SONOFF Two-way Smart Switch: One of the Best-selling Smart Home Device for about $6 That Can Automate Any Home Appliance!
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SONOFF Two-way Smart Switch: One of the Best-selling Smart Home Device for about $6 That Can Automate Any Home Appliance!

Have you ever imagined the possibility of all your daily use devices being connected to the Internet? We are not just talking about your smartphones and computers but lights, clocks, speakers, doorbells, windows, appliances, window blinds, cooking utensils: everything!

Now imagine what it would be like if all these devices could take your commands as well? If you could have access to everything in your house from the comfort of your bed. It's a great time to alive folks because this is what smart automation does!

As the name suggests, home automation is the capability to control all the items and devices around your house, jut with a simple voice command or the push of a button. 

You can raise your home's IQ by comfortably controlling other essential things such as temperature, lights, home security devices, and locks as well. 

Now that we've established the significance of this lasted technology device, we present to you a detailed review of one of the most sought-after smart home devices, the SONOFF Two-way Smart Switch

Main Features of SONOFF Two-way Smart Switch

You can now have a smart home at your fingertips with this top-notch smart automation device. It's exemplary features that make it truly the finest of its kind have been listed as well. 

SONOFF Two-way Smart Switch: Structure

The SONOFF Two-way Smart Switch is a small and compact DIY smart switch which can be utilized for various types of switch boxes. It can even work with the smallest EU standard switch box.

SONOFF Two-way Smart Switch: How it Works

The device can work with remote control through the eWeLink app to automate the home appliances and other devices by using tablets and smartphones. 

Apart from app control, the device is equipped with a wire that can be used to connect to the rocker light switch. It can be installed inside the switch to turn your appliances on or off as they are connected to the switch.

You can also connect a pair of 2-way switches to which will make things even more convenient for you, such as turning on and off of downstairs lights from upstairs. 

The SONOFF Two-way Smart Switch has a DIY mode designed for developers. You can set the timing schedules yourself. 

The app allows you to set an on and off time for your appliances, depending on your requirements. It will ensure that your appliances and devices can turn on and off automatically at a given time.

SONOFF Two-way Smart Switch: Compatibility

It has brilliant compatibility and is very user-friendly as it comes with additional support services such as voice control. So, you can control your house appliances without even lifting a finger, through voice commands via Amazon, Google Assistant, Alexa, IFTTT, or Google Nest.

You can also know if your devices at home are on or off via the eWeLink app, which comes in handy, especially when you're not at home. 

SONOFF Two-way Smart Switch: Finding the Devices

The app comes with efficient group management that allows you to group different appliances and devices that are connected, which makes household device management much more convenient.

This grouping of different appliances also lets you utilize different interconnected devices at one time with just one press of a button. 

SONOFF Two-way Smart Switch: Easy Access

The device can be shared with your friends and family at home or different colleagues at your workplace, which makes them control various appliances from the comfort of their phones. 

SONOFF Two-way Smart Switch: Security 

The device offers complete safety with a lock pattern, which allows you to keep the household appliances safe from your children and prevents them from messing around with the setting of your devices. 

SONOFF Two-way Smart Switch: Price

The is one of the best-selling smart switches at the most reasonable rates. At only $6, it is practically a steal! 


You can raise your home's IQ by comfortably controlling different household appliances and devices using the SONOFF Two-way Smart Switch

It also happens to make a fantastic gift whether you're buying a housewarming present or shopping for the holidays, it is the perfect 21st-century gift which will give one immense comfort.

SONOFF Two Way Smart Switch App Remote Control Works with Amazon Alexa Google Assistant



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