Bilikay F9 TWS Earbuds Under $17! The Most Intelligent And Best-Looking Bluetooth Earphones And Power Bank
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Bilikay F9 TWS Earbuds Under $17! The Most Intelligent And Best-Looking Bluetooth Earphones And Power Bank

The pioneering Apple’s AirPods have certainly defined the taste of several individuals, especially the tech-friendly user. This is to a large extent, sidelining the use of corded and wired headphones in favor of the more comfortable Bluetooth technology headphones.

The biggest advantage of this technology is that it eliminates the possibility of annoying tangles that happens in wired or corded headsets, this is definitely an important one. Less tangling of these wireless headsets literally translates to better freedom of movement and better interaction with your environment. It is also minimal or zero risks of damaging headsets especially damage caused by tangling of wires. Promoting Bluetooth Technology, TWS earbuds technology is a relatively new technological breakthrough that is breaking into the consumer market.

What is TWS Technology?

We can hardly go about our daily tech routines these days without hearing about Bluetooth headphones, the TWS stands for True Wireless Stereo and it is a technology that basically allows you to connect two audio devices with the aid of Bluetooth, this means that you can transmit the Left channel and the Right channel separately. Now, imagine the advantage of such technology applied to earphones.

True wireless headphones refer to Bluetooth connected earbuds which have no cords or wires between them or to the audio source, e.g. smartphones, computers, etc. Since they have no wires, both the controls and battery are integrated into the housing of the earbuds. However, there are some common problems that have caused some users to want to look back when it comes to TWS earbuds.

Common Problems with TWS Earbuds

 Battery Problem: This is the biggest problem faced by a bulk of earbuds users, wireless earbuds are driven by battery power, and no matter what,  one needs to keep an eye on battery bar, otherwise it will run out eventually.

 Sound Quality: The most important feature of any headset is the sound quality. The excellence of sound from earbuds is dependent on the size, type and largely the quality of the drivers. The design of the earbuds is also a good consideration along with their distance from the transmitter. Closed design earbuds tend to isolate sounds more effectively, and some even contain active and passive noise cancellation technologies. Such technology is what you should look out for in order to get the best audio experience from any earbud.

 Risk of losing an Earbud: One other common problem among users is the likelihood of losing one or even both earbuds. The TWS earbuds, more often than not, come in cases for safekeeping whenever they are not in use. But carrying the case around is not exactly comfortable, the user may misplace them or lose them altogether if they carry them around without the protective cases.

 Compatibility and Difficulty of Use: Not everyone knows how to connect a wireless headset to their devices, and also, not every device has support for such connectivity. The ease of connection of any wireless headset is important as it will save users a lot of effort in trying so hard to get their devices connected. In any case, it is necessary to check which connection system the desired earbuds needs and if the devices in question are compatible or not.

 Durability: Another downside of several TWS Earbuds is showcased by the increased sensitivity to physical shocks. Corded earbuds may work just fine after being dropped, but this is often not the case with wireless earbuds. The built-in electronic circuitry makes the wireless headphones more prone to damage when dropped. The overall durability largely depends on the design and quality of the earbuds.

What makes the Bilikay F9 TWS Earbuds stand out?

The Bilikay F9  is an excellently designed TWS Earbud that offers unique features. It is a True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Technology with HiFi Sound Quality to satisfy your thirst for quality sound.  Its digital display gives you access to real-time display power percent. 

The exceptionally strong battery can power the device continuously for 120-hour. Its 2000 mAh battery can also be used as an emergency power source to power smartphones.


The Bilikay F9 has a compact and lightweight build that can transmit high-quality sound without risk of entangling wires or cords. It is designed to withstand water and sweat as its waterproof and sweatproof design allows you to use the device fearlessly wherever and whenever.


 Integrated with the latest Bluetooth v5.0 technology for clear and stable sound.

 The transmission frequency of 2.4GHz ensures smooth audio, clear treble, and strong bass.

 Transmission distance of over 10 meters makes sure you enjoy music wirelessly anytime and anywhere.

 Intelligent LED display screen to display power and charging status.

 Wearing is painless, lightweight, and exerts zero pressure on ears,  along with a comfortable design that doesn't hurt or damage the ears.

 Intelligent Voice assistance functionality.

 Strong and large capacity charging cabin that can be used as a power bank for mobile phones in emergency situations.

Intelligent Control

The Bilikay F9 is equipped with a Binaural fingerprint touch that can be used to Pause and Play audio, Answer or Disconnect or Hang-up calls, summon voice assistant, modulate volume, switch between songs and to put the device on or off.

Sound Quality

The wireless earbuds are furnished with HiFi graphene composite vibration film to enhance the high sound frequency and reflect more details. The Bilikay F9 is also built with enhanced and intelligent active and passive noise cancellation technology to ensure your devotion to good music regardless of the environment.


The charging cabin of the Bilikay F9 is equipped with a 2000 mAh battery that cannot only charge the earphones but can also be used as an emergency power source to save you from the embarrassment of a power outage. A single full charge of the battery can keep you grooving for as long as 120 hours, now how many others can offer that?

The Bilikay F9 TWS Earbuds is definitely the best among equals when considering wireless headphones with aesthetic design and with high-end technological features. On top of that, the Gocomma F9 is amazingly affordable, you can order one for yourself here.

Bilikay F9 TWS True Wireless Stereo Earphone Bluetooth V5.0 Earbuds with LED Display 2000mAh Battery Microphone



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