2 Months Later!!! Redmi 7 Hands-on Review
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2 Months Later!!! Redmi 7 Hands-on Review

Why did I buy it?

I have used the Redmi Note 4x for nearly two years. Its battery life is still satisfying, but the performance is far from satisfying now. Incidentally, my mother's smartphone was broken. Since she only uses a phone to make calls, I gave her my Redmi Note 4x. 

I was going to buy a new mobile phone at about $180 because I was used to the MIUI system, and I seldom played games. I met Redmi 7, which looked attractive and had a high cost-performance ratio, what a wonderful piece of luck. 

Thus, I bought a 3G+32G version (Black), which only cost me $170. Since then, I have been used it for about two months. I want to talk about my experience with it in the past two months.

Screen: large "waterdrop notch display" to protect the eye better

The front of Redmi 7 is a large-sized waterdrop notch screen. The upper, left, right borders are narrow for a seamless experience. In other words, Redmi 7 appears relatively large.

The color on the screen is a bit warm. Nevertheless, you can adjust the color temperature as you like.

Apart from the above, Redmi 7 is protective to the eye. After the eye protection mode is turned on, you won't feel eye strain after staring at it for a long time. 

Redmi 7 is user-friendly partly because of its font size. In addition to the size of "Super Large," it can display fonts and icons in "Hyper Large." The size will be much bigger, which is another way to protect the eye.

Appearance: the iridescent back cover and comfortable design

The screen accounts for nearly the entire front of the Redmi 7, while the back cover is made of plastic. The back cover is curved and therefore fits the palm well. It feels nice in hand.

In addition to the bright black one, dream blue and charm night red ones are available in the market. Both feature beautiful iridescent colors. They are more suitable for the young who are in pursuit of fashion. The reason why I bought a black one is that it is in a simple business style.

Although the screen looks large, Redmi 7 only weighs 180g. With the large curvature of the back cover, it is very light and comfortable whether held in hand or put in the pocket.

Photography: a camera that supports AI Beauty

Photography is a compulsory course to be a good boyfriend because a girlfriend will frown at unattractive photos. Thus, a camera is essential for a smartphone.

The front camera of Redmi 7 is 8MP, which supports AI Beauty. It can make the skin smooth/white, face slim, etc. It is so powerful! Additionally, this front camera also supports Face ID. According to my experience, it is sensitive enough, so the unlocking speed is fast.

The rear camera of Redmi 7 consists of a 12MP camera (1.25 μm per pixel) and a 2MP camera. It also supports AI Beauty and portrait mode. 'It's perfect for taking photos of your daily life or the scenery on a journey. 

CPU & battery: high performance for the peace of mind

As for hardware, the Redmi 7 is powered by Snapdragon 632, which is powerful enough. It can deal with multi-tasking and switch between different programs without breakdown. I don't often play mobile games, so the CPU satisfies me. Even so, I tried playing games, and it ran smoothly.

In terms of battery life, the battery capacity is up to 4000mAh. It suffices charging it once a day. The charging speed is fast, which is excellent.
I also tested the dual SIM dual standby. It is quite convenient to use two cards, and the switch is ultra-smooth.

It is lovely that Redmi 7 allows you to insert a Micro SD card, in addition to the two SIM cards. Because the memory of my phone is not big (32GB), I plan to add a Micro SD card when photos and applications take up more storage memory.

Summing up

Finally, let me conclude how I think of Redmi 7 after using it for two months.

All in all, the appearance and texture of this phone are quite good. Its functionality meets all my needs in daily life. Since the price is only about $170, it is a highly cost-effective mobile phone.

Xiaomi Redmi 7 3GB RAM 4G Phablet Global Version



Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 4G Phablet Global Version 3GB RAM



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