5 Reasons to Go for Xiaomi Mi 9
Homer Eckhaus

5 Reasons to Go for Xiaomi Mi 9

Recently, the Chinese company had done a fantastic job, with a gadget that is still trending today, however, with the most recent arrival, the level has increased even more. 

Xiaomi has attention again on a simple but lovely design with the addition of some goodies that could make the disparity, for instance, a triple camera and wireless charging.

In case you’re an enthusiastic Xiaomi’s follower, with confidence in the technology, the probabilities are exceptional that Xiaomi is an open book for you. All of its features are like other personality to lots of fans, and they’re always helping friends and family to find out reasons to go for their own Xiaomi smartphone.

We all knew how Xiaomi shooks the world market with the launch of its newest top-of-the-range smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone. Below are good reasons why I will recommend Xiaomi Mi 9 to friends and family.

Reasons why I will recommend Xiaomi Mi 9 to friends and family

Reason 1: a surprise right out of the box

After waiting two days, I received my Xiaomi Mi 9 which came in an attractive box in a bright color and with a beautiful good endowment. 

The color of the box calls to mind the play of reflections from the ring round the camera; in fact, it is a small feature that I liked. Included in the box are:

√ Silicone cover
√ USB / USB Type-C cable
√ USB Type-C adapter / audio jack
√ 12V / 1.5A charger

Xiaomi Mi 9 Smartphone looks like a small metal as I picked it up, pretty shiny and slippery at the same time precious.

The Xiaomi construction is flawless, and the materials are first-rate: Xiaomi has made a great job and it feels this device is a real peak of the range for the company. The glass on Xiaomi Mi 9 back is rounded and perfectly blends with the polished metal frame.

Reason 2: a high-resolution display shows vivid details that please the eye

You need to see Xiaomi Mi 9 display, is, without doubt, a sharp point. The mobile is a 6.39″ AMOLED having FHD + (2340 × 1080) HDR10 resolution, and 60000:1 contrast and confined by a Corning Gorilla Glass 6. You will love to get the phone. It is purely a great display in virtually all area.

Excellent contrast, free blacks, and vibrant but not fake colors, Xiaomi Mi 9 Smartphone has everything you need to get an attractive display.

In the interior, during the night, the sensor does well as it pleases; at times it shoots the brightness in excess than it should, sometimes instead it brings it too low. As much as I seemed to comprehend it, Xiaomi is more sensitive to radiance or light source. 

Thus, if I turn so that the light of a chandelier is in the way of the sensor, at that time, the brightness will increase a lot, well beyond what is needed. But then I only turn around a least to make it fall more than it should, in spite of the sum of light inside my room does not change. 

Probably it is a small defect that can require a fix in the future with software updates. In general, the display is something you can’t wait to see.

Reason 3: the most advanced CPU and the highest configuration which are exclusive to 2019 flagships so far

Reading through the technical data sheet of this Android Xiaomi Mi 9, believe me, you can only be amazed: the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor prepared at “7nm” makes its first appearance, which confirms to be a monster of power but in particular as regards to utilization.

It has a test model which is one in its basic configuration with 6 GB of RAM as well as 64 GB of internal memory (with no micro SD slot). This is crazy, although the settings reach up to 8 GB of RAM also 128 GB of internal memory.

The datasheet is complete with dual-SIM capability, LTE Gigabit, Bluetooth 5.0, Adreno 640 GPU, dual-band GPS, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, NFC, quick charging via USB Type-C from 27W, besides fast wireless charging from 20W. You will enjoy it.

One thing that makes me happy on the new Xiaomi Mi 9 is the infrared sensor thing that was missing on the Mi 8 which is used to control a variety of home devices, for instance, TVs and air conditioners. I tell you, it’s one of those comforts that you can’t stop once you try, smile.


Reason 4: a more compact and power-efficient battery that lasts

Oh! I must confess that Xiaomi Mi 9 scared me with a strange cut on the battery size: it went from 3400mAh of Mi 8 and dropped to 3300mAh of Mi 9, but the self-sufficiency has increased dramatically. I tested the battery life by myself and was amazed at over 19 hours' video playback.

I don’t know if I warrant additional optimization or a Snapdragon 855 is smarter to manage the usage, but of course, using the black theme helps me a lot.

Reasons 5: an unprecedented combination of powerful cameras 

As a lover of the smartphone with a smart and sharp camera, Xiaomi Mi 9 equipped with a well productive photographic segment with a promising good paper. 

I find really four sensors, on the back and one inside:

√ A sensor with a 2x 12-megapixel lens, f/ 2.2
√ A 48-megapixel primary sensor, f/1.75, 1/2″
√ 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor, f/2.2, with a 117° field of view
√ A 20-megapixel f/2.0 sensor on the front within the drip notch for selfies, for those who love selfie pictures

Xiaomi Mi 9 4G Phablet Global Version 6GB RAM



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