BMAX B1 Review.
Sergio Montana

BMAX B1 Review.

Should You Buy a Budget Mini PC?

BMAX is known for its popular mini PCs for both home and office use. Today we will learn an interesting mini PC model called BMAX B1 on my review.

The BMAX B1 desktop mini PC will cost you around $140. For a low cost, the user will get pretty good staffing.

The budget mini PC boasts an Intel Celeron N3060 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal memory, as well as support for a drive up to 2 TB in SSD or HDD format. In addition, mini PCs are famous for having a large number of external interfaces and the B1 model is no exception.

BMAX B1: Specifications

CPU: Intel Celeron N3060
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 400
Maximum External Hard Drives: 2TB
OS: Windows 10
Interface: 3.5mm Audio, DC-in, 1xHDMI, RJ45, 2xUSB3.0, 2xUSB2.0, 1xVGA
Size: 120 x 120 x 32 mm
Weight: 240g

In the box

Inside the box, you will find a well-packed mini PC in protective foam and a plastic bag.

The following components are located a little lower under the cardboard partition: a power adapter, an HDMI cable, a special mount to the monitor, and additional screws.


The appearance of a mini PC is very much like a regular TV box. BMAX B1 received a small size and weight, for example – it is 120 x 120 x 32 mm and weighs about 240 grams.

The difference between a typical TV box and a mini PC can be noticed by the presence of external user interfaces. Since the B1 model was equipped with a large number of useful external interfaces. Let’s go through the main ones.

There is nothing on the front of the case except the blue LED. On the right side, there is a VGA port and cooling holes.

The back of the BMAX B1 received a fairly wide list – audio output for headphones or external speakers, an RJ45 port with a speed of 1000 Mbps, an HDMI port, two USB 2.0 ports, a power port, and a power button.

The left side of the case is two USB 3.0, a slot for a memory card, and cooling holes.

The bottom side of the mini PC received four anti-slip legs, a slot for SSD or HDD memory up to 2 TB, a groove for mounting on the back of the monitor, and additional holes for the cooling system.

Above you can find the engraved logo and the name of the BMAX model. The word BMAX is written thanks to the small holes and they serve as cooling.

The quality of materials and assembly are good. But there is a small nuance – it’s glossy plastic along the contour of a mini PC. It looks nice and stylish, but as the practice has shown, it is very easily soiled and leaves scratches.

There is active cooling inside the case thanks to the cooler, so during testing, the device did not heat up and had an ideal operating temperature.

It can also note an interesting feature – this is the connection of two monitors to the BMAX B1. If you work with a large number of documents and you do not have enough space on the desktop, then another monitor will be good helpers for you. Naturally, one monitor is connected via an HDMI port, and the other through a VGA port.

If we compare with a Beelink mini PC with a similar cost, the new BMAX has a more functional purpose. That is, the B1 model received a large number of user external interfaces and decent build quality with support for SSD or HDD storage with a memory capacity of up to 2TB.


Let’s analyze the main technical part of the new mini PC from BMAX.

A rather old Intel Celeron N3060 processor, which was introduced back in April 2015, was installed on the BMAX B1. That is, the processor is already 5 years old and it is still used in budget models of Chinese mini PCs.

This processor is built on 14-nanometer technology and has in its combination two cores that operate with a maximum clock frequency of 2.4 GHz. It certainly sounds encouraging, but as the practice of this processor has shown, it is enough only for simple tasks.

The Intel HD Graphics 400 is already outdated and difficult to cope with its tasks. If you compare the results with a Beelink mini PC with Intel HD Graphics 600, then the T4 model will have better performance.

You could not play Asphalt 9 on BMAX, the game could not start. But simpler games like Crossy Road can be played without any problems.

In terms of memory, the mini PC uses 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory in eMMC format. Like its competitor from Beelink – the memory speed through the CrystalDiskMark application is almost identical – it is 160 Mb/s of reading and writing 104 Mb/s. RAM is enough and multitasking mini PC BMAX B1 copes pretty well.

Now lets talk about experience with use. The first inclusion can a little disappoint you, the mini PC was slow and it took a long time to wait until even a regular browser opens. The slow work consisted of software updating the system. Therefore, when all updates to the Window 10 operating system were completed, the mini PC began to work better.

The video playback on YouTube through the Chrome browser was smooth only with a resolution of 1080p, but 2K and 4K videos were played with a delay. This is not surprising since the device is equipped with an old processor and a graphics chip.

Through a flash drive, 1080p video played good and smoothly, but in 2K or 4K resolution, it did not play at all.

Let’s go through the tests. In GeekBench 5 and the result was not surprising. This is 170 points in a single-core test and almost 320 points in a multi-core test. 

The OpenGL test showed a result – 1240 points. The performance is weak even for a modern device like for 2020. Compared to the Beelink T4, it had a slightly better result, especially in the multi-core test.

The test results of PassMark PerformanceTest 9.0 are also weak.

Mini PC BMAX B1 received a dual-band WIFI module with support for 2.4 and 5 GHz networks. Also, the device has Bluetooth 4.2 for connecting external devices, such as a joystick, mouse, keyboard, or wireless headphones. 

The result of the Speedtest by Ookla test did not show the best results, but the mini PC has a wired RJ45 port for a faster connection.


BMAX B1 is an office mini PC for very simple tasks, for example, working with text, tables, and presentations.

Also, if you need an inexpensive mini PC for blogging, writing articles, reading news, or social networks, watching videos with a resolution of 1080p, then the B1 model is right for you.

In addition, you can not worry about overheating, since an active cooler with a small 8W power consumption is installed inside the case. The device has a large number of external interfaces for full and convenient operation.

But, if you plan not only to study and work for a mini PC but also to play games, then you need the updated BMAX B2 Pro model. But the price tag for a more productive version will be more than twice as high.

BMAX B1 Intel Celeron N3060 Desktop Mini PC



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