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Great lamp, very easy to install. You only need to connect 2 electrical wires with a push-in connection mechanism, you push the buttons and put the wires inside and release the button. The electrical wires dont touch any metal part of the lamp housing, they are inside a small plastic “housing” and so the electrical wires dont touch any metal parts.

HOWEVER it is important that the plastic coating of the electrical wires is undamaged. Otherwise there might be some electrical contact with the metal base of the lamp.

To install the lamp you need to drill 2 holes in the ceiling with a 5-millimeter drill. The lamp is very very light, the included screws are definitely enough for this lamp.

The light of the 480mm lamp is spread very evenly across the whole lamp, there are no areas where the light is concentrated more than in other areas, everything is absolutely evenly lit across the whole area of the lamp.

The brightness of the 480 mm lamp is impressive. I use the warmest color temperature of 2700 Kelvin and the brightest it gets is comparable with an old 120 Watt bulb (non-energy saving old bulb with a metal wire that glows), probably even above 120 Watt brightness compared to old bulbs.

Overall the build quality of the lamp and remote control is very solid. Nothing squeaks or bends etc.

The lamp has different color temperature settings (in Kelvin): 2700 – 3500 – 4000 – 5500 – 6500 Kelvin. I use the warmest – 2700 Kelvin during the whole day, as it is the closest to the regular old bulbs and the other color options are too “cold” for my taste, even during the day.

But regardless, for learning or some type of work, where you want to focus/ concentrate it is good to have the options with colder light temperature.

You can specify a “default” mode with the brightness and color temperature of your choice, which the lamp remembers even when you turn off the electricity to the lamp by turning the light switch off.

The remote controls are stored “inside” the lamps. Whenever a remote control that is “known” to the lamp sends a signal, the lamp reacts. If a lamp “doesn't know” a remote control, it doesn't react. What this means is- you can control several lamps with 1 remote control and what this also means is that you can control a specific lamp with different remote controls.

It's a great product, it is hard to find anything better or even comparable for the same price.

Also, the CRI (Color Rendering Index) is of high quality, you definitely notice the difference to cheap 20 USD lamp (or even cheaper). Those cheap ones have all sorts of color shades that don't look anywhere close to the specified Kelvin presets.

I've installed several of these lamps (more than 12, specifically 480mm version with “starry sky”) and didn't have a single issue, Quality Control seems to be very good. I mean its a lamp that costs more than 100 USD, that is kind of expected, but not all. View Less

Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD17YL 480 LED 32W Ceiling Light

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