[Coupon Included] Alfawise L3 Plus IP Cloud Camera with Alexa Voice Control is a Better Choice for Enhanced Home Security for Under $100!
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[Coupon Included] Alfawise L3 Plus IP Cloud Camera with Alexa Voice Control is a Better Choice for Enhanced Home Security for Under $100!

More often than not, we helplessly worry about how safe our homes are. As a result of this, we tend to feel unsafe when our kids remain home alone or when there is nobody at home. 

To fight against these fears, it is prudent for you to enhance your home security, for it is believed that adding protection to neighborhoods reduces crime by a significant percentage. 

Among the ways, you can improve your home security is by getting a security camera with Alexa voice control for the combination that helps you to review past footage of those who were near your house. 

Also, it helps you to get a glimpse of the person who at your door at a given time freeing you from the danger of opening your door for thieves. 

One is also able to know the motive of an individual visitor knocking at the door has for he or she interacts with Alexa to know what is happening in real-time. 

The security camera has to possess excellent specifications to maximize the benefits brought by the home security camera and the Alexa voice control; otherwise, your home will not be as safe as it should be. 

I would advise you to get Alfawise L3 Plus IP cloud home security camera for reasons that are listed below.

1. It is water-resistant, and you don't have to worry about it on rainy days

This has been made possible by its possession of the IP65 waterproof level, which enables it to function well even after being spilled water. It is worth noting that it is just water-resistant and not waterproof, and the user has to refrain from dipping it in water. 

2. Cloud Storage and Alexa voice control 

The Alfawise L3 Plus IP camera has a cloud storage model that is responsible for maintaining, backing up remotely, and the availing of data to its owner, making it possible to retrieve all videos from the device even when it is broken. 

It also supports Alexa voice control, making it possible to check what the IP camera captures in real-time and the recorded video clips. 

3. 1080P HD video

It is thanks to the fact that the Alfawise L3 Plus IP camera produces 1080p HD videos that we can access recorded videos with 1920 pixels displayed across the screen horizontally and 1080 pixels down the screen vertically. 

To those who have a clear understanding of videos and pictures, this video mode is an extremely high-quality one. 

4. Motion detection

The home security camera can detect any moving object in your compound thanks to its possession of photosensor, which can note when the light emitted by the device is blocked, and immediately it starts recording the object in motion. 

15-second video chips will be saved automatically as long as there is anything moving nearby. It's a security camera that makes your home safe!

5. IR-cut night vision

The home security camera can capture motions at night thanks to the fact that it posses six infrared (IR) LEDs and dual filter IR cut, which work together to support 50 meters IR distance. 

It is worth noting that it is hard to find any other security camera ranging the same price as Alfawise L3 Plus IP camera that works well at night as it does. 

This is because most of the IP cameras can only record motions at a distance of 30 meters while the Alfawise IP camera captures images from up to 50m away. 

6. Rechargeable battery and long battery life

The Alfawise L3 Plus IP cloud home security camera possesses the original Panasonic 18650 3200mA battery, which is known for its ability to consume low power making the device to be convenient for both indoor and outdoor use. 

The home security camera's ability to stay for 30 days without being charged after its last charging amazes me to the core. Considering that the home security camera requires no wiring to work, it is easy to install.

7. Relatively lower price

The market price of the Alfawise L3 Plus IP camera is only $53.99, about 80 dollars cheaper than competing products. 

Thus, Alfawise L3 Plus is one of the best budget home security cameras that support Alexa voice control. Considering that its specifications are excellent and its price is relatively low, I find it a good deal!

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It's nearly impossible to find any more excellent and relatively more affordable home security camera that supports the Alexa voice control other than Alfawise L3 Plus. If I were you, I would hurry to an electronic store near me with only 80 dollars and get it. 

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