini. This smartphone has 4 inches QHD+ with an 18:9 resolution screen. You can hold it with one hand. Your thumb can touch all parts of the screen easily.

b. Strong and durable

This smartphone is made to be durable for every-day use. The right and left sides of this phone are made of powerful zinc alloy. This material is very popular for its hardness. All corners of this phone are covered by a soft plastic package. The whole body is covered with thick and skid-proof texture. Its cover is also waterproof, so you can be protected from common liquid, such as tea, coffee, soda, or rain.

c. Powerful performance

Although this device has a mini size, you can still rely on its performance. This device is powered by an incredible MT6761 processor. This processor can handle any tasks without delays. This processor can also reduce the energy consumption from this smartphone. Its Android 9.0 operating system can increase the overall experience of all users.

d. High-resolution front and rear cameras

The front camera comes with an 8-megapixel resolution. It can help you capture brilliant pictures under extreme surroundings. The rear camera comes with a 13-megapixel sensor. Its 500 mA LED flash can create an incredible image quality. Even though you are using this smartphone in the low light condition, it is still able to provide a clear effect.

e. Supports two sim cards

This KingKong Mini version has dual-SIM support. It allows you to switch between one SIM card to another SIM card easily. It is a good idea for you to bring one simple device while separating your personal life and work.

f. Face ID

This is another recommended feature that can be found on this smartphone. Your face can be used as a secure password for your smartphone. You can unlock this KingKong Mini smartphone with your face. This technology can be considered as the most secure facial authentication system in a smartphone.

Cubot KingKong Mini is the best smartphone that you can bring at any time you want. Some useful features can be found in this powerful smartphone. Although this phone has a mini size, you can still rely on the performance of this unit. It is the best smartphone for people who love traveling or outdoor activities. 

This smartphone is very popular for its dust resistant, drop resistant, and water-resistant. It can be the best gift for your lovely one. Get an incredible discount of up to 33% during this flash sale period. This smartphone is only about $89.99.

Cubot KINGKONG MINI 4G Smartphone 4.0 inch Android 9.0 MT6761 Quad Core 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 2 Rear Camera 2000mAh Battery Global Version



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