The Best-looking Smartwatch Under $30 You Could Have as the Alternative to the Apple Watch! Alfawise S16 Vs. Bilikay KW19
Emily Yale

The Best-looking Smartwatch Under $30 You Could Have as the Alternative to the Apple Watch! Alfawise S16 Vs. Bilikay KW19

When I got the Bilikay KW19 smartwatch under $20, I thought it was "the most cost-effective and satisfying deal of my purchase in 2019". 

And now, it's still the most affordable smartwatch in my collections. But it's no more the most beautiful, because -

I own an Alfawise S16 smartwatch currently.

So, what makes this Alfawise S16 smartwatch particularly enchanting? 

ღ Adopts Nordic nRF52832 Bluetooth low energy System-on-Chip

ღ 1.22 inch full round screen display for a perfect view

ღ Metal housing made of aluminum for a sturdy structure

ღ Full-function: blood oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, stopwatch, remote camera, remote music, messaging, social media APP notification

ღ Superb price performance, it costs under $30

What do the features mentioned above mean? Let's move on.

Nordic nRF52832 is a flexible, efficient Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth mesh multiprotocol SoC (the short name for System-on-Chip). With a sophisticated on-chip adaptive power management system, it achieves ultra-low energy consumption. 

Thus, Alfawise S16 smartwatch is standby for more than 30 days.

What impressed me most is its 1.22 inch full round screen display. It's ordinary to see the round watch mirror in the smartwatches, but it's rare to have a smartwatch constructed with a real full-round screen, especially at such a low budget under $30. 

In the beginning, I didn't know why Alfawise S16 cost 10 dollars more than Bilikay KW19. When I compared them in detail, I found that the display of Bilikay KW19 is practically square though it has a round watch mirror. 

As you may know, a full round screen display can give us more beautiful details on the smartwatch. Obviously, Alfawise S16 is the winner in this round.

Another impressive thing is that Alfawise S16 smartwatch uses the aluminum case instead of those plastic cases at this price point. Mostly, those low budget smartwatches are made of plastic cases. I think Alfawise S16 is a reputable product worthy of the name of the brand.

Moreover, Alfawise S16 has a better hand feel than the Bilikay KW19 because of its ultra-soft silicone band. It feels 100 times comfortable on my wrist. 

Alfawise S16 smartwatch has all the functions as the Bilikay KW19, so I will quote some words as I wrote the Bilikay KW19:

I'm surprised at its features of blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring. As we know, even a smartwatch, more than $100, couldn't do that. 

The new generation Huawei Honor Band 5 is exactly upgraded with the blood oxygen monitoring function, but it didn't support blood pressure monitoring, let alone the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Amazfit GTR smartwatch. 

I know less about these two functions, but its APP helps me gradually understand the analyzing data. 

As you can see from the above screenshot, the APP will provide a normal data range. If your measuring data is out of the range, you could adjust your daily habit and avoid the severe illness in time.

Beyond that, Alfawise S16 has all the features such as a real-time heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, several sports modes, remote camera, remote music, and daily waterproof. These features all work great so far.

Additionally, you can set to get notifications from your phone and most of the social media, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, and so on. 

For me, sometimes, I will block all the notifications because I had to focus on study.

There are three display wallpapers, and you can choose the one you love. Sometimes your eyes may feel tired when you have used the same wallpaper for a long time. 

That's why most smartwatches or smart band provides a customized face screen nowadays. 

The rainbow-toned wallpaper is my favorite because it displays the most visual image of time, real-time heart rate, steps, burned calories. I love the way it shows the data dynamically, like Apple watch.

For such a best-looking yet good-quality smartwatch under $30, I highly recommend Alfawise S16 smartwatch! 

Brand.ModelAlfawise S16Bilikay KW19
Display shapeFull round screenSquare screen
Watch mirror size1.22 inch1.3 inch
Case materialAluminum + PCABS  
Built-in chip typeNordic nRF52832ARM® Cortex™-M4
Battery capacity170mAh140mAh
Standby time30 days10 days
PriceUnder $30Under $20

Alfawise S16 1.22 inch HD Color Display Sports Smart Watch with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Detection



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